Chicken suits and soap water enemas

Posted On: Friday - November 27th 2020 4:02PM MST
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This one comes from Mr. Anon, who comments here and on iSteve Sailer's blog, which we all know and love. Mr. Sailer, though not nearly the panicker* about the Kung Flu he has been, gives out continual info about the vaccines that have been coming out. I don't think Mr. Sailer has really got into his head how much the whole COVID-19 thing has been, is, and will be more, used as a weapon by Totalitarians.

Mr. Anon's comment under one of these posts is a great way to put this:
Most western countries, and many states in the U.S. have mask mandates and have had them for months now. And yet the virus, we are told, is peaking again. Of course we will also be told “Well, imagine how bad it would be if there weren’t mask-mandates”. Someday we will all be saying “Well, imagine how bad the pandemic would be if we weren’t all wearing chicken-suits and getting daily soap-water enemas!” or whatever our public-health wardens next deem to be “the science”.
Mr. Adam Smith, somewhat of an image guru, has just the picture to go along with Mr. Anon's comment (also taken straight off that blog comment thread):

"I'm not wearing a chicken-suit for me. I'm wearing it for you!"

Mr. Smith, if this is some kind of patented enema-ready chicken suit of yours, or at least a copywritten picture of such a suit, Peak Stupidity's legal team apology and disclaimer is at the bottom.**

* I really don't have a better term. Mr. Sailer has always been very logical about things, and he never got hysterical by any means. However, from the inundation of posts with very pessimistic looks on the COVID-19 business onto his blog from March through May of this year, he at least used to be on the (Mr. E.H, Hail's term) "pro-panic" side of things.

** We own nothing! Nothing! - PS Legal Council, on retainer from Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 29th 2020 9:09AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Alarmist...

I don't believe the people running this shitshow care one bit about saving lives. If they cared about human life then "we" would not have had to destroy Fallujah in order to save it. If they cared about saving lives there would be no foreverwars.

I think they are destroying humanity because their greed and lust for power has driven them insane. Perhaps they're just evil.

The Alarmist
Sunday - November 29th 2020 7:59AM MST

“I'm not wearing a chicken-suit for me. I'm wearing it for you!"

That’s the kind of logic that gave us, “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” which was more widely syndicated as "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

The people rnning this shit-show are destroying humanity in a vain attempt to save lives.
Adam Smith
Sunday - November 29th 2020 6:28AM MST
PS: Thank you Mr. Anon...

Thank you for wearing your chicken suit to help keep me safe and to save lives. It's the right thing to do.

Saturday - November 28th 2020 5:31PM MST
PS: "I'm not wearing a chicken-suit for me. I'm wearing it for you."

You cracked me up again with that one. Gotta put that in too now.
Saturday - November 28th 2020 12:03PM MST
PS I’ll be the one in the fox suit/
Saturday - November 28th 2020 12:01PM MST
PS If there is anyone here who listened to WCFL radio, Chicago, in the late 1960s, he (I presume that most of the regulars here are male) might remember the jock who did the Chicken Man spoof of Batman. “It’s Chicken Man! It’s Chicken Man! He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere! Bwock, Bwock, Bwock, Bwock!” I’m quite sure that Chicken Man looked quite like that.
Mr. Anon
Saturday - November 28th 2020 11:48AM MST
PS @ Adam Smith

Well said. I think you covered every important point. You clearly have a bright future ahead of you in the public health racket field.

And remember: I'm not wearing a chicken-suit for me. I'm wearing it for you.
the man with no name
Saturday - November 28th 2020 11:07AM MST
PS CCP/CPUSA comrade kommissar Beijing Biden will put a bag of pot in every rubber chicken for the good of the collective.
I'm surprised the greatest psyop plandemic is still going after Uncle Groper is allegedly across the finish line in this fading banana republic worldwide laughingstock.
They never said that it would be utopia for useless eater deplorable kulak untermenschen after the Great Reset leap forward now did they.
Bill H
Saturday - November 28th 2020 9:14AM MST
PS My wife, whom I love dearly, who has an MS degree in something that I don't fully understand, and who had a six figure salary with only one person above her in a company of thousands, tells me that having had Covid-19 and recovered from it does not mean that I am immune because, "We don't know how long immunity lasts."

