Our Lips are Sealed

Posted On: Saturday - January 2nd 2021 5:58PM MST
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In that post a few days back about Millennial angst(?) at the auto parts store, I mentioned the fact, well, maybe it's opinion, that it's often hard to get what people are saying through these face diapers. That's especially true with the cloth ones. No, my hearing is pretty good. 120 decibel rock music hasn't phased me a bit over the years, so ... it's not me, it's them!

I mentioned trying to read the lips of the woman, that were trying to push through the mask. I don't know if that's really the way to go, learning lip reading to get by in this panicky age. Upon thinking about it, the tongue position is probably critical - that's what she said - and furthermore, the face masks probably block small details that actual lip readers would need to see.

I'm particularly talking about the deaf, of course. For those only somewhat hard of hearing, I believe seeing faces has got to help with conversation. It could have been the noise in the background, or his way of speaking through another of those thicker cloth masks, but I had to ask a guy to pull the mask off so I could understand recently. That was after asking him twice already to repeat the last part. Was it really that I could see his lips better? Communication is important in some lines of work, and it is suffering right now due to this BS!

I'll tell you what though, lip reading would really be a great skill to have, face diapers or no face diapers. There was a scene in The Mechanic where the main character Charles Bronson read someone's lips from way outside of hearing distance in a park. (I tried to find the scene on youtube, but no joy.) It was an important piece of info. Mr. Bronson got too, like whether the guy was out to kill him or something, as I recall from long ago.

George Castanza of Seinfeld found a very good use for the lip reading skills of Jerry's girlfriend-for-the-show in this, one of the funniest episodes ever. Please take the < 5 minutes for this one:

(In this case, the small detail missed with the lip reading was just one consonant. It could happen to anybody!)

Just to fit in with the title, and for a fun end to the week, Peak Stupidity presents The Go-Go's from way almost 4 decades ago. They sure were having fun in this video, and the wiki says that Belinda Carlisle was still under the impression that the music video fad was nothing important...

Damn, this song has a great bass line! It's simple, but it's good, and LOUD. I can't believe I listened to this on a tablet speaker. It's time to get a real stereo again.

I looked all around the dBase and could not find any posts with the Go-Go's and Our Lips are Sealed. This song, from their 1981 album Beauty and the Beat, was written by Jane Wiedin. I really haven't put in any music from those fun girl bands of the 1980s - to me, that means this band, The Bangles and Bananarama.

The Go-Go's:

Belinda Carlisle – lead vocals
Charlotte Caffey – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Gina Schock – drums, percussion
Kathy Valentine – bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals
Jane Wiedlin – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Wednesday - January 6th 2021 5:05AM MST
PS: CB, that guy was probably high, but, instead of admitting he wrote something stupid, he decided to defend it with more stupidity and then the insults too. There are commenters I'll simply disengage with from then on.

Anyway, it does save a lot of time to simply quit reading or at least quit writing there.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 10:35PM MST
PS I am tired of arguing with arrogant autistics and frankly I am daunted by the thought of getting to the bottom of such a blitheringly stupid statement as this:

"It is literally impossible for a machine to reduce the amount of effort it takes to complete a task, for the rather obvious reason that now you have both the original task plus the task of making the machine"

Seriously? My jaw just hangs there in disbelief that someone who's not suffering from actual brain damage can be that stupid.

By that measure, making a hammer is useless, because the effort of making the hammer would outweigh the added efficiency it brings to hammering nails. All tools are worthless. We should go back to rocks and sticks, whatever we can find in nature, because the process of making tools or machines is worthless for the "obvious" reason that now you have to make the spear *and* chase the gazelle down, or you have to build the primitive plow *and* sow the seeds. Unbelievable.

And there's far too much of that on Unz and frankly, everywhere. After a while it's simply unpleasant to deal with. Throw the insults on top of it and there are better things I can be doing with my time.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 7:45PM MST
PS: Cloudbuster, I hope you will reconsider. I write comments to set the record straight*, which is for those reading, most of whom are not commenters themselves. I wish we had more sense on their from you to add to some of the good guys on there.

About that guy, ID. I remember his long, long post that honestly I could not read through well enough with his style of writing to really know if there was anything profound in there. I've usually agreed with the guy, and he's been good on the anti-panic side of this Kung Flu business. I have written him one short comment and one long one, trying to be nice (though I did use the word "ludicrous" wrt his odd theory - let me link you to the longer 2nd one:


No, there was no reason for the insults from him. That was plain weird, but I've seen worse from at least one guy. That guy was a commenter "FB" who makes Ron Unz look completely calm and sane in comparison. FB and I got in this be argument over the 737-Max. This FB is a smart guy, with a lot of knowledge of aviation/aerodynamics, but then I has some background and I know that anyone with a personality like that should not be let to sit at the controls of a jet airplane (the guy claims he is a test pilot). It's just that the insults come out from him with only the slightest disagreement (or if someone does not get something, even if in a nice manner).

* Sure, some of the time just as an argument, including insults in return.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 2:41PM MST
PS Anyway, I just deleted my bookmarks to iSteve and Audacious Epigone. Life's too short for me to just sit by and swallow being called a moron, an idiot and and "anal polyp" by Intelligent Dasein as he just did, and since I am not in a position to punch him in the face, and I am generally tired of the crowd of argumentative autistics at unz.com, I'm done there.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 2:37PM MST
PS "I was surprised to read all that about Los Angeles, as I had just assumed this time that the guy was from Dearbornistan, Michigan or environs."

