JP Sears reports on why small businesses MUST close

Posted On: Thursday - December 17th 2020 7:25PM MST
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This guy is pretty good. Sarcasm can go a long way, for 7 1/2 minutes in this case. With an emphasis on California, where I suppose JP Sears is from, this is a great evisceration of the business LOCKDOWN narrative.

3:50 - 4:00 especially cracked me up.

The amount of Kung Flu PanicFest stupidity we will continue to report on seems infinite right now.

Adam Smith
Saturday - December 19th 2020 3:54PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

The Arkansas Constitution keeps it simple...

Article 2 Section 28 states...

Tenure of Lands

All lands in this State are declared to be allodial; and feudal tenures of every description, with all their incidents, are prohibited.

Arkansas is still using the Constitution of 1874. It has been amended, but as far as I can tell the allodial language has not been amended or repealed.

Adam Smith
Saturday - December 19th 2020 3:37PM MST
PS: Thank you Mr. Moderator...

Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of BS to sift through to find the nuggets of truth.

Fortunately, it looks like the nice folks in Minnesota forgot to take the allodial language out of their state constitution...

Good for them.

"Sec. 15. Lands allodial; void agricultural leases.

All lands within the state are allodial and feudal tenures of every description with all their incidents are prohibited. Leases and grants of agricultural lands for a longer period than 21 years reserving rent or service of any kind shall be void."

So called "property taxes" are feudalism if the mortgage has been discharged and if the "owner" can lose their land for failure to pay homage. Too bad Minnesota is a little cold for my taste.

Here's another example. If you go to page 7 of the New York State Constitution...

You will find this:

"[Section 10, which dealt with ownership of lands, allodial tenures and escheats, was repealed by amendment approved by vote of the people November 6, 1962.]"

The loss of allodial title is a good example of what the founders meant when they warned us that it would take eternal vigilance and diligence to protect the rights our forefathers secured. (Our ancestors were gifted a republic and failed to protect it. A few of us have tried, but there aren't many of us left.)

I really can't believe anyone would vote in favor of a return to feudalism. But this is allegedly what happened. Maybe people are dumber than I think they are? (Maybe the vote was rigged?),_Amendment_2_(1962)

Interestingly, it looks like the legislature didn't tell the people the whole truth about the purpose of this amendment.

"This measure repealed "obscure sections dealing with ownership of lands, escheat and Indian lands and other details made obsolete by passage of time or coverage under statutes."

If you look at an older copy of their constitution you can read the allodial language that was so "obscure" and "obsolete" that it had to be removed...

§ 12. [Allodial tenures.]-All lands within this State are declared to be allodial, so that, subject only to the liability to escheat, the entire and absolute property is vested in the owners, according to the nature of their respective estates.

Escheat is the reversion of property to the state, or (in feudal law) to a lord, should the owner die without legal heirs.

Subject only to the liability to escheat seems fair enough to me. The wording of this section clearly means that the land was not subject to the liability to eminent domain or the police power. This is what "private property" rights really look like.

I believe that average citizens owning their land in allodium was one of the few things that made America great and unique in history. Allodial title is a key element to a "Republican Form of Government". Without allodial title rights the people have nothing but feudal tenure where the people are dependent upon the benevolence, whimsy and sanity of a superior lord to whom they owe homage and allegiance.

I believe the founders would agree with me when I say that feudalism is unAmerican.

I hope you all have a nice evening.

Saturday - December 19th 2020 12:13PM MST
PS Our leaders, at least in the Dem states, such as Illinois, really are reveling in bossing us around. I thought that they might want to call it off after Good Old Uncle Joe ascends the throne on 20 JAN, but now it’s appearing that they might even double down. I’m having a hard time imagining that the economic consequences of their jackassery won’t be devastating. On the one hand, that’s worrying because Mme and I are heavily invested in equities.* On the other hand, I want to see the bahstahds reap the consequences that they’ve sown. Ah well, que sera, sera.

* Not that being long in cash is necessarily a safe haven, as the inflation that might very well result from the wild spending of the Dems could eviscerate cash savings.
Saturday - December 19th 2020 5:26AM MST
PS: That was good reading, as usual, Adam, re the allodial title vs. simple fee business and the mineral rights. (heh, spell check didn't even know the term, figures). Thank you for that - much better than searching through the net among a lot of BS.

Mr. Anon, what you wrote (your 2nd paragraph in particular) will be a blog post that I've been meaning to write. I really want to concentrate on Ron Unz as the big example, as he's the guy with the big cynical deep looks into American political history. Everything he see is "America is bad". I'm not saying he's not correct about a good deal of it, but here he is, right in the midst of this huge Media/Government supported PanicFest, yet he doesn't see a thing. I SEE NOTHINK! - Ron Unz in 2020.
Mr. Anon
Friday - December 18th 2020 11:18PM MST
PS I was about ready to abandon Sailer's site back in April due to his 'rona-centric focus. BLM and the Summer of George sort of snapped him out of it. Now he seems to be back on it, hittin' the COVID-pipe hard. I used to donate money to Steve, not frequently, but a lot when I did. Now I'm not so sure I should bother. Why subsidize a platform that sells out on the single most important issue?

A lot of his commenters (and the web-zines proprietor for that matter) are big proponents of "conspiracy theories" (I know it's a BS term, but for want of a better one). They don't trust anything that's pronounced to be true by any official government source. Yet on COVID, they believe anything that Anthony Fauci or any other public-health official tells them - they exhibit the credulity of five year olds. It's uncanny.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 18th 2020 12:58PM MST
PS: Good afternoon y'all...

