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Posted On: Thursday - December 3rd 2020 10:20PM MST
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Please, think of the poor children!

(I am not being sarcastic this time.)

This new flavor of stupidity just won't go away. Sure it's good for the blogging business, but I really want it to be over. What will it take? Many thought that due to the anti-Trump factor, this whole PanicFest would be quietly tailed-off once Biden and President-in-Waiting Kameltoe won the Election. They haven't won yet - don't get me wrong - but there's lots of people who maintain they have. Are they waiting for the inauguration, one way or another?

I can't say I want Trump to lose this thing just for that reason, because:

a) They may double-down on the Kung Flu stupidity, with different plans that we'd thought.

b) Decent Americans don't want what's coming from the D's, and the Kung Flu stupidity could be ended during a Trump administration. I'm sure Mr. Trump would want this, but it's not all up to him anyway. Americans have got to get over their hysteria. By beating the Establishment and their Election '20 CheatFest, we'd sure feel a lot of power to beat the PanicFest too.

I'll include 2 minor pieces of Kung Flu Kontroversy here that I got into. The first is a follow-up from my incident with the Brit woman scold that didn't like my (rash, and kind of silly, I'll admit) action outside the school a couple of weeks back (last portion of It's nice NOT NICE to share.

I've really tried to avoid the elementary school due to anger issues brought on by seeing the face diapering stupidity at the place. I had to pick up the boy last week, though. I walked up maskless to stay across the small road from most of the people so as not to cause trouble. The School Resource Officer, aka, cop, came over to talk to me. Apparently the Brit scold was a tattle-tale too and must have gotten freaked out by my not listening to her, or else by that major biohazard of my kid's face mask buried in the bushes. (Why was the bush still there even? If this disease is so contagious and deadly, shouldn't all the shrubbery have been burned with a flamethrower? Believe me, the school district has got the money!)

"School Resource Officer":

This masked cop was pretty decent about it, I must admit. I'm sure he didn't want to be involved at all. He told me that my cussing and littering were a problem. I told him I didn't remember cussing at all, but when I think back, I don't know ... I apologized for the littering, as it's really something I would normally teach the boy not to do.

"I was pretty pissed off at seeing the kids in such a sad state. This whole thing is pretty sick. Aren't you getting sick of this whole mask thing?" I asked him. The guy was pretty decent about it. He nodded, though he didn't say much besides a "yeah", probably for political reasons. "The school district wants all this, so this school is just doing what the district wants." is how he put it (to paraphrase). I know, this cop would get fired if he just stood out there looking normal (with no mask) in defiance of what his department wanted. What CAN he do?

This week some friends and I met inside this coffee shop I normally avoid, as it was the only one allowing to people to sit inside, and it was freezing-ass cold outside. The place is owned by extreme lefties (which ones aren't?), so I wasn't that pleased to be in there anyway.

"Hey, you need a mask" said the one guy who I assume is an employee or owner. There wasn't a single one in my pocket, and people eating/drinking weren't wearing them anyway, of course. I checked my pants pocket and found no mask. "I don't have one." "You need one if you're standing up." "Whaaa?" "I don't have one." "We sell them for 50 cents." "Hell with that, let me look in the car." I really looked hard and had to settle for one sitting on the passenger side front floorboards, looking a little worse for the wear and tear.

I wore that old mask in there, and went up to the guy. "Hey, are you doing this because the city is all on you, or are you just hysterical." Well, he didn't like this at all, and we came really close to a fight. He could have told me nicely that "it's the city. I can't do anything about it." No, he used words that meant he was a part of the Kung Flu hysteria.

Of course, I need to stay out of that place. Things are not getting better. The Infotainment must be relentless. I wouldn't know.

What's that Bible Proverb again? 25:24 - "It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop outside in the freezing-ass cold, than with a brawling woman a hysterical soy-boy and in a wide house narrow COVID-infested coffee shop."

Adam Smith
Friday - December 4th 2020 9:55PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Anon...

