Your cash ain't nuthin' but trash

Posted On: Thursday - December 10th 2020 8:23PM MST
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Be careful not to introduce COVID-19 into this pristine environment. Someone could get sick!

I've related plenty of my own anecdotes regarding the stupidity of the PanicFest that this country has been undergoing for 9 months running. I welcome all other anecdotes from the Peak Stupidity reader/commenters. I came upon a good post by the very reasonable blogger Audacious Epigone. This is one of his financial posts, which are only occasionally posted, but are ones I usually agree with him completely on.

The Audacious Epigone post in question is Cashless isn't King (Yet). This one is right up in Peak Stupidity's wheelhouse. As we have noted before (see ) forcing people to go cashless is another way for the Globalists/Commies and what-have-you to clamp down hard on freedom. Mr. Epigone (not his real name, I don't think) ended his post with a reference to the PanicFest being used as an excuse for a clampdown on cash:
Early in the coronavirus catastrophe, the idea of extracting cash from the system was floated–it’s a disease vector, the dirtiest thing in society, you know!–and there were severe coin shortages all over the country, but the powers that be didn’t go through with it. Not yet, anyway. They’ll try again.
I'd strongly agree were this part of any decent Gallup Poll.

Commenter Cloudbuster had a quick anecdote along these lines in this comment on the thread:
I have heard of businesses that refuse to accept cash because if coronadoom, but I have only encountered one so far — the landfill nearest me. I had to take a load there earlier this week and it was card only. Ironically, as one might expect, the landfill is the filthiest place imaginable right at the dump face. All kinds of trash is there, of course, any amount of it possibly contaminated with coronadoom!

Usually they have large dumpsters lower down for people like me with just pickup loads, but Tuesday they didn’t. Don’t know if that’s coronadoom-related.

I hate having to drive all the way up to the public dump face because of the stink and because of the danger that I’ll drive over something that will puncture a tire.
Peak Stupidity, am I right?

I have run into a few restaurants this Kung Flu season, especially in airport terminals, that told me they wouldn't take cash, based on it being this dirty breeding ground for germs. That really only worked as an excuse to push for cashless payments when people believed the nonsense about "it stays on doorknobs for 8 weeks!" That's so May 2020, as Peak Stupidity related in Hand wringing and hand waving over hand washing.

Those were restaurants though, you know, with everyone and everything in there being clean as a Chinese chip fab operation. (Well, maybe.) Cloudbuster's anecdote is just hilarious because we are talking about a trash dump! I mean, it takes a lot of damn gall to tell your customers that they can't go near your trash dump full of all kinds of mean and nasty germs and stuff and dump their nasty trash full of all kinds of mean and nasty germs and stuff in there, if they try to pay with slightly-soiled paper money and coins. Do I sound like Arlo Guthrie singing about the Alice's Restaurant Masacree?

Well you can argue at the dump all you want, Cloudbuster, but here's all they'll have to say:

We really need more Steve Miller up here on Peak Stupidity. This one is not his own, but a song by rhythm & blues band The Clovers from 1954. It was later played by another famous San Francisco bay band (in addition to the Steve Miller band), Huey Lewis and the News. The Steve Miller band did play a few blues songs, such as Mercury Blues*, but I don't think Steve Miller's voice was right for the blues. The band had a completely different sound with their synthesizer instrumentals and such, as on Fly Like and Eagle and Book of Dreams.

* That was the one I was trying to find a certain obscure rockabilly version of, for this post.

Tuesday - December 15th 2020 8:12PM MST
PS: Got it now, about the quarters. 1976, OK.
Friday - December 11th 2020 12:13PM MST
PS In 1976 the was an issue of bicentennial quarters
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:36AM MST
PS just found out my brother in law, who does have several co morbidities has the Rona, after locking himself in the house for 9 months. And he’s probably not going to croak. So if he’s been locked up this whole time and still got it...
Adam Smith
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:23AM MST
PS: I think Fly Like an Eagle is talking about these...

Friday - December 11th 2020 10:15AM MST
PS: Thank you Adam Smith for the (semi-) legal advice. I too was under the impression that once I got a service or product, the business would have to take my cash, or else.

... or else, I'd leave with it eaten or in my pocket. (The latter, for a product, could cause some trouble, but that would be a good test case.) I guess I would no longer be welcome, but hopefully others would do the same.