Mr. Alarmist, your comment reminded me of this article by Ida Auken...

They may seize your properties, but something tells me they won't seize Her Majesty's excess properties. Or Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's. Or Hassanal Bolkiah's. I'm quite sure they won't touch the Vatican's 177 million acres. People like John Malone and Robert Irving will also be left alone.

Here in the states most people held their land in allodium until the bankruptcy of 1933. It was after the bankruptcy that the states started removing the allodial title language from their constitutions and more of the land and houses were collateralized in service of the glorious war debt. Now most people, who are not mortgaged, hold their property in fee simple, which is the highest from of tenant property, subject to the crown.

Allodial title can be claimed by us peons, but it is exceedingly difficult in most places. I think Texas is probably the easiest place to do so. Land west of the Mississippi is easier to claim in allodium than land in the original colonies. Nevada Senate Bill 403 defined the parameters for an allodial title program.

There are a couple things most people do not realize about land rights. You cannot claim your allodial title rights if there is any sort of shared interest in the property. This includes liens (obviously), easements and right of ways.

Most importantly, you must own the minerals and the land. The mineral interest holder has superior title to the surface holder. Most people do not own their minerals. In some places the proles simply are not allowed to own minerals. For example, Australians generally cannot own minerals and (except for a few freeholders who do own their minerals) almost all the minerals are owned by the crown. In Canada, property owners generally hold the surface rights, while mineral rights are usually owned by the provincial government. (aka the crown)

I think it is a crime to separate the minerals from the land and that it should never be allowed. Here in Georgia they won't let you buy the land without the minerals anymore. A local real estate agent recently told me that for every house he sells, they do a title search, and if they find that the minerals rights are held separate from the surface rights they have to go and make a deal with the mineral interest holder before the sale can go through. There are about three families here in the county* that inherited vast tracts of land and still hold mineral rights to many of these sorts of properties. Mr. local real estate agent told me that one such lucky heiress simply charges the prospective owner about 15%-20% of the purchase price of the property before she'll quitclaim the minerals.

I think Georgia is doing the right thing by consolidating the land and the minerals. Perhaps allodial title can be claimed in Georgia?

Of course, rule of law means absolutely nothing if the people and corporations masquerading as "government" do not follow those laws or respect our sovereignty. Americans secured our property rights once before. We didn't do it through voting or lawfare. I'm afraid that if we are ever to regain our lost rights we're going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

I hope you all have a great evening.

*Half the county where I live is owned by the feral "government" as it is national forest. The three families of which I spoke inherited about a quarter of the county and the other 30,000 people who live here "own" the rest of it.

Adam Smith
Friday - December 18th 2020 11:27AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

"Any other elements with wild outer shell electrons that can increase my mood?"

I'm no chemist and I'm not well versed in valence electrons, but...

Do you like bananas? Low potassium levels have been associated with greater risk for mood disturbances and depression. Potassium also helps lower blood pressure.

It seems that some people have a deficiency in silver which can cause B-12 deficiency that can lead to depression.

When you're ready...

Though copper deficiency doesn't sound like any fun, it's probably best to steer clear of copper. Copper overload can cause schizophrenia...

The Alarmist
Friday - December 18th 2020 11:09AM MST

@Bill H: “I'm still waiting for the time when all those people who are not paying rent because they cannot be evicted find out that the rent was accumulating and now they still have to pay it all in one lump sum....”

Nope, nobody’s getting evicted. Part of the Great Reset is that all debts will be forgiven. Remember that bit about owning nothing? That’s for people like me who will have unused or even properties rented out seized from us for the greater good, which ironically will be those in the Land of the Free and those under the Crown (You think you own your house in the US and UK? Guess again.) via eminent domain.

Bill H
Friday - December 18th 2020 9:19AM MST
PS I particularly liked the "only way to be happy is to become depressed so we can give you pills to make you happy." So the only way to survive in this economy is to shut down your means of survival so we can give you money on which to survive.

I'm still waiting for the time when all those people who are not paying rent because they cannot be evicted find out that the rent was accumulating and now they still have to pay it all in one lump sum, even though their jobs did not come back. Believe it or not, they will not have seen that coming and will be shocked, disappointed and horrified. "Well," they will say, "I would not have voted for Biden if I knew he was going to do this to me."
Friday - December 18th 2020 7:24AM MST
PS Columbus OH has had repeated incidents of underground bars operating under the radar. Of course some Karen (male or female) always rats them out, but new ones spring up. We are reinventing the Speakeasy, but in this brave new world it is not the alcohol that is banned, it is the peaceful assembly. How long before it erupts into violence against the police? I imagine it has already engendered corruption, with police and other government officials bribed to not notice for as long as possible.

I am starting to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Al Capone. Gangster or freedom fighter?
Friday - December 18th 2020 6:14AM MST
PS: Adam, I was a little miffed by that long magnesium pill ad at the end. I couldn't tell if it was a joke for a good part of that commercial. Any other elements with wild outer shell electrons that can increase my mood? I don't think I'm read for atomic # 3 yet.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 18th 2020 1:01AM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I wonder if the bread lines will be gluten free?
Magnesium Breakthrough also obeys gravity...
Lol... Luv it...
I take my magnesium transdermally...
Like some people take their fentanyl...

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