Telenovelas are Hell - Teresa's drama in ole Mexico

Posted On: Friday - December 4th 2020 6:14PM MST
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They (whoever "Funny or Die" is) have Telenovelas are Hell videos for all over Latin America, or at least the places where people have TV's. Oh, I know, Fred Reed, you guys are pretty damn advanced down there. I just can't be sure about parts of Bolivia and Paraguay though - and then those uncontacted tribes of the amazon - they've got their own drama - no firearms and falls through glass, just blow guns and big sticks.

The first one of these that Peak Stupidity featured was about the star named Rubi and here we've got Teresa with no "h. (Nobody ever said Latin America was a haven for spelling bee champs.) They are both hot Mexicans.

A novella is a short novel, if my Spanish or Sci-Fi memory hasn't failed me. "Tele" is for TV, so just think of these as television versions of the Cliff Notes of Dicken's Wuthering Heights, with dirtier streets and characters with 50 points off their IQs and 2 letter increases in bra sizes.

Enjoy Teresa in Telenovelas are Hell:

Sunday - December 6th 2020 11:20AM MST
PS: Sorry about that, Mr. Blanc.

These "Telenovelas are Hell" 5 minute clips are good enough for me. It's even funnier when the narrator switches to hard-core Spanish for the names. I don't know if that's supposed to make me laugh, but it does.*

* Kind of like how the characters in "Fargo" cracked me up with their accents the first time I watched the movie. No offense, Mr. Ganderson!
Sunday - December 6th 2020 10:26AM MST
PS My d*mned iPad just ate my post. It’s not worth trying to recreate it, but the short version is, yes, some very tasty-looking tamales on those things, but they are otherwise so dreadful that I can’t imagine watching more than two minute’s worth.
Saturday - December 5th 2020 3:48AM MST
PS: Thanks for the fun comment, Mr. Wagon. Mexico was fun back then (still somewhat dangerous, especially to one's wallet), because Mexico was contained down in Mexico.

I guess I could watch the Telenovelas now right here on those Spanish channels if I sprang for cable. I don't "habla" much myself, haha, but I"m pretty sure the shows would be just as good without sound. However, hooking up cable TV is so far from being in the cards, No mas!
Chupacabra's Taco Wagon
Friday - December 4th 2020 9:11PM MST
PS Went down to Mexico back in the late 1990s and walked into the wrong bar with porno on teevees and ladies of the night coming out in maid outfits.
I got out of there quick with petite red headed girlfriend before she was invited to participate in the festivities.
North Mexico AKA the USA will be culturally enriched in this fashion under Beijing Biden and the bitter Bindi.
Fundamental Transformations have nothing to do with improvement.
Those soaps were on every teevee at the lodging and great for a laugh even though I don't habla.
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