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Posted On: Friday - January 1st 2021 3:56PM MST
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It's Times Square Social-Rockin'-Distanced New Years Eve

2021 AD will be another year with plenty of stupidity to keep this site rolling in it. We've probably all heard the expressions of disparagement regarding the year 2020, as if it the greatly increased stupidity around us the past year had come from some kind of mathematical cause.

No, it's just been stupid people leading and stupid people following the former in a country with obviously not enough sanity and too much hysteria. It has gotten quite frustrating lately. The calm and sane among us can do our thing with our own families in our own neighborhoods for part of the time, or in on-line conversations on the right web-sites (hint, here ya' go!)

In the short and maybe medium-run, we'd be happier staying off these parts of the internet. The reason we stay on is often to reassure ourselves that we are the sane ones, but also because we think we may make a small difference by spreading some sanity around. I hope that is the case. We'd be pretty sad in the long run knowing there was more we could have done.

I'd written in comments here just yesterday that we don't do this New Year's resolutions in our household. That changed about 6 hours later! We'll see how this goes, but of mine I was bullied into was to spend no more than 3 hours on this blog and unz.com combined per day. The former alone would be doable. The latter thing, reading and commenting on unz, has been a growing time-suck for me for 4 years now*. The initial idea was to link to here and gets some traffic. That has worked, and I can see that a majority of commenters here are from the unz site**.

This is gonna be hard. I enjoy the commenting there, but also I have an obsession with finishing the reading of comment threads. With Steve Sailer's posts going from more like 50 or so comments in '16 (just my recollection of the approx. amount) to more like 100 each average, it takes time, man! I'll have to see how this one goes, but my wife (just one of them) has a good point. I could be doing more productive things, no doubt.

I hope to enjoy this island of sanity, along with plenty of others on the internet, with you all for a good 2021. Will it get saner than '20? (Yeah, we're gonna need a bigger boat wider graph.

NOTE: This mention of this advice that I was given regarding my time, should NOT IN ANY WAY be taken as advice to Peak Stupidity readers to lay off. Far from it! [PS Legal Department, working from Cabo San Lucas , errr home.]

* It was right at 4 years back, ~ a month after the start of this blog, when I realized you didn't have to give away your life story to comment there, and I got to reading/commenting (initially just Steve Sailer, but I've branched out...)

** I can see stuff in the log files too for visitors here. I have written before, probably in an unz comment, that those Fred Reed columns really must get read a lot. If I get a comment in there with a link, it'll get quite a few hits. That's pretty much the only reason I read that exasperating guy anymore.

Monday - January 4th 2021 12:22PM MST
PS: "Abiogenic Stupidity" ;-} Oh, it's biogenic alright, at least from the biomass I've seen lately! Thank you for the term, Alarmist.

I do get the joke re: the abiotic (that's the way I'd read the term before) stupidity like abiotic oil.
Monday - January 4th 2021 12:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, before I finished reading your comment, I pasted in this link to Mr. Kuntsler. I've heard of him many times, but never been a reader. Maybe it was already in my head from a glance to your last part, but, upon reading most of the post (enjoyable, but I just got interrupted), I was going to say the same thing. All the part about Trump and this election is a wish list indeed.

Now, I like this guy Kuntsler from reading this. I always appreciate optimism, but, nah, it doesn't work like that at all. There is no rule of law and no usage of States' rights anymore (even those officially still left to them).

I'm gonna write a post on this. If nothing else, I'll make a note to read Clusterfuck Nation - hey, it's in the URL, what can I say? - twice weekly.
Sunday - January 3rd 2021 11:19PM MST
PS -

Re: Peak Oil vs. Peak Stupidity comments:

Many may be interested in reading James Howard Kunstler's new-year forecast (he writes short blog-posts twice a week and long forecasts for the new year):


Many of his commenters point out his forecast this year is at least half a wish-list. In any case, I think it's worth the time to read, 7000 words.
Mr. Anon
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 7:31PM MST
PS @The Alarmist: "I’ve seen enough development of stupidity in the world to reach the conclusion that Peak Stupidity (the concep, not your blog), like Peak Oil, is a flawed concept. We must surely live in a world running on an endless source of Abiogenic Stupidity generation."

Indeed. There must be a whole quantum vacuum of stupidity underlying our reality - an endless sea of quantized stupidity states, from which, actual tangible stupidity pops into existence. And no laws of thermodynamics limit this flow in idiot-space.

Such is the World we live in.

Anyway, to the host of this site, and all who frequent it, a very happy New Year.
The Alarmist
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 3:08PM MST

I’ve seen enough development of stupidity in the world to reach the conclusion that Peak Stupidity (the concep, not your blog), like Peak Oil, is a flawed concept. We must surely live in a world running on an endless source of Abiogenic Stupidity generation.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 12:54PM MST
PS: Indeed, it is not easy.

Especially with so many obligations and such.

For a guy that evidently does not like your writing or your sense of humor, iDeplorable has an odd infatuation with you and Reg. Almost all his comments are directed at the two of you. Weird.

Happy New Year, Mr. Moderator!
May all your wildest dreams come true.

Saturday - January 2nd 2021 11:33AM MST
PS: Also, Mr. Derbyshire had a link to my comment with a book recommendation, so I felt obligated, yes, obligated ;-} to write in there too. It's not easy ...
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 11:32AM MST
PS: Haha! Good point, Adam. That guy actually writes comments I agree with, from what he occasionally writes, but he's awfully concerned about me and Reg. Yes, this should be a better year for iDeplorable.

Happy New Year, Mr. Smith!
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 2nd 2021 10:27AM MST
PS: Unz is a time suck...

An interesting time suck, but a time suck nonetheless.

I will spend less time on unz this year and do more important, more productive things instead.

If Achmed can somehow manage to spend less time commenting on unz then iDeplorable should be less cantankerous.

Happy New Year!

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