"Hey - even better - when they ask where's your mask, take it out of your pocket, unwad it, then blow your nose into it."

Lol... Great idea... I luv it...

And, I might just do this...

"Hey, you need a mask"...

"No thanks, I have one"...

Honk.. Snot... "Here you go"...

Mr. Anon
Friday - December 4th 2020 9:12PM MST
PS "Hey Adam, thanks for your efforts (or lack thereof). I did almost that at a store recently. I just pulled it all balled up out of my pocket, said "here", and put it back in."

Hey - even better - when they ask where's your mask, take it out of you pocket, unwad it, then blow your nose into it.
The Alarmist
Friday - December 4th 2020 3:35PM MST

At first I thought the “panic” would start to subside as soon as King Joe was annointed (John 12:15 “Do not be afraid, Daughter Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt.”). Yeah, ok, guilty of misuse of scripture.

Anyway, when I realised how effective their “measures” are at dividing us and leading us to fear and mistrust one another, thereby stifling dissent and rebellion; and, further, to impose unprecedented controls and the resulting relatively un-opposed great re-boot of what they think is our collective unsustainable lives, I realised that this was a one way street, even if that way leads to a dead-end for them as they reduce the masses of us to what they think is manageable penury.

Revelation 13:16-17 — “And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

It’s coming brother, even if it is just an earthly repeat of the French Revolution, and not the Second Coming, they will have their days of tribulation
Friday - December 4th 2020 3:28PM MST
PS Thanks for your kind words Mr. Smith. I played golf today, December golf in Massachusetts! Hopefully the UMASS game will be on TV tomorrow.

In the bad news department rumors are flying that Baker is going to close down the state again. Sigh.
Friday - December 4th 2020 11:53AM MST
PS “The Chinese flu will run off in terror”.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 4th 2020 10:52AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

The first time the new girl offered me a mask, I did what you did... Pulled a mask from my pocket, said "no thanks", and quickly returned it to my pocket.

The cashiers I talk to don't believe in the diapers, but wear them because they don't want to lose their jobs. If this were truly the plague they'd be dropping like flies.

We have great apples around here...

Just a little north west of here there is a place called Cartecay, and beyond that Ellijay. They call Gilmer county the Apple Capital of Georgia. There are many apple houses and orchards. There's also this cool little farm we like. They sell me fresh organic beef heart for $3.25 a lb. and have some really great steak, cheese and butter. Sometimes I buy raw milk there. They're very nice.

My favorite local apple house is a place in Blue Ridge called Mercier Orchards...

Adam Smith
Friday - December 4th 2020 10:17AM MST
PS: Good Morning Mr. Ganderson...

I too am surprised the Great CoronaPanic of 2020 has not yet come to an end. Clearly I've misunderestimated the power of mass hypnosis, mass hysteria and the herd-like mentality of the average American.

I expect the Cases! to climb pretty rapidly when they start mass vaccination. Most vaccines spread disease through viral shedding for about a month after someone takes the jab and most people do not quarantine for a month after they take their jab. The vaxxers will blame the non-vaxxers for the increase in Cases!, even though it will be increasing because of the vaccine itself. The vaxxers will demand totalitarian solutions. Clown world is really getting out of hand. I wish I could make it stop.

If Trump is not victorious and CheatFest is allowed to proceed then I expect it will get much worse. Fortunately many Americans will not accept the outcome of this obviously fraudulent selection. Unfortunately, I fear this will lead to unrest like we have not yet seen which in turn will lead to active state repression like we have not yet seen. The investor might just get that war they've been pushing for.

I'm glad I do not live in a city.

I really hope we can avoid that which is seemingly and increasingly inevitable. We really should have cleaned house years ago, and this current national psychosis is a result of letting the feces pile up for too long. White Americans are just too nice and too altruistic when compared to our more aggressive, more immoral adversaries. Altruism is great when dealing with our own kind, but leaves us at a disadvantage when dealing with the other tribes.

