Beat-up Old Jetliner

Posted On: Tuesday - December 15th 2020 8:29PM MST
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After doing some traveling recently I had my face-diaper back balled-up in my pocket after taking it off going up the jet-bridge, balling it up, and putting it back in my pocket for the next time it's really required (oh, crap, that's another post - I'll put in a few anecdotes together).

Outside the terminal a young guy was walking back to his car with no mask on either, which was a refreshing change from most of the compliant crowd. Let me tell you, he's really sick of this too, as are a majority of the people I question about it.

In a comment I made to Mr. Ganderson regarding the Steve Miller Band, I said I would put up Bob River's humorous version of the song. This is from long after Steve Miller sang the song in the mid-1970s. In the summer of 2003 when funny guy Bob Rivers sang this, we already had the TSA but at least not the new CDC and this new sick change to America.

This is very funny*. Give it the 2 minutes it deserves.

Yeah, as per a youtube comment, he shouldn't be dissing that good old Lockheed L-1011 3-motor widebody. It was a good bird, but I'm sure it was just about the meter and rhyming. There weren't many flying people in 2003 anyway, except ATA, I think (yellow/white paint scheme.)

* The song, that is, not so much the video. The creator of the video was fixated on that cool 747 picture, and what was that Scarebus Guppy doing in there?

Thursday - December 17th 2020 8:23AM MST
PS: Then there's Reagan Field River Visual for runway 19. Follow the Potomac River, then finally line up out of 300 ft tops. Hopefully the gear is down. "What's all that incessant ringing, I'm trying to land?!" "It's just the normal noises in here."
The Alarmist
Thursday - December 17th 2020 8:02AM MST

PDF page 427 in the most recent NE1 TERPS file ...

Of course you turn at the tanks ... it’s a visual approach ;)

Not as much fun as the turn over Checkerboard Hill for Kai Tak was, but fun in a widebody nonetheless.

Without the L-1011, Rolls Royce aviation engines might not exist today, and you might have found yourself in a world powered by GE and Pratt & Whitney engines.

Wednesday - December 16th 2020 8:37PM MST
PS: That's what I've been wondering too, Mr. Blanc. They looked to be doing OK this past week, but it's the busy season.

Mr. Smith, thank you for that video. The procedure starts at the 2 water tanks (near Prospect Park in Brooklyn I think), but it's also an aviation fix called DIALS. Nice job with the Scarebus, as it's not known to be a good hand-flying plane. One doesn't really control the ailerons and elevator directly with that little joystick, but controls the "flight director" to put the plane in a certain attitude.

Mr. Ages, If you can ever find "Book of Dreams" and/or "Fly Like an Eagle" themselves, pick them up. Some of those "filler" songs are great too. Steve Miller and his band really got into those synthesizers. I didn't know that Boz Scaggs had been in their band either.
A New Dark Ages
Wednesday - December 16th 2020 12:30PM MST
PS You should take the high speed rail. Just kidding!
Diversity of opinion is not our strength comrade.
Go along to get along.
Put your face panty on for the good of the collective because we're all in this together you deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.
Found a gem mint Steve Miller greatest hits 1974-78 disc in the dollar bin the other day and scooped it up!
Sounds so sweet in lossless FLAC and 320kbps mp3.
Put the original CD away for archive purposes.
Learned that Boz Scaggs was in the SMB for the keep learning file.
Wednesday - December 16th 2020 12:15PM MST
PS We live 12 or 15 miles due south of O’Hare. In the Before Times, there were planes constantly overhead, usually two or three or four at a time. Since spring, it’s been more like three or four an hour. I’m beginning to wonder to what extent the airlines are going to be able to recover from this.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 16th 2020 11:14AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Alarmist, Mr. Moderator...

Wednesday - December 16th 2020 10:35AM MST
PS: Crankin' and bankin', man! It used to be just outside or even inside Shea Stadium, now Citi Field a few hundred yards away (former parking lot of Shea, and vice versa, probably). That must have been cool in that monster wide body. That approach is still in use today.

No masks on the way out, as nobody is going to hassle you. I'm sure they are officially required.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 16th 2020 9:31AM MST

I loved the TriStar, particularly on the Expressway Visual approach to 31 at LGA. I guess looking out across a row of rusting rivets (lulz) at Flushing Meadow Park just outside the window has unnerved more than a few pax.

What, no mask hassles in the Terminal?
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