That's the thing. He's not from California. Chicago, he says. He just happens to know so many doctors in California. Just a coincidence.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 12:27PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I'm not so happy with that "Age of Entitlement". Chapter 1 was good stuff, but in the chapters on race and feminism, he came across as a believe on the other side. I had to quit reading, in order to read that "We Have Been Harmonized" book I reviewed (4 parts), but I will get back to Caldwell's book.
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 12:23PM MST
PS: Cloudbuster, regarding commenter Talha, the yellow-starred Moslem dignitary:

I wrote dignitary because he sure enough is very polite, civil, and all that. It's hard to get mad at someone like that. That is, even though he freely admits that he lives here, helps proselytize and sign up mor Moslems, even though he agrees that Americans should not put up with this. Weird, IMO, but, except for the first few times I'd written to him, disparaging Islam with the usual truths about it, I've always like writing to him and reading from him.

Is he up to no good with this spreading of the panic on that thread? I don't recall his being that worried about the whole thing before at all. (Of course, AE's commenters don't get into it as much as iSteve's do - gotta love Buzz Mohawk and, though he can get extreme, that Je Suis Omar Marteen guy.) I think this Talha is truthful but deluded about the panic. It's the internet though, so who knows? I was surprised to read all that about Los Angeles, as I had just assumed this time that the guy was from Dearbornistan, Michigan or environs. My only reason for that was the probabilities.
Monday - January 4th 2021 1:31PM MST
PS If we really want to be successful against COVID, obviously we need to follow that lead of the well-known leader in hygiene and medical competence, Sub-Saharan Africa. It's having the world's best outcomes (you'll have to add in the contintental breakdowns yourself. The site doesn't allow copying them by URL):

Monday - January 4th 2021 1:24PM MST
PS My suspicion that Talha over at Unz.com is involved in deliberate disinformation just went way up with his latest post at Audacious Epigone:

Sunday - January 3rd 2021 10:51PM MST
PS -

The social consequences here -- of a prolonged, generalized disruption in communication of the kind you describe in this post (even though seemingly in mild form, and which Lockdowners may wave-away as slight inconveniences) -- may be surprising.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 10:42PM MST
PS - "Communication is important in some lines of work, and it is suffering right now due to this BS!"

Right, and it extends beyond just the effects of masks specifically on the degree to which a listener understands words spoken through the mask and visual clues.

It's a cliche that "(insert implausible large number) percent of face-to-face communication is non-verbal," but the way to confirm it is to insert some kind of major disrupter in the mix and see what happens.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 8:15PM MST
PS: ID, I've seen lots of people doing real hands-on work who just won't put up with the masking. It's downright dangerous for some jobs, and glasses tend to fog up, from what I've heard from 2 friends now. #Miserables
Irish Democracy
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 11:51AM MST
PS Some comrades at the das auto dealership were in meltdown mode because I had no face panty when stopping by for some service.
They were busy with a union break and said it would have to left overnight.
I went across the street to the tire and lube chain.
People in the waiting room had no face muzzle and no one was channeling their inner Ilsa of Buchenwald to get them to put one on.
I did put on one when approaching the desk to pay for services so that I could be a good comrade of the glorious people's collective.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 7:44AM MST
PS. Oh, and Belinda Carlisle looks super cute behind the wheel of that “Deuce and a quarter” convertable.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 7:39AM MST
PS. The eighties was an underrated musical decade. I was well into the “these damn kids and their music, it’s just noise...” phase of life, but a lot of good stuff from that period.

My wife and I honeymooned in Scandinavia in ‘86; in every hotel room we stayed in I’d turn on the TV to find Level 42 playing “Lessons in Love”.

Still like that song.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 6:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I think of Cyndi Lauper as an artist, not a girl band. Probably that's just the way she/they were presented to the audience - politics and marketing. I did like a couple of her songs, but around that time, one I liked much better was that "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. One-hit wonder.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 6:42AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I'm confused. The one flipping us off (OK, she's really just making a bar chord), is not Miss Schlock, errr Schock, right. That dark-haired guitar player is the one Cloudbuster refers to below, re the "Hush now, darling" part. You met the drummer though?

Good on you, laying down some discipline, if even the smallest bit, on your nephews.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 6:33AM MST
PS: Yes CB, and BTW, that one guy had already had a (small) case of the Kung Flu. He'd told me before. Yet he was still all freaky about the masks due to being a corporate suck-up.

So he takes off the mask 3 ft. from me, so I could understand him and get COVIDized, all so we wouldn't have nonexistent communication, good communication being important per company policy. That all makes sense, in some world ...
The Alarmist
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 5:23AM MST

I shocked my brother- and sister-in-law last week when one of my two feral nephews demanded something on the table be passed to him: First by simly emphatically saying the local language version of “please,” and second by telling him to speak up, clearly and politely because that is the best way to get what you want in life. He complied on all counts, which is the biggest breakthrough they’ve seen with the kid in more than a year.

Speaking of Schock, for the longest time I thought her name was Schlock. Then I met her, and said “It’s nice to meet you, Miss Schlock,” who pointedly corrected me with a tone that may as well have been the middle finger she flashes roughly 51 seconds into that video.
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 10:40PM MST
PS let’s not forget Cyndi Lauper, managed by Captain Lou Albano.
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 8:33PM MST
PS In the Go-Gos video, I always thought little Jane Wiedlin (the one who sings the "Hush now, darling" bit at the break) was super cute. She had a small role as Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 8:29PM MST
PS You can actually use comprehension in your favor. You mentioned the guy you had to have pull off his mask so you could understand him. That's a good thing! I find that you only have to say "What? I can't understand you!" a couple times and people rip off their masks in frustration. "Ha! Made ya show your face!"
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