Millennials - Calm the Hell Down!

Posted On: Wednesday - December 30th 2020 1:59PM MST
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Here I was, with another post in mind for this morning, along with the final part of the series on the service economy. I couldn't quite remember what the 1st post was to be, though I would run back into the idea later, I'm sure. Well, I just go to the auto parts store (could be anywhere, though), and BINGO! There's a post! There's another post!

The image above is from our post from 2 summers called Are the Millennials Retarded?. I can use this because (a) again, Millennials and (b) same auto parts store. Now, before any younger readers get bent out of shape, let me say that the title of that last post was facetious and that I agree with the one comment (that's wasn't mine) under that post that noted we need to all stick together. No, when I ever, if ever, get to writing my Strauss & Howe Generations/The Fourth Turning book review, my main point will be that you can't paint any whole generation with one broad brush regarding their attitudes and personalities.

It's just ... man, a lot of the young people do get offended SO easily by things that are just, I dunno, trying to do business or trying to talk normally to get things done. The point of my trip to replace a part of some Harbor Freight POCMC could be another quick post, but anyway, I was at the auto parts store, after checking in at the bicycle store, to at least find out if this was a part anyone could get anywhere. It's got a bike-pump head on one end, but male pipe threads on the other.

The thing is, just asking anyone at the store about this would be a waste of everyone's time. I needed the guy (oh, it could be a woman, 1 in 1000 maybe...) who could simply answer the question in a few seconds. I've written before that I have no problem when frustrated just waiting for the one white guy (he does commercial sales, but will help time permitting, and he knows his shit). I've written that I even asked specifically "can I wait and talk to a white guy, please" one time.

Well, it was one black guy who pointed to another black guy who supposedly knew his stuff. Fine. While waiting for the one guy, a woman clerk with a cloth mask on mouthed the words that I think were "can I help you?", but a) that's bad English, so that couldn't be what she said and b) between the plexiglass and that cloth mask, I couldn't hear much of it, and I'm still not a lip reader*.

"I'm waiting for that dude for a question. The guy there said he's supposed to know the store really well." That was a simple statement. No offense was intended. I just wanted to not waste time in there. Per her face mask, with the lips showing through and making different patterns, the woman had some little problem with this. It was probably about her being an employee and "we all know what we're doing", blah, blah. This was not something to be looked up on the computer though, or I'd have been fine getting her to help.

Why should I have to explain myself to this easily offended young lady? We are trying to get things done, and, yeah, I want to talk to THAT guy. I think I just told her "take it easy. It's going to be OK."

I can't deal with this business of being so quick to take offense. It's not all personal, but I guess these people learn this way in school. I can't deal with it very well.

Oh, and the guy went to the right place, we looked around, and nope, they don't have the part.

* There, see, now there's another post. Should we all become lip readers to help fight the COVID-one-niner?

Adam Smith
Friday - January 1st 2021 12:03PM MST
PS: Happy new year Mr. Moderator...

"I think our modeling software will show the curve going up for quite some time."

Indeed. Ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

The latest models all seem to indicate that the world will run out of electricity and potable water long before we reach peakstupidity.

Fun times ahead.

Thursday - December 31st 2020 6:50PM MST
PS: Now, there's a resolution I can get behind, Adam. I'll keep it easy - I will redo that graph by end o' bidness year '21. I think our modeling software will show the curve going up for quite some time.

Happy New Year to all PS readers!
Adam Smith
Thursday - December 31st 2020 3:06PM MST
PS: Thank you Mr. Urbando.

Happy New Year to you too. And to everyone else. Here's hoping that 2020 is the year that stupidity peaked.


Thursday - December 31st 2020 2:34PM MST
PS I'm with you, Mel. People are very quick to blame groups for . . . anything and everything. It's usually not that simple.

Good that you can visit the Art Institute of Chicago; I only visited once on a business trip. But watch your surroundings.

Happy New Year, even though all indications are for a worse year than 2020. Happy New Year to the rest of you too, Mr. Moderator et al.
Thursday - December 31st 2020 9:10AM MST
PS I’m not big on intergenerational bashing. Yeah, we’re different, because the world is changing. (And not for the better.) The world that I grew up in was quite different to the world that my grandparents grew up in, The world that the Millennials grew up in and that the current bunch are growing up in is very different to the world that I grew up in. When I see (from a distance) the way that young people are being raised, I fear for their capacity to cope. It would be nice to say, “Let’s all work together,” but we’re perhaps too different for that to happen. But we don’t have to fight each other.
Bill H
Thursday - December 31st 2020 8:21AM MST
PS No, young people are not stupid, they are just totally uneducated. Even after graduating from high school, they cannot speak or understand proper English, even if you speak slowly. If you add the word "like" several times in each sentence it helps, but you will probably still use too many words that they don't know the meaning of.

College doesn't help. College is trying to repair the damage done by high school, and failing.

They are sensitive to the point of either weeping or punching you in the face, because they are living in a world in which gravity doesn't stop when they want it to, and all their little lives Mommy, Daddy and Teacher made the world a place that was whatever their little hearts needed for it to be. Now Mommy, Daddy and Teacher aren't around to do that for them any more and it terrifies them.

Adam Smith
Thursday - December 31st 2020 6:55AM MST
PS: Happy new years eve...

Thursday - December 31st 2020 5:46AM MST
PS: Just for the record, my comment had "we" meaning those of us who make New Year's resolutions, which lots of Americans are into (and not a bad thing). However, my family hasn't done any of that, and my weight remark was just in general. I can eat my 4 basic food groups of salt, sugar, fat, can caffeine all I want, and I'd only gain 5 lb. (I need to avoid them for other reasons.)

My wife would be in bad shape if she lost 15 lb. Maybe 6-7 would be OK (about what she wants).

It's just down to the wire for anyone who made a weight-loss resolution, remembers said resolution, and has that much left, so yeah, Jenn E-Coli sounds like your best bet. Thanks for that one, Alarmist.
The Alarmist
Thursday - December 31st 2020 5:30AM MST

You should have just thrown her a bone and asked your question.

Yes, you can lose 15lbs in a day, on the Jenn E-Coli plan.
Snake Plissken
Wednesday - December 30th 2020 9:19PM MST
PS No need for sugar coating as the millennials will destroy the world. It is called Peak Stupidity (Terminal Madness) for a reason. Plan accordingly.

@ Moderator,

Go KETO it is the fountain of youth and makes your mind even sharper. Extremely low carb, high fat, next to zero grains, gluten.
Grains, gluten, pasta, sugar water pop, greasy fried foods, low fat, high carb, is a dangerous diet.
No way around exercising but you don't have to bench press 500 pounds for hours, just go for a daily walk or two.
Even if it is just around the block at first.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 30th 2020 7:05PM MST
PS! Happy New Years Eve Eve...

Resolution, Revolution..

15 lb in a day is a little much,
i know you're just sayin'..
slow and steady wins that race...

Wednesday - December 30th 2020 6:25PM MST
PS: We've still got one day left to meet those New Year's Resolutions. I wonder if people can lose 15 lb in a day. (Not me, but just sayin' ...)
Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 30th 2020 2:31PM MST
PS: Happy new years eve eve...

Maybe we should all become mind readers?

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