I imagine the Kamala regime will go all in on face diaper mandates, small business closures, attempted rifle confiscation, massive third world refugee importation, massive increases in immigration and rolling lockdowns. If Trump does not succeed I fear the Kamala regime will deliver the long dark winter they've been promising to us. Kamala is a monster. I really hope we can avoid her coronation.

I never would have guessed that when totalitarianism came to America it would be under the guise of an allegedly dangerous common cold virus.

Please try not to get too depressed, depression is no fun at all, and it's bad for your health. Try to find happiness and peace whenever and wherever you can. Get out and see some hockey games. Spend time doing what you love. Get some exercise and stay well rested. Try to ignore the "news" as it is not uplifting. (I'm truly not trying to lecture you anymore than I'm trying to lecture myself. As consciousness creates observable reality, we all need to break the spell.)

Gateway Pundit has some uplifting news about the fraud in Georgia. I hope and pray that Trump is triumphant in the courts or such. When Georgia flips, other states will follow suit. The fraud this year is so overwhelmingly blatant. I am optimistic that the Kamala regime will not win. The real votes have not yet been cast.

While the forces of darkness are well organized and formidable, I remain ultimately optimistic that the light will prevail over the evil stalking our land. It's time good people stand up for what is right. Together we can put an end to this madness.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Ganderson...

Friday - December 4th 2020 9:18AM MST
PS My guess is that on JAN 20, the Chinese Flu will run off it terror, just as the seas cease to rise. Sort of like the hostages being released when Reagan was inaugurated. I can’t imagine that the Dems who are actually running things (whoever they are) will want to keep destroying the economy. Destroying the economy was fine as long as it meant defenestrating the Bad Orange Man, but once he’s gone—and he will be gone—they’re on the hook for it. That said, perhaps the power grabbed by the state due to the panic has gone to their heads. Perhaps they’ve gotten used to telling us how close we can stand to each other, and they don’t want to stop.So, it could to either way. But I’ll go with Joe and Kamala riding to the rescue. But don’t worry, the social nightmares that they’re about to unleash on us will make the Plague Panic seem like a walk in the rose garden.
Friday - December 4th 2020 8:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I'm sorry to hear that. I got off the WSJ about 20 years back, mostly due to their open borders stupidity. The price went up a quarter, and that seemed as good a time as any to quit cold turkey.

I didn't think they were that nuts, though. The hospitals are not overflowing in any way, shape of form where I live. I'm also sorry to hear about your hockey cancellations and such. I know you like that sport very much. Tell those Panickers to get the puck off the ice and "let my people play".
Friday - December 4th 2020 8:11AM MST
PS: Hey Adam, thanks for your efforts (or lack thereof). I did almost that at a store recently. I just pulled it all balled up out of my pocket, said "here", and put it back in.

At the grocery store near me, I'd been going without a mask, and nobody said anything. This time, 2 days back, just the one guy standing and wiping off all the buggies and baskets at the front said "where's your mask?" "Don't need it." I just said and walked on by.

About Proverb 32:23, yeah, but do they have some really fresh varieties up in the mountains right now, like Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Honey Crips?
Friday - December 4th 2020 7:17AM MST
PS I hadn’t imagine the panic could get worse- anyone see the front page of the WSJ today? CASES!!! SPIKES!!! OVERFLOWING HOSPITALS!!

Very depressed about the whole deal. I’m anticipating college hockey shutting down by Christmas.
Adam Smith
Friday - December 4th 2020 12:49AM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

"Hey, you need a mask"...

The newish girl at the door at walmart noticed my naked face and offered me a face diaper again. It's the second time in about a week. It seems shes the only one who cares about the edict. Perhaps she's a true believer.

"We require masks, would you like one?" she said...

"No thanks, I already have one." I answered as I walked by. I didn't bother to pretend like I would pull one from my pocket. I'm done playing pretend. I'm so tired of this nonsense...

Proverbs 25:24 is pretty good...

I like Proverbs 32:23...

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Procure ye not piles of apples, but boxes of foreskins. They who have faith in the Lord shall be protected from the pestilence.

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