Hunter Biden and Chinese Blackmail

Posted On: Thursday - October 29th 2020 9:05PM MST
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Hunter Biden's first strike against him was that last name first name. I had no idea parents have been doing that for so long, as he, least by the picture up top, Hunter is no spring chicken. As Peak Stupidity wrote early on in a post titled I should have named him after a man of the cloth, we are just not fond of this naming style.

Plus, he's a drug snorting wheeler-dealer whose been taking advantage of his Dad's influence on American foreign policy for a living.


Really, I don't care who the Presidents' redneck brothers or estranged half-brothers in Africa are and what they do. Of all the past black sheep kinfolk of Presidents we've heard about, besides that Øb☭ma in Africa, a continent that is in no shape to influence anything, they've just been low-class Americans. This Hunter Biden, however, is a jet-setting international wheeler-dealear. That matters if his father becomes President.

The stuff Hunter Biden is into will matter because his consorting with foreign businessmen and government officials would make Joe Biden a target for blackmail and threats.

What I've heard from the Chinese channels of information is about the Biden son and Chinese underage girls. Mind you, I don't claim anything specific, as the videos I saw were not clear enough to conclude anything from, and I don't know how real they even were. This guy is just prone to trouble, and foreign powers could use that against a (perish the thought) President Biden. Joe Biden lost a 1 y/o daughter in a car wreck long ago, and his other son, Beau, to cancer in '15. He may do anything to keep his son from getting in trouble via embarrassment (blackmail) or from getting thrown into jail in China or somewhere (threats).

Peak Stupidity mentioned this before sometime early on in President Trump's term (we weren't blogging yet before the '16 election), but this is what is good about having a rich, flamboyant playboy like Donald Trump: We already knew that he's no saint. Yeah, he picks up trophy wives for a while at a time and that sort of thing. If the press showed us an important scoop about "OMG! Pictures show Trump cheated on his 2nd wife! " the biggest reaction out of anybody would be "so?" His playboy lifestyle, without a sociopathic personality that would entail really sick stuff hidden away, makes him mostly immune to blackmail. His wealth, and that he's not the typical politician, makes him immune to bribery. He is not immune to threats though. We have speculated on this before, in, for example, The Deep State vs. Donald Trump - remember Candidate Ross Perot?.

In the latest Fred Reed column A Vaporware Executive: An Attitude, Not a President (mostly a rant full of exaggerations and contradictions), one of his questions is, to paraphrase, "why would the Evangelicals vote for this known philanderer?" Mr. Reed really does know better. Americans are far beyond being able to judge a candidate by his proper conduct. The Gary Hart episode was long, long ago. Americans are just glad to see someone running who gives just the smallest damn about them. The Evangelicals support Trump because the fact that the country may continue for longer as the kind of place where they can even worship at all overrides the personal conduct of the one man. (Duh? Dig it, Fred?)

The stories about Hunter Biden are about more than just his personal conduct. I wouldn't care if it were all in America. This guy could end up putting a President Biden in the pocket of the Communist Party of China. That's just something to think about, when, or if you ever, get to hear the stories that Twitter has been blocking for weeks.

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