New Years New Yorker - WE! GET! THIS! ONE!

Posted On: Monday - January 4th 2021 8:01PM MST
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I've picked up the New Yorker magazine a few times back in the day. They have these one-panel cartoons that people don't get. I'm not sure you have to get the articles either, you just have to get the magazine ... to lay out on the coffee table ... it's a status thing - you people west of the Hudson wouldn't understand ...

In the Intro section of his latest Radio Derb podcast (I just read the transcript), John Derbyshire brought up this old cartoon from The New Yorker. Yes, I GET one of them! I'm somebody now!

That IS a good one, unless you are under 35 or so. "Like, what's a check? I don't get it. This isn't funny at all. I agree with Elaine Benis." "Like, who's Elaine Benis?"

Elaine on Seinfeld goes into the offices of The New Yorker to pin this guy down on what's funny about the cartoon. She thought that just maybe she was missing the joke:

Wednesday - January 6th 2021 5:01AM MST
PS: I hope they don't think they'll get away with that Pol Pot shit here, Johnny Reb. It's looking bad in Georgia (just by my first glance at some comments). I haven't been an accelerationist, but I may as well think in that direction now.
Johnny Rebel
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 9:35PM MST
PS The cartoon could be recycled as the lightworker (Luciferian) beings consider it year zero under esteemed party member comrade kommissar Bad Touch Biden?
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