Article II, Section 1 v Blue Squad CheatFest - Part 1

Posted On: Tuesday - December 1st 2020 5:10PM MST
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Peak Stupidity is a site for commentary. It isn't a news site, and we don't keep you up very well - look elsewhere if you need a news "aggregator"*.

What a weird term that is, but it does make sense. The Drudge Report, a site we won't be linking to any more, due to Matt Drudge's having gone left at least a couple of years ago, is an example of a "news aggregator". I've had suggestions for others, though I often forget, but, yet again, we can go to yet again for this. Mr. Unz, per a suggestion by one of his commenters (with the handle of Rurik), added this feature to his site. Due to the nature of Mr. Unz's site, with the commenters suggestion the off-site news articles, there's bound to be some wild and wacky stuff there. (Come to think of it, I'm not sure if it will get you to the average news items that are being discussed in the Lyin' Press.)

The reason for this post is that a friend asked if I'd been keeping up with the legal battles of the Trump/Guliani/Powell crowd in fighting the huge '20 election CheatFest of the Democrat party (Blue Squad). Honestly, I have not been keeping up very well. I've read articles here and there on it, especially soon after the voting, as we'd kept up for a couple of days at least - See Is it all gonna come down to Philly or Carson City?? Send lawyers, guns, and money ..., Carson City, get me outta this!, and Your cheatin' hearts, will turn States blue ....

The action shifted to the more important States than Nevada. All those in question seem to have had a huge amount of last-minute cheating, mail-in ballot shenanigans, and possible machine hacking. In my State, I can't have an effect on the whole thing. I could donate money to the legal fight, as my wife has, but what else? It's just the pessimism I've got that these things ALWAYS go for the left that has kept me from posting on it.

To keep myself up better on the important events in this fight, my friend suggested Gateway Pundit, whom I've heard of before. He indeed has lots of detailed material on it.

There are 3 basic areas one can read and learn about, regarding this blatant travesty.

1) There are the details of the types of cheating going on. One can learn about the myriad ways the chain of secrecy and security can be broken or hacked, whether it was illegal registrations, pure creation of voters, the mail-in process, machine hacking, or ideas we haven't even thought of yet.

2) There are the vote numbers themselves and the statistics that go along with them. Apparently, the D's didn't expect such a huge Trump turnout in key States and augmented their CheatFest with some shoddy "work"manship. The last minute turnaround in the numbers look so ridiculous. Likely they even do to the Democrats themselves, but they won't show their embarrassment. They've got the Lyin' Press on their side. They will just take notes for next time.

(1) and (2) have a big overlap.

3) The legal battles. A writer named Brett Redmayne-Titley has an article on that details the legal and legislative situation in the State of Pennsylvania. The article, Election Bombshell! the US Constitution Goes to Court..., though formatted kind of weirdly and a bit repetitive, has a nice run-down.

Peak Stupidity readers will probably know more than this blogger about (1) and (2) matters, but I want to discuss (3) with respect to that good old US Constitution. That'll be Part 2, coming in just a bit.

Adam Smith
Thursday - December 3rd 2020 9:46AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

I hope this message finds you all well...

Mr. Alarmist, I luv George Carlin.

Robert, I agree wholeheartedly with your “vote against/negative vote” plan... I Luv it... None of the above! Perhaps if a candidate does not receive a positive vote of at least 75% we can leave that seat empty as no one has a mandate.

Mr. Moderator, it is amazing how insecure these machines are, and I'm sure it's on purpose. They would never use such insecure software on an ATM. I guess they like to give people the illusion of voting while reserving the ability to manipulate the count anyway they wish. Until recently, most people have been to stupid, trusting or naive to notice. I wish there were ways to keep dishonorable people away from all the levers of power. Unfortunately, psychopaths are drawn to “government” and “public service” like flies are drawn to dung.

Mr. BC, pleased to meet you. Though it is a pretty unpopular idea in America at this time, I think we should have literacy and IQ tests to determine voter eligibility. Unfortunately, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed literacy tests. Since we let retards vote, we might as well let six year olds vote. Just because 6 year olds are stupid is no reason to deny them the franchise. That's unAmerican! Plenty of Americans are stupid and they can vote. Knowledge, experience or merely being informed are not criteria for voting eligibility. You don’t loose your privilege to vote just because you have dementia or alzheimer’s. Lowering the voting age to 6 would…

• Increase voter turnout.
• Get children into the habit of voting
• Be an expansion of freedom. (Everyone loves freedom.)
• Be good for Democracy.
• Make elections more exciting.
• Make elections more fun!

Of course, if voting is all a giant fraud, it really doesn't matter who is allowed to vote.

I really hope we can find a way to enact positive change without watering the tree of liberty. I don't think an election boycott alone would be enough. I've been boycotting the corporations masquerading as “government” as best I can for years now. While I think it is the right thing to do and it keeps my conscience clear, it hasn't changed a thing. Perhaps if 100 million people joined me we could make a difference.

The Alarmist
Thursday - December 3rd 2020 4:08AM MST

George Carlin said it succinctly many years ago, but this year it is so in our faces that it is hard to laugh at it.

Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 5:31PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, as i have said before, I would like to vote against someone, as well as for someone. I think the person with negative 5% would beat the person with negative 10%. But, that would not tend to legitimate the ruling powers. Maybe, if we could vote 'none of the above'? Would they let us stick with that if none won?
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 3:30PM MST
PS: Yes, same guy, still a regular reader.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 3:30PM MST
PS: Yes, same guy, still a regular reader.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 1:19PM MST
PS. Thank you for commenting in, BC. (Are you the same BC from a year ago?). There are not so many solutions between voting our way out of things and "watering the tree" with bloodshed. America has never had any general strike, has it? I've also thought about ideas like that.

Maybe even with an election boycott of 90% of us not voting, they'll just take the winner of their selections and call it a day.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 1:16PM MST
PS: Rurik is fine, Mr. Ganderson. He still comments a lot but maybe not under Steve Sailer threads. I think it's the Fred Reed column on China and I'm sure some others, but he's around (that was just in the last couple of days). I know people don't like to give out too much info., but did he play hockey too? I know not much about hockey at all, sorry.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 1:13PM MST
PS: Adam, I know it's been twenty years, but it's like riding a bicycle, this dBase stuff, right? The '24 Camel Toe for President Committee could really use a guy like you, Joel, errrr, Adam.

Your description of the insecurity of it all is amazing to me. Do they think we (the current American people as a whole) are all the same honorable men as the Founders? Thanks for the GP links. I'll put them up on this post or maybe another on the CheatFest when I get to things here

Yeah, lots more people are likely getting a clue about both the Lyin' Press and the lack of integrity in this simplest of functions of government. That's good but very late indeed.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 9:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I agree that 'voting only grants an illegitimate, corrupt "government" their desperately need veneer of legitimacy.' I have suggested election boycotts (Federal, not local necessarily) on other blogs and objections were that the bad guys will have complete control of government and/or they will simply make voting mandatory. Well, the bad guys already seem to have a pretty good grip at the national and state levels, and in many localities (for sure, the larger cities). And the second objection (mandatory voting) proves your point about government needing a facade of popular approval.

If the approval of the populace is so important, why can't we vote on war and peace, or treaties or tax rates. Of course, that is naive--as I look at some of our countrymen, I am dismayed that each of those idiots has the same vote as I do. As you say, under present conditions we are not voting our way out of this. That seems to be widely accepted by "our side", but people seem to go from that opinion directly to advocate watering the tree of liberty (if you know what I mean) without considering the intermediate tactic of election boycott or general strike. Anyway, good comment and thanks for the links.
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 8:33AM MST
PS. I haven't seen Rurik posting recently.

He's a proud graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis: among the other famous Teds are Jesse "the Body" Ventura (AKA Jim Janos, captain of the 1969 Roosevelt swim team) NHL (and Golden Gopher) great Reed Larson, Badger Bob Johnson, who, while he went to Minneapolis Central, coached hockey at Roosevelt, and Mike Ramsey of the 'Miracle on Ice', and who had a long NHL career.

I hope Rurik's OK!
Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 2nd 2020 7:51AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I don't know if I've ever told you this before, but I may have. Or you may have read this comment under one of Audacious Epigone's posts where I originally posted it a couple weeks back...

I lost all confidence in voting 20 years ago after I downloaded a few different versions of Diebold’s GEMS software and installed them to test it out. In very little time I figured out about 8 different ways to hack the election. I even wrote a simple script that I put on a thumbdrive that allowed me to change the vote tallies to anything I wanted. You don’t even have to work with the GEMS software to do the manipulation as the election data is stored in a microsoft access database. I was amazed how little time and effort it took to do this. I spent an hour or so tinkering with the 3 different versions I had before I deleted GEMS from my machine. If I had spent more time on this, I could have come up with some nifty or exotic ways to manipulate the vote in a truly undetectable way. If I could do this in such a short time, imagine what properly motivated people could do.

I have no faith in other voting software being less hackable.

I have no faith in the honesty or integrity of election “officials”.

This is why I haven't voted since 2000. We're not going to vote our way out of this problem and for the last couple decades I've felt that voting only grants an illegitimate, corrupt "government" their desperately need veneer of legitimacy. I also learned that the voter registration contract is an adhesion contract whereby you consent to live in a democracy and waive your rights to a republican form of government as guaranteed under the constitution.

Gateway Pundit has a ton of links about this, but these links seem to corroborate my findings from so long ago...

You may have seen this too, it seems like a pretty good analysis of vote count anomalies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia...

While I truly wish we lived in a high trust society where we all could trust the integrity of the vote and the so called "government", I learned long ago that this, like the social contract, is an illusion. I'm a bit surprised more Americans did not catch on sooner. It would have been easier to fix the corruption 20 years ago than it is today. Many people were still true believers in the system and integrity of the vote up until this election, and they are very passionate this year. I hope this proves to be a good thing, but unfortunately, Americans seem more divided than ever. I hope we can fix this before we're forced to shoot it out.

Interesting times...

I hope you have a great day.

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