C'mon guys, it's all tribalism nowadays!

Posted On: Saturday - November 28th 2020 1:53PM MST
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(You're right. Peak Stupidity has seriously overused this line from Chevy Chase in the old movie Fletch, but c'mon guys, it's all memes these days! Yeah, I know, I skipped the "whaddya' need, a refresher course?" part.)

I want to mention a very good article on California's rejection of its Proposition 16* a few weeks ago. The article, by pundit David Cole, is California Secedes From Black America.

Mr. Cole is a Jewish pundit who was formerly heavily involved in Hollywood, but pissed off the whole crowd with his views. He changed his name, or picked up this pen name, I should say, and writes stuff that I am about 95% in agreement with. That's at least from what I've read of him on Takimag, or "Taki's Magazine", as the banner up top now says (trying to look back like real magazine, I guess??)

Speaking of the Takimag site, as I went to the main page to find the Cole article in question, it's gone down the tubes in 3 ways over the last couple of years. The first thing was the doing away with the comments. Comments bring in a lot of readers. At some point, I'd gotten sick of them myself anyway, as the takimag crowd had a lot of commenters who would argue a long thread about minute details of history having nothing directly to do with the posts. I'm sure they had fun at it, but between that and the hidden comments you had to click to open up, I thought it was really wasting my time. (Who am I to criticize the format of a comment section is another subject, haha.) Still, if one is bored ...

Secondly, the format was changed. I don't like these kinds of changes to begin with, and if it's not in the order I'm used to, I may just bail out.

Thirdly, I have bailed out, also because I don't see any of the good writers I'd follow anymore on the site. Other than the syndicated Ann Coulter, who I can read on thousands of sites elsewhere, there are the Steve Sailer weekly columns that I get to from links on his blog, and then I like this David Cole**.

Before I get to this gist of post about this California referendum, let me categorically state that California is dead to me, dead to me, ya' hear? They called it Paradise, rightly so, about half a century ago. Due to that long a period of socialism and immigration stupidity, doubling the population (mo people, mo problems!), they kissed it goodbye. (That's all explained in that old post.)

Back to the present day, Mr. Cole explains the real reasons for the rejection of Proposition 16 in California. The proposition was about getting rid of the legal restraints on Affirmative Action in government employment, education, and contracting in the former Golden State. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of "extra-legal" ways of arranging for White men to be screwed over, but they wanted to be on the up and up there. This was "amazingly" rejected. The word's in quotes, because the amazement comes from conservatives and the left both, who are deluded as to what's really going on with the tower of Babel that is California and California politics. Tribalism rules now. Mr. Cole explains the stupidity of both the left and the right in their interpretations of how the vote went wrong or went right, respectively. First, he explains the battle:
And on the subject of Californians and electoral surprises, commentators left and right have been puzzling over the fact that we defeated an attempt to bring affirmative action back to a state that banished it in 1996. Proposition 16, which would have allowed for favoritism of nonwhites in public employment, education, and contracting, lost by a wide margin. Yet the backers of Prop. 16 outspent the opposition $30 million to $2 million. And what a list of backers it was! The California Democrat Party and every Democrat officeholder in the state championed Prop. 16, as did every major newspaper. Every leftist “social justice” organization—the ACLU, NAACP, NOW, the ADL, BLM, even the Sierra Club and the PTA—backed Prop. 16. So did the Chamber of Commerce, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Uber, Dropbox, Reddit, Lyft, Yelp, AirBnB, Instacart, Gap, Levi’s, United Airlines, Wells Fargo, the 49ers, the Giants, and the Oakland A’s.

Soros backed it. The Chan/Zuckerberg Initiative backed it. Ava DuVernay backed it. Kaiser, Blue Shield, and PG&E backed it.
Holy crap. Remember these people. If you care, then I don't know what to tell you - get off the social media, don't watch movies, don't travel, hold your money in cash, property and precious metals, take over the PTO (not PTA now), and, most definitely***


Sorry, where was I... Yeah, it was the little people against that PC Globalist juggernaut, but this is not particularly a win for the White man. After all, White people, and especially conservative White people are a small minority in the State of California. This was a tribal thing. The few conservative whites couldn't have voted this down. It's not 1970 anymore.

No, the Hispanics and Asians, both the Chinese and the •Indian immigrants, have no love for the few black race hustlers left in California. They don't feel guilty about anything, even things they probably ought to, like being grateful to have left their shitholes and being able to live in what lots of them have turned into Paradise Lost. The Chinese care about the Chinese, the •Indians care about the •Indians, and the huge Hispanic population cares about the Hispanics. None of them believe that this AA is going the help their tribe or they'd have voted otherwise. Constitutional principles, fairness, all that? Not a factor.

