Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Posted On: Saturday - January 2nd 2021 11:22AM MST
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I'm recycling the Godfather-reference title here, as I see that Peak Stupidity already had a post titled Just when I thought I was out, SHE! PULLS! ME! BACK! IN! three years ago. (That one was about Ann Coulter's writing, and yes, I did make one joke from the title but could have done better, something about "that's what she said", I guess.) Wait a minute, we had the exact same title, except with the 2nd line not in the title itself, already, with the Godfather scene - here.

This time, I am referring to a couple of bloggers, the two best on the unz.com site by far. In that New Years post yesterday, I wrote that I've vowed to spend less time on that site. Today, I want to give two examples of why it's hard to quit.

Steve Sailer's blog:

Yeah, Steve Sailer has been far overly worried about the Kung Flu this past 9 months, and this has reduced my enjoyment of his blog to some degree. He only occasionally writes anything about the cost of this PanicFest to the economy and Americans in general. As a numbers guy, at least regarding social phenomenon, this ought to be right in his wheelhouse. I never did think of Mr. Sailer as a great principled Constitutionalist to begin with though.

The reason Steve Sailer always pulls me back in to his writing is that he comes up with posts like his What Can be Learned from Differing Rates of Suicide Among Groups? of 3 days back. Even the title is sarcastic, as he knows damn well that the writers of this (another) NY Times article aren't going to learn anything, at least not if it's anything that should make us care about the White Man.

Whites have higher rates of suicide than Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks. It's lower only compared to Indians (feather-type/casino style, still haven't found a good ASCII symbol, sorry.) Yet, the NY Times writer, one Austin Frakt, doesn't want to learn anything that might help here. As usual, in the most twisted fashion, which is probably the only way that works, that writer puts the blame on racism against the black people, who after all, have the lowest suicide rates.

Steve Sailer "fisks"* Frakt handily, and it's enjoyable to read. Mr. Sailer likes to speculate on root causes of social phenomena (often with some numbers to back his ideas up), and he keeps his usual sense of humor in there:
Maybe blacks have low suicide rates because they externalize more than they internalize, as seen in their having a homicide rate 8.2 times as high as nonblacks in 2019? If somebody disses you, rather than dwell on what’s wrong with you that that person said something so unkind about you, you go get your Glock and start firing into the crowd of people eating BBQ in the general direction of your disser, well, that apparently relieves a lot of stress.
Heh! Yeah, see, this is why I go back to his blog often. Mr. Sailer comes close, but being a civil and, sometimes I think, naive guy, he doesn't get to the simple fact of THEY HATE US!

I've already noted that in order to not be bombarded with bullshit from these NY Times/ Washington Post / Atlantic blowhards, one can simply not subscribe and not click. However, I appreciate Mr. Sailer's doing the reading so we don't have to. His writing gets read all around the political sphere, from what I read about occasionally, so maybe he can red-pill some people.

Speaking of those red pills:

Audacious Epigone's blog:

Now, between these two bloggers, and among the COMPLETE set of all writers on the unz.com site that I've ever read, this Audacious Epigone comes across at the most common sensical and level-headed**. I haven't mentioned him that many times on this blog though.

Mr. "Epigone"'s (hey, what the hell kind of name is that anyway, Sicilian?) big feature is to give us numbers, usually in graphical form, of results from polling of all sorts regarding political and social views in America***. My one problem with many of the posts on his blog is that I just think many polls are done with worthless questions. Your blogger here has just recently been polled (no not poled, as in by the IRS or something, and, yes, I used that joke too already, thankyouverymuch). There's also the cases in which I don't believe respondents will necessarily be that truthful.

With those concerns in mind, I keep up with the Audacious Epigone's blog regularly. He keeps it quick, with a nice thoughtful analysis of why the opinions are what they are. I will say that the commenters under the blog, many overlapping or overflowing from the iSteve blog, are very polite and civil, as Mr. Epigone made it clear he wanted long ago. I still like better the worldly knowledge and expertise that I see in the iSteve threads, along with the digressions on music, etc. (though not the Hollywood stuff). There are a few consistent Socialist commenters under AE, but one can put up with them, as they are very civil in their idealogical failings.

Not all of AE's posts have polling data and bar graphs though. To get back to the article, the blurb of which is shown above, 2020 Red Pill Review, this is some of AE's best stuff.

I guess I like the blog because I happen to agree with that blogger's political opinion on almost everything, especially regarding what Peak Stupidity calls the Global Financial Stupidity. In this post, Mr. Epigone lists the 3 biggies of obvious examples of total hypocrisy in our political class from 2020:

1) The obvious Lyin' Press's transition to nothing but a "lapdog" instead of "watchdog" (Mr. AE's doggie terms).

2) The blatant hypocrisy of having Black Lives Matter / Antifa-Commie errr, large peaceful protests during the summer of the Kung Flu PanicFest.

3) The election 2020 fraud.

My only argument about the post is about the "red pilling" part. This type of thing should have clued any patriotic American that THEY HATE US! Are people taking these proverbial red pills? Are they doing any good? Like a lot of medicine, medical marijuana for instance (though I would in no ways know), people can build up a tolerance after a while. Maybe these red pills were shipped over from China like everything else and are just made of rhino horn and dehydrated bat semen in a substrate of brick dust.

