Truth in Trafficking Triumph

Posted On: Tuesday - December 8th 2020 5:51PM MST
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OK, a small triumph over Political Correctness is all it is, but we'll take some good news where we can. I ran across this poster in Kentucky and snapped a photo:

I am amazed that this kind of thing can still be printed up and put on walls, even by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Peak Stupidity gave our opinion of human trafficking last year in the post Peak Stupidity says NO to Human Trafficking. We're agin' it. What we noted too was that, as with about everything, this is a crime that one can only complain about under the umbrella of Political Correctness. We must not notice that certain TYPES of people do certain crimes more than others. Peak Stupidity:
Well, no matter what the US Globalist Big-Biz has to say about it, the kidnapping of young people and transportation of same, is not a big problem in the traditional US of A. That is, unless you count Dads that have taken their little ones away from sicko Moms and the Family Court ruination of their lives. I don't count that. I wrote "traditional" US just now, as most of the human trafficking within this country is done by immigrants of very foreign cultures that do this stuff regularly in their homelands. We don't want to impose on their cultures of grooming young girls for prostitution, bringing over fully-vetted-I'm-sure young immigrants to make into slaves (sexual and just the mundane stay-in-the-house-24/7/365-and-clean-the toilets version), and other examples (read VDare on this stuff).

Outside the country though, much of the human trafficking has been discussed quite a bit on the news, using the terms "caravans" and "coyotes" instead. These are kids sent by their parents with complete strangers on 1-2,000 mile trips to sneak into our country. We don't want to use that nasty term, "trafficking" regarding this activity, as they are future valedictorians and shit...
You could learn a bit more from Ann Coulter's Adios, America and see what she was complaining about. This kidnapping of children is a lot more of a 3rd world thing, and especially a Latin American thing.

That's what's so surprising about seeing the poster with this highly-Hispanic guy on it. Would you not have expected those same white guys that appear as the burglars in those alarm commercials and in the workplace aggression videos? I guess this guy was just doing the posing as a human trafficker that Americans just won't do, por menos dinero.

I did wonder for a bit if the guy in the poster was not supposed to be the human trafficker we've been looking for, but actually Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General of Kentucky. Nope, Daniel Cameron is a black guy. This ain't him.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - December 9th 2020 1:29PM MST

The nice thing about trafficked labourers is that they free up the field and road-works chain-gangs so they to be used for higher-order economic activity, like call centres, being run in the prisons.

Welcome to the Casino-Gulag.
Wednesday - December 9th 2020 10:16AM MST
PS A lot of those folks being “trafficked” are paying to be “trafficked”. “Just get me to El Norte, por favor!” Even a lot of the women being trafficked volunteer for it because they’re told that they’re being smuggled into the West for a legit job. The way to end it is to cut off the demand. Jail CEOs and directors of companies that hire illegals. Of course, that won’t happen. Those are the sorts of folks who buy politicians. It’s a tougher nut with illegal activities such as prostitution, but either legalize it and control it or crack down on it.
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