Posted On: Monday - November 2nd 2020 7:23PM MST
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(... if you haven't already.)


Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 4th 2020 11:21AM MST
PS: I like your idea Robert, about negative vote tallies...

Perhaps we can work out the details in a way where there are positive and negative votes but a clear majority, say about 70%, of the vote is required to win. If they can't get 70% of the vote they have no mandate and thus no legitimacy.

Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 2:24PM MST
PS: If I had my druthers (which I rarely get) I would have a voting system where we could vote against someone. While there are many details to work out, I suspect that in many recent elections, the person with -5% would beat the person with -10%.
Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 1:36PM MST
PS: Re: Without the act, how will the "government" ever pretend it has the consent of the governed? Oh, the humanity.

Mr. Smith, This is why I have only voted once since 1980.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 8:20AM MST
PS: Good morning...

Mr. Ganderson, the local homeless guy is probably a better choice, and no doubt a better person, than most the critters running for office. He could probably use a nice sinecure. I hope he wins.

Robert, Kanye West would be an interesting choice for president, and I'm sure America would just love to have his family living in the White House. He'd certainly make a better potus than than creepy old joe and the harlot from Chennai. I agree with you about the sewer-sucking machine guy. Drain the swamp!

NPR is right. It is the act of voting itself, that is important. (And it is an act, as none of us are electors.) Without the act, how will the "government" ever pretend it has the consent of the governed? Oh, the humanity.

When one of us doesn't vote, does that mean we all loose?

Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 7:30AM MST
PS Mr. Robert- I'd second your vote for the sewer guy.
Boston radio host Howie Carr is fond of denigrating the eminently denigratable Senator Ed Markey as the "Ice Cream Man", as that was one of Easy Eddie's jobs as a youth.

I'd argue that the Edster contributed more to the common good as an ice cream truck driver than he ever did in his 75 years in the House and Senate.
Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 7:23AM MST
PS Election Day errata...

Robert- if your next sentence was going to be "we are all in this together... hoo boy!

Light turnout this morning at 8:30 in my moonbat town- Slow Joe and Cam will win in my burg 80-20, probably 70-30 in the one party state.

Wrote in the local homeless guy for state rep!
Democracy Rules!!!

Governor Charlie "Tall Deval" Baker, aka "Charlie Parker" has tightened restrictions again- his position is that all subjects. err... citizens must wear a mask at all times when they are outdoors. Bleep him.
Tuesday - November 3rd 2020 6:09AM MST
PS: A couple people I know, who would never have voted for the Trump (and probably not for baby-killer Biden) have, at my suggestion, voted for Kanye West (he seems like such a nice guy). While I don't think he will win, I feel I have done my part.

P.S. While I do not generally vote, if I had a choice, I would elect the guy who operated the sewer-sucking machine yesterday outside the house. I did not get a chance to exchange a word with him, but anyone who would do such a job would be better than the current choices.

Drain the damn swamp, dude.

P.P.S. Mr. Anderson, Whatever gave you that impression?

According to an NPR piece yesterday (and they say they are always fair and objective) on felons voting in Florida, it is the act of voting itself, that is important. Power to the People! Who you vote for, and who wins, does not matter. By voting, you express your humanity. When you vote, we all win.
Monday - November 2nd 2020 9:20PM MST
PS I can’t help but believe that most of the people urging me to get out and vote would prefer I don’t.
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