That's because she heard some idiot say on NPR that Covid-19 antibodies were seen to diminish in the bloodstream of survivors after a few months.

Well, yes, that would come as no surprise. You got a Smallpox vaccine as a small child, right? How many Smallpox antibodies do you suppose are in your blood right now? I can assure you there are zero. That's because it is not the purpose of a vaccine to create antibodies. It is the purpose of a vaccine to teach your immune system how to make antibodies. Then, when you get an infection, your immune system can make those antibodies very fast and kill the infection before it can make you sick.

Once the virus is killed the antibodies wash out of your body, because the body never keeps anything it no longer needs. It still knows how to make them and there is no reason to think that it forgets how to make Covid-19 antibodies any more than it forgets how to make Polio antibodies or Samllpox antibodies.

But even as they are assuming that they body will not make new antibodies after having had the illness, and that therefor the disappearing antibodies mean a loss of immunity, the body will become immune if given a vaccine. Does that mean that the vaccine will create permanent antibodies? That would be weird - no permanent antibodies have ever existed before. Does it mean that the vaccine will teach your immune system how to make antibodies, while the illness itself failed to do so?

That whole immunity discussion is bizarre. Me? I think I'm immune, but I am too sane to argue that point with my wife. I just say, "Yes, dear" and put on my silly mask.
Adam Smith
Friday - November 27th 2020 11:18PM MST
PS: Thanks. And thank you. Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe ☺ ☮
Friday - November 27th 2020 10:14PM MST
PS: Ha! You covered it all, Adam! That was all the Kung Flu stupidity explained together in one chicken soup / enema example. Nice job.
Adam Smith
Friday - November 27th 2020 9:52PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

Like all goodthinking Americans, we are united in our efforts to defeat the the most sinister of viruses. It is our patriotic duty to wear chicken suits and wash with soap water enemas to save lives!

Unfortunately, our daily case numbers have reached all-time highs. This disease is not going away anytime soon. We must all take action to stop this deadly virus. The simplest and easiest thing we can all do is put on our chicken suits when we are in public. Together we can put an end to this deadly pandemic.

It’s been disheartening to see several public events, most notably Trump rallies, where virtually no one was wearing a chicken suit. There have even been anti-chicken suit and anti-soap water enema protests springing up around the country. While I respect all American's right to peacefully protest, this sort of anti-social behavior is irresponsible and unamerican. The constitution does not mention chicken suits or soap water enemas. Therefore, the constitution does not give anyone the right to disobey the lawful chicken suit and soap water enema mandates.

We are at war, this time with an invisible enemy, and it’s time we all did our patriotic duty and put on our chicken suits when we venture out into public to not only save lives, but also restore the health and economic viability of our great nation. Until everyone is twice vaccinated and has their COVI-PASS™ we cannot return to our new normal. We must wear our chicken suits and wash with soap water enemas.

If we can put our shirts and shoes on to go into a store, if we can wear our seat belt when we drive, surely, we can all put on a chicken suit to protect the health of our fellow citizens and save lives.

The science is clear. If everyone wears a chicken suit and diligently washes with soap water enemas, the chances of a sick person passing on the deadly virus is just 1.5 percent. If a sick person is not wearing a chicken suit, a healthy person wearing one has a 70 percent chance of getting the disease. And if a sick person wears a chicken suit, a healthy person only has a five percent chance of getting sick if they are not wearing a chicken suit. If we would all wear our chicken suits and wash with soap water enemas, we can defeat COVID-19, and build back better.

We are all in this together.

Be a patriot! Wear a chicken suit in public!

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