Re-bunking the Sailer Strategy after Nov. 3rd '20 - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - November 5th 2020 1:57PM MST
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(If "debunking" is disproving, then "rebunking" is un-disproving it.)

Really, there are so many articles and posts on the web written by alt-right or just conservative writers on the "Sailer Strategy" that one can even find it on google (sure, somebody fucked up. Heads will roll!) I won't point out specifics, as Mr. Sailer writes so many posts on that I'd spend hours finding the specific posts. One could try to search using VDare's search box for Mr. Sailer's or other's writings on this idea, but VDare's search function doesn't seem to be so hot.

Let me just say concisely that Mr. Sailer's idea* is that the Republican Party should have been, and should be, doing what they can to get white votes. Even with white people being a lower proportion of the US population than in 1960, or 1980, or 2000... we still can be a large bloc. This bloc could still overwhelm all the other tribal interests that blacks, Hispanics, and other race/ethnic groups that DO voter for their own needs about that of "the many" very easily.

White people are still a majority of the population here, though no doubt the proportion is dwindling rapidly. Not only that, but White People, being mostly the type to care about the overall good, by far more than other groups, are civic minded and do (in general, besides Øb☭ma elections) vote in big proportion to their numbers. Lastly, because we are an older population (there's that dwindling) we are even more prone to vote. After all, who's got the time to vote more than the seniors? Who's got the time to keep up the most on CNN, ugghhh, let's not go there.

In this election, those supporting President Trump in his still-ongoing re-election bid have been very pleased with the results of the Hispanic vote. I myself am pleased, as if Texas had fallen, it'd have been over by the evening of November 3rd. Yes, there were largely Hispanic counties in southwest Texas and other places (S. Florida) who voted for Trump in big numbers. Sure, that's encouraging.

Is that the deal then, that the Hispanics are "natural conservatives" they've got those "family values", and all that jazz? No, I don't think that is the deal. Peak Stupidity noted long ago in Mormons, Commies, Shitholes, and Crown Jewels, Latin Americans are natural Socialists, Commies, and 2% elite Conquistador-Americans**. That's just whom they be.

It doesn't meant that they don't like a brash, macho braggadocio-ist(?) guy like Trump who fights, though, over a senile old sleep Joe and some half-mix .Indian-Jamaican slut. That's about personalities and appearances. I guess the Latin Americans also don't really have any sore spot (if they, and I include all races/types here) even remember the 5 years-ago Trump talk of "rapists, murderers, etc." coming from the south. I also think plenty of settled Hispanics have no problem shutting the borders on the rest of them, I mean once their own Mamasitas and Grandmamasitas make it over here.

To think that Hispanics are for Constitutional rights, the rule of law, due process, and all that jazz, in large enough numbers, is just silly. Voting GOP ≠ voting conservative. It's great that we got a lot of help from Hispanics. That makes me happy but it doesn't make pandering to them a winning strategy.

Mr. Sailer's strategy only works until the immigration tidal wave we are undergoing has wiped out lots the white vote, at time that will come, the way things are going. I am not implying that those who disagree with the Sailer Strategy and push the R-politicians to pander to Hispanic votes are for open borders either. They just want to survive this with the GOP intact. Personally I don't know care if it does. What's more important is that the White People of America get some power back.

The next thing coming is the numbers. A commenter under a recent thread about the election asked for the numbers, so it is convenient that I replied with an example of the numbers that make the case for the Sailer Strategy. That'll be in Part 2, coming very shortly.

* I don't maintain that this is some unique idea of Steve Sailer's. However, he laid out details with lots of numbers, as he likes to do, and, just as importantly, he's not afraid to write this idea out in the first place.

** That's another great Steve Sailerism for you! Great stuff!

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