These people globalists/lefties are just not used to losing

Posted On: Saturday - February 4th 2017 6:06PM MST
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This is really a continuation of the last post, about the Berzerkely rioters, but I think it can stand on it's own. It also could be a Part 2 of this one: FACE IT, GLOBALISTS, YOU SCREWED THE POOCH!, about the LP (Lyin' Press) and the outright lies they spew that they KNOW people don't believe anymore (yet, spew they do - hey, I'm a poet and didn't know-it).

This one link, Reich Rips Third Reich-loving Alt-Reich for Reichstag Fire False Flag at Berkeley - great title by Sailer - from the last post is a good example. Does Mr. Reich really believe that many people would believe him that the riots against the gay guy Milo Whatever were instigated by the right to then cause a crack-down? Really, the evidence and all logic do not point to this idiotic theory. Yet, this intellectual giant human-shaped piece-o-shit comes out with this on, I guess, TV (don't know - don't watch it).

As I wrote in the "YOU SCREWED THE POOCH" post, this kind of talk may have worked fine through the 1980's even, when most people still watched only certain TV channels, and the newspapers were not quite as bad as Soviet Russian "Pravda", so they were mostly believed. Anyone with some truth about the real story wouldn't have too many ways to get this truth out. You wouldn't be directly shut up, as the Bezerkeley rioters have done to Milo, but then, they didn't need to do that, as your story would not go far.

Then came, ... dum-dee-dum-dum, ... the internet. Thanks a lot, Al Gore, you Carbophobic bastard! (Yes, he has an irrational fear of Carbon, this college drop-out living in the California coastal mansion.) You ruined it for the lying press by your single-handed creation of the Internet Protocol (often called the Protocols of the Elders of Gore). I don't know why they even still talk to you.

Now, mind you, after things started to get a little out of hand in the early oughts, with say, Instapundit (libertarian), then the Patriot constitutionalist sites, and VDare, Zerohedge, the Globalist elites still figured things could be put back under control pretty damn quickly if they set their minds, money, and AntiChrist to work on it. Well, it turned out that it wasn't as easy as TV and newspapers - just buy them all up, let a rich Mexican buy the NY Slimes, a Seattle-based punk-assed geek buy the Washington FS paper and keep 6 companies in charge of all the TV networks. Start the journo-list groups with the common talking points, keep them happy by letting them ride on Air Force One and be the only ones let in to the gov't press conferences.

It's not quite so easy to OWN THE INTERNET, is it, Davos boys? We know you're trying a lot of things, but face it, you're computer-tech illiterates, the AntiChrist Soros doesn't know dick about anything technical, and a lot of the computer-tech people are not on your side.

Now, along comes


These people have been getting their way and keeping us at on the road to globalism, one-world government and away from individualism and the American Republic at high speed for decades now. They are not at all used to giving one inch. This small setback for them in the form of the Donald Trump victory is, well, let's say they are not taking it well at all. These people are NOT USED TO LOSING, but they better get ready for MUCH MORE!

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