Mr. Cole explains that the stupidity of the lefties' interpretation of the election result, that the proposition was written in a confusing manner, because voting YES is rejecting older law that prohibits AA:
No, the wording of the proposition was not confusing. The ballot summary was crystal clear: “Proposition 16 permits government decision-making policies to consider race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin to address diversity.” That’s hardly Aramaic.
If the California voters couldn't understand that language (per the lefties), then maybe we can get them onboard with some voting restrictions. We could start with property ownership, then maybe sex, then, if we could work together really ambitiously, we could draw up some restrictions based on being an American citizen even. If that is a bridge too far, how about just a working knowledge of English? I mean, we all don't want these mistakes to continue to be made in the future.

I want to include this part just to show that David Cole is a funny guy too:
And knowing what Prop. 16 was, whites, Asians, and Latinos in California voted against it. Only blacks overwhelmingly supported it. And at a paltry 5.8% of the state population, black “overwhelming support” plus two bucks buys you a McNugget and Coke.
Now, as for the establishment Conservatives, they are very happy about the result, thinking this proves that these big minority groups rejected identity politics:
Meanwhile, establishment conservatives at National Review, Hot Air, and elsewhere took the defeat of Prop. 16 as proof that “minority voters reject identity politics,” because inside every Ibram Kendi is a Thomas Sowell crying to be freed. “Demography is not destiny,” wrote John Sexton at Hot Air; nonwhites are “opting out” of the Democrat identity-politics machine.
[My bolding to point out the snark.] Mr. Cole answers that stupidity here:
But no, Prager U grads, Latinos and Asians did not rebuff Prop. 16 because they “rejected identity politics.” Something was indeed “rejected,” but no one wants to acknowledge what it was. Here’s a simple truth that none of the analysts left or right are willing to admit: Prop. 16 was a referendum on blacks. Not “diversity,” not “identity politics,” but blacks. Everyone with half a brain understood that Prop. 16 was there to help blacks, and blacks alone. Asians and Latinos are doing exceptionally well in the UC system (Asians are overrepresented, and Latinos, represented at roughly their percentage of the population, outnumber non-Hispanic whites). Blacks are the ones who need the “special help.” They’re the ones who feel like they can’t compete without being given extra points for melanin.

Proposition 16 posed a question to the people of California: Wanna help a brother out?

And Californians said no.
There's a lot more there. That was a very illustrative article about a place that is far gone down the road of immigration stupidity and tribalism. I've long given up on California. Peak Stupidity noted that California was the epicenter of much of our stupidity in our about page even. It's time to find a solid doorway, for The Big One.

* Yeah, these numbers have gone around back through 1 again. They've had a LOT of them over the years! I kind of like the referendum idea - it works great in a place full of educated voters, but, then that gets us back to the subject of this post, speaking of coming around...

** My 2nd favorite writer behind Steve Sailer on that site was Jim Goad, whom we praised on this site long ago. He is gone from Takimag, per commenters under his article Tom Metzger, American Radical (April 9, 1938-November 4, 2020), which appeared on unz.com. I hope Mr. Ron Unz makes Jim Goad's writing into a column on his site.

*** You're gonna want to read Part 2 too.

Monday - November 30th 2020 8:42AM MST
PS: Good luck to you in Arizona, Rex.
Rex Little
Sunday - November 29th 2020 6:59PM MST
PS Ah yes, California half a century ago. That's around when I moved there (1976), and coming from Taxachusetts it was indeed paradise. I spent the next 40 years watching it go down the drain, and finally got out four years ago. Now I just hope the onslaught of refugees don't Californicate Arizona and force me to move yet again.
Saturday - November 28th 2020 5:29PM MST
PS: I agree completely, Mr. Blanc, with your 2nd comment. Yep, it's the old "Big Yellow Taxi" - don't know what you've got till it's gone - thing.
Saturday - November 28th 2020 5:28PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, on unz.com, there aren't many articles I'd read knowing there would be no comments. I guess I'd still read Steve Sailer's stuff, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun. (He had comments on his old blogspot site too - I think one didn't need to register on there either to comment.
Saturday - November 28th 2020 3:39PM MST
PS Now to the topic. Blacks are going to find out that whites were their best friends. Latinos don’t give a horse’s rear-end about slavery. Chinese, .Indians, and Middle Easterners likewise. Even the Sub-Saharans don’t seem to have much use for American blacks. American blacks are going to have a rough road once whites are removed from power. Which is pretty close to where we are now. The Jews, too, might discover that importing millions of Asians wasn’t such a great idea, as Asians can play the tribal game at least as well as the Jews can. Only whites seem to have lost the knack for it.
Saturday - November 28th 2020 3:33PM MST
PS I abandoned Taki’s when they dropped the comments. I did enjoy a lot of the commenters. I glanced at the article—unless it was really good, which wasn’t often—then went right to the comments. They were my breakfast-time reading. I’ve been back once since, to read a Zman column. I make do with the excerpts from Sailer’s column that he posts at Unz. Bugger ’em.
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