All this very obvious hypocrisy, and the Anarcho-Tyranny that has come with it, should have been swallowed as a red pill by any sentiment American who is not himself a party to the destruction. I'm not gonna believe these pills are working until I see crowds of millions in the streets. How much more do people need to take?

* Old, old internet term - see more in this post of ours.

** I'm even including ex-Congressman Dr. Ron Paul here. He's a great guy, and I agree with him 99%, but he never does bring up the immigration/race questions that the other guys do.

*** His favorite style of graph is having a bar graph with the usual categories of age/political leaning/race/ethicity/sex, and with nice color coding for a welcome change too! White will be white, black, black, Hispanic, brown etc. If there is Oriental, it'll be yellow. Hey, don't like it, get a tan or do that Michael Jackson thing. I don't care, but I just don't want to have to keep going back and forth to the legend - in AE's case, you usually don't even need one.

[UPDATED 01/02, evening:]
Wow, while searching for the Go-Go's (the band, to see if they'd been on here already - for next post - I found a post with the exact same "Just when I thought I was out ..." title. I sure didn't remember. The post was about the genderbender BLT-G business.

Monday - January 4th 2021 2:42PM MST
PS "Epigone" meaning is "A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher."

"Audacious" meaning "Bold or daring; spirited; adventurous; intrepid."

A daring imitator.
Monday - January 4th 2021 12:11PM MST
PS I’m a regular reader of both those guys. In addition to the posts themselves, many of the commenters are top flight.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 11:01PM MST
PS - It is a good criticism of Audacious Epigone that he relies far too heavily for conclusions (or implied conclusions) on polling alone. Much of his work especially in recent years seems to me affected by confirmation bias.

Polling is often a crystal ball into which you both see (and present) what you want to see (or present). It can be valuable but only if used as part of a skilled-hand analysis package, not the entire thing.
Adam Smith
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 8:51AM MST
PS: Lol... Heroin does not have an e on the end.

Spell check is useless sometimes.

Adam Smith
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 8:48AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

"(though I would in no ways know)" I guess I read too much into that. Sorry 'bout that.

I'm surprised to learn that Ann Coulter supports Affirmative Action. Seems out of character for her.

The only "dangerous marijuana" that I know of is the cannabis that was harvested too wet or not dried properly that can have mold spores in it. Yuck. It's not healthy to smoke moldy cannabis. It's better to harvest a little early than to let a heavy rain ruin your flowers.

About that tolerance thing... It works both ways. You can develop a tolerance and you can lose your tolerance after a period of abstinence or lighter use. It's pretty much the same as alcohol, ibuprofen or opiates in that way. (Obviously alcohol and heroine are more dangerous than ibuprofen and cannabis.) For example, Sid Vicious died of a heroine overdose after losing his tolerance during his time at Rikers Island. He was celebrating with friends the night he made bail. I think he partied on the amount of heroine that he was used to, but it was a bit too much.

It's important to know your tolerance before you eat your Fentanyl patches.

Sunday - January 3rd 2021 6:28AM MST
PS: Mr. Sniffer wrote: "Smart people get depressed more easily?
Depressed? You're in touch with reality." I agree with that one. One can just opt out and live life, but there's then that nagging feeling that you are part of the problem, by not doing anything about it.

The places with the legal weed do attract the types that would join antifa and have the attitudes you describe. It's not the MJ making them do it, but it could be sapping some of that mental energy they could use to actually learn something about reality.

It's great to see that about Nancy Pelosi! Things like that can make my day.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 6:23AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I do know that medical MJ is the same stuff. I just put "medical marijuana" there to match fit with the medicines. One of the only 2 things I disagreed with Ann Coulter on recently was about her view of "dangerous marijuana". (The other was Affirmative Action, which she still supports.)
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 9:04PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

"Like a lot of medicine, medical marijuana for instance (though I would in no ways know), people can build up a tolerance after a while."

Medical marijuana is just like regular marijuana but with taxes and regulation. If cannabis didn't have the illusion of being dangerous, there would be no pretext for it's regulation and there would be no need for a prescription. But yes, when you use marijuana regularly you do build up a tolerance.

Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 1:28PM MST
PS - PS - Yeah, right. Steve Sailer is extraordinarily valuable when it comes to thee intersection of societal insights and numbers. _ may I a dd here what I remarked six years back, with glaringly big eyes, because I had found this treasure of insights called iSteve.com? I wrote that Steve Sailer double handedly, so to speak, beats most universities' social science departments even though he too has only one (fine, ok) head.


Is he a cynic? - NO! - The part you dissect above, Achmed, does not show his cynicism but something a tad more refined and restrained: An ironic approach at the cynicism of the NYT. - "Thou shalt not be hardened / In our hard times" sings the German bard Wolf Biermann (=Beerman, I kid you not), hinting in the same direction.
Sportsball Jock Sniffers
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 12:23PM MST
PS Smart people get depressed more easily?
Depressed? You're in touch with reality.
Didn't Orwell have a quote about there being no revolution as the comrades would be too busy staring at their telescreens?
Found a blog the other day with the theory that the states with legal weed have the most problems with anarchy and the terribly oppressed in evil racist America burn it all down by any means necessary brigades.
Just read that esteemed party member comrade kommissarina Nancy Pelosi had her home vandalized by the true believers.
The same thing happened to CCP/PRC comrade Mitch McConnell.
Got Frankenstein monster? If this keeps up then something will be done about the burning and looting?
The Godfather! EPIC WIN and quite possibly the greatest movie ever.
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