Ann Coulter: Breonna Taylor—The True Story of a BLM Hero

Posted On: Friday - December 18th 2020 5:26PM MST
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Pundit/Lawyer Ann Coulter:

This was just one of the many police stories this past spring and summer that were used as pretexts for riots, I mean, mostly peaceful protests. The Lyin' Press has taken each of these and run with them for weeks or months, sequenced into the Infotainment during short breaks in the Kung Flu Panicfest.

I imagine even if you live in Louisville, Kentucky, unless you live in the neighborhood in question [We cannot recommend this - PS Legal Dept.], you may have heard nothing more than the Lyin' Press narrative.

Peak Stupidity appreciates our favorite literary pundit, and lawyer, don't forget, who has just written a column explaining what happened during the fatal shooting of this Breonna Taylor, woman of color (which is the most important thing):
Hey, guys, I found out the true facts in the Breonna Taylor case!

Remember the “botched raid” (New York Times) on Breonna’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, last March, when police officers killed this innocent black woman as she slept peacefully in her bed?

Yes, apparently, without announcing themselves, the police smashed in the front door of the WRONG APARTMENT. Their warrant was for a man Breonna had dated eons ago and barely knew anymore, and whom they already had in custody! Assuming the police were home invaders, Breonna’s boyfriend pulled out a gun—again, police were at the WRONG APARTMENT—whereupon the officers opened fire, killing Breonna and wounding one of their own in friendly fire.
That's bad ... but go on, Miss Coulter:
You probably won’t believe this, but it turns out, none of that is true.

Contrary to the repeated claim that the police “had the wrong address and the wrong person and the person was in custody”—as the Rev. Al Sharpton put it—the police were not at the wrong house at all.

It seems that Breonna Taylor was knee-deep in the criminal enterprise of her sometime-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, who was running a massive drug operation, selling crack cocaine and fentanyl to the citizens of Louisville.
In lawyer mode, Ann Coulter explains herself with many details of this shooting. Most of them contradict the Lyin' Press narrative that was used to incite riots.

The gist of the ending of that police raid on an apartment housing the drug dealers was that Breonna's squeeze Jamarcus shot at the cops after they entered the apartment after knocking (admitted by Jamarcus). OK, there are plenty of times that one feels the cops fully deserve to get shot as they act like Police State minions. We've all seen videos of a few of these. Peak Stupidity does not have any love for Police State, USA and the drug war. This was not one of those times, though.

One would think that the Lyin' Press would have gotten ahold of at least one or two egregious, riot-worthy* cases of relatively (at least) innocent black people coming out on the bad ends of police encounters. I'm guessing that the general impulsiveness of these black guys doesn't let them get as far as some cool-headed white guys who peacefully push their rights in the face of the cops, some of who murder them anyway. At that point, for the white guys, the Lyin' Press doesn't care. They don't care about the white man's problems, and plus, there wouldn't be riots anyway, so what's the point?

It's great to have Ann Coulter to set the record straight. Too bad about the nice business you built up over 25 years in Louisville that got smashed up by rioters. You won't be reimbursed by the inciters in the Lyin' Press.

* Of course, that doesn't mean I'm against Americans shooting dead rioters that invade their property either.

Adam Smith
Sunday - December 20th 2020 12:06AM MST
PS: Good evening once again...

"I don't see the Lyin' Press as our rulers, but they do seem to be a 4th branch of FedGov at this point. They are the "American Pravda", as Ron Unz puts it."

I agree wholeheartedly with the "American Pravda" aspect...
and that they are indeed a 4th branch of sorts...


I have no ruler(s)...

There is no man on earth who has more "divine right of kings" or more right to rule than you or I or anyone else...

When I talk of sovereignty, this is of what I speak...

Adam Smith
Saturday - December 19th 2020 11:56PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator..

"'t would be interesting if Miss Coulter had to rely upon anonymous posts and samizdat to communicate in our brave new future...

Perhaps one day she too will be a peakstupidity regular...


Saturday - December 19th 2020 4:37PM MST
PS: I don't see the Lyin' Press as our rulers, but they do seem to be a 4th branch of FedGov at this point. They are the "American Pravda", as Ron Unz puts it.

I hope Ann Coulter will be allowed a "platform" for some time to come. Otherwise, she may have to start commenting here, under blank posts in the future - samizdat, bitchez!
Adam Smith
Saturday - December 19th 2020 2:22PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. MBlanc...

"Our rulers lied to us? No! Say it ain’t so."

It can't be so. They would never. Like Honest Abe Lincoln and George Washington's wooden teeth, they couldn't tell a lie even if they tried.

"...most government spokespersons don't like to lie. For one thing, telling the truth is official U.S. government policy. For another, they prefer telling the truth."

If you can't believe a partly declassified and sanitized article approved for release by the good folks at, who can you believe?

Your own lying eyes?

Saturday - December 19th 2020 9:07AM MST
PS Our rulers lied to us? No! Say it ain’t so.
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