Your digressions are quite welcome. I always learn something.
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:12AM MST
PS: Good rant Fly like an Eagle! What do you mean by 1776 quarters? I do know of wheat pennies though.
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:11AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, the Chinese and Orientals in general have always had plenty of black markets, but for a different reason as I'm bringing up here. It wasn't to fight the system, so much as just to get a deal, and those places have always been more corrupt at a personal level. Yes, they've never been revolutionaries in the sense that the American Founders were.
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:05AM MST
Friday - December 11th 2020 10:04AM MST
PS. Mask compliance is universal (almost) in my town- people alone outside, jogging, driving their cars alone, everywhere. depressing.

Looking forward to "Beat Up Old Jetliner"

And- check out Boz' first, self-titled album. (I still call them albums) it features musicians from the Atlantic Muscle Shoals Studios, one of the greatest collections of studio talent EVER; featuring the great Duane Allman, whom Jann Wenner convince to return to Alabama from Macon, GA, where he'd gone to start a band with his brother.
Check this out:

Adam Smith
Friday - December 11th 2020 9:38AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator,

Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, entitled "Legal tender," states:

"United States coins and currency [including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve Banks and national banks] are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts."

This statute means that all U.S. currency as identified above is a valid and legal offer of payment for debts when tendered to a creditor.

A business refusing cash is an interesting legal gray area. Easier to do if their customers must prepay for service. If they bill you after you receive service, I'm pretty sure they cannot demand payment in certain forms while refusing cash. A restaurant is a good example. If you've already eaten your food I don't think they can refuse your cash.

The public policy ordained by the Joint Resolution of June 5, 1933 violated Article 1 Section 10 because it impaired the obligations of contracts that arranged for payment in gold. More importantly, by allowing all debts and obligations to be discharged in equity (because debts could no longer be paid at law after FDR confiscated the gold) all those transactions were now considered commerce which can be regulated under the commerce clause.

Most unfortunately, the Bankruptcy of 1933 also impacted how Americans hold title to land because the "government" pledged all the land as collateral for the glorious debt. Today almost all the land has been collateralized in service of the debt. This collateralization coupled with Americans losing their ability to pay for land at law with gold is how Americans lost their allodial title rights.

Seems I went off on a bit of a tangent.

I sure hope the landfill can keep the CovidCooties out of their unblemished environment. 'twould be a shame to soil a place of such marvelous beauty.

Fly Like An Eagle
Friday - December 11th 2020 9:09AM MST
PS Everyone will start with the same amount on Friday and have until Monday to spend their CCP bucks at China-Mart.
The precious equality will finally be achieved for all comrades of the glorious people's collective.
Deplorable kulak untermenschen with thoughtcrime or MAGA tendencies will be unpersoned with no CCP bucks and sent to a re-education camp to be purged of wrongthink.
Traveled to surrounding states well over a dozen times during the summer and fall while stopping at gas stations, truck stops, rest stops.
No Beer Flu yet but I did wash hands and wear the face panty obedience muzzle or 666 mark in training.
I have seen grown adults out in face guards, gloves, masks and they should petition mommygov for a hermetically sealed bubble to keep them safe.
Saving up a selection of 1776 quarters and wheat pennies due to the dastardly coin shortage.
How does a society this soft and weak have any future? (rhetorical)
Friday - December 11th 2020 8:56AM MST
PS They want total control over every aspect of your life. They want to know, or be able to know, what we’re doing every minute of every day. They want to know every thought that we think, if they can devise a way to find out. Electronic payment only is a good way to get total control over economic transactions. This might work with the Chinese. The Chinese are a lot more conformist and respectful of authority than are Europeans. Barter-based black markets would be popping up all over among European peoples. That is, if there are any European peoples left. It would be very interesting to see how such top-down control works with blacks. I’m glad that I won’t be around to see how this plays out.
Friday - December 11th 2020 8:00AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Ganderson. I've been a Boz Scaggs fan too, having featured my favorite the Lido Shuffle on here a long tome ago.

Have you listened to Bob Rivers "Beat-up Old Jetliner"? It's one of my favorites, and it'll have to be posted soon, now that I thought about it.
Friday - December 11th 2020 7:48AM MST
PS. Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs went to prep school together in Texas, then off to UW Madison where they met and started a band with Ben Sidran, a keyboard player who had a bit of a career in the ‘70- got a lot of play on the alternative rock stations.

And, Jet Airliner, one of Steve Miller’s big hits, was written by the blind Azorean from SE Massachusetts, Paul Pena, who moved west and became a fixture in San Francisco.

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