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Posted On: Wednesday - October 28th 2020 6:27PM MST
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As Peak Stupidity stated yesterday, we are more gung-ho about Trump than we have been in a long while. I figure that Peak Stupidity readers are aware enough politically to where you all will not really need any admonition or reminder, but what the heck. I'll write something every night for anyone new, through election eve.

My wife and I voted early, around noon today. The map below gives an idea of what the situation is in terms of voting fraud opportunity, State by State. However, I couldn't find a good current one - this one is 2 years old, and I know there have been very recent changes, such as in Pennsylvania. Those Soros-elected Secretaries-of-State gotta earn their money, you know...

Note: This is from '18, not current.

In our State, the early voting requires no such explanation, as hinted at in the map. It's be a farce anyway, as once you get to big numbers (same as with absentee balloting), nobody is checking anything. The electronic "machines" we first used were just there to help one make up the ballot. They put the info. onto a card, which one could check. I don't think they wanted me in the place coaching my wife right at the booth, but she done good.*

Now, when one feeds the cards into a scanner machine, with a big bin to keep those cards, well, that's when one wonders. It does seem just as secure as the old way, so what can I say?

Other States, plus the mail-in voting in ours and others, are much more ripe for cheating. One of our favorite pundits, Mrs. Michell Malkin, had a couple of columns about what's already been seen. I can find only the one now - Who's Funding Shady Ballot Harvesting Schemes? What Is the "Center for Tech and Civic Life?"

Mr. Steve Sailer discussed the cheating by the Chicago machine, Mayor Daley presiding, way back in the 1960 Presidential election to put Illinois's many electoral votes in the Kennedy column. See . (Nixon would still have lost, BTW, as he lost Texas, due to the Socialist bastard with him on the ticket being from Texas.) As usual with Steve Sailer posts, there is some interesting discussion there, in this case about methods of cheating. The beauty, if you want to call it that, of the Daley cheating way back 70 years ago, was that they knew they could come up with the extra votes for Kennedy in Illinois somehow in Chicago, but they needed to know how many exactly. The news of the time reported over "the wire" that votes were in from all precincts but the ones Daley and his fraudsters worked with, and they gave the number Nixon was ahead by. That's all Daley needed.

Now, with the mail-in ballots "trickling in", it's worse. Votes will be even easier to come by, after the fact. If President Trump doesn't have a nice wide margin in the critical States, it's all over, four-leaf-clover.

* Except for her bugging me about the wearing of a face mask. They may or may not have had a sign up, but one guy didn't have one on, right inside. It'd have been he and I, but ... the wife ... didn't want her going in there pissed off at me... things could go wrong with the election process.

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 1st 2020 10:03AM MST
PS: "Looking at you New Zealand."

I meant to say Victoria.

New Zealand has been pretty strict about their lockdowns and the "managed isolation hotels" are decidedly unlibertarian, but it seems Victoria is on a whole different level.

It's shocking and discomforting how quickly the "government" of Victoria, and many Victorians themselves, embraced tyranny.

Adam Smith
Saturday - October 31st 2020 10:56AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Ganderson...

I hope this letter finds you well,

I'm sorry to hear that New England is doubling down on panicfest. It seems the true believers and the panickers want to amplify the insanity, forever. I can only imagine how depressing and troubling it must be for a sane gentleman like yourself to witness this in your daily interactions. I am watching from afar, well isolated from the nonsense, and I too find it deeply troubling.


For example, one effect of panicfest that I find horribly troubling (as per the above link*) is that adults aged 25-44 saw the largest increase in “excess” deaths from previous years, a 26.5% jump. It has been suggested that the shocking increase in deaths among this cohort is attributable primarily to deaths of despair or deaths linked to the so called “lockdown” measures. According to the CDC, 100,947 excess deaths were not linked to the most sinister of viruses.

I believe, as does Mr. Hail, that Covid, peace be upon It, is a state sponsored religious cult. I do not believe this is an organic occurrence. I believe we are witnessing a global mass hypnosis, traumatic mind control event. This is why, as you say, "They are impervious to evidence...", and they will remain so. Their amygdalas have been hijacked, their rational minds have been bypassed and their behavior is being controlled by the manipulation of their subconscious minds. They are receptive to continued suggestions by the constant messaging, and other cues. I'm sure you've heard the radio, watched the TV, read the news, seen the signs, heard the background noise played in the stores...

"Social Distancing", "Virtual Learning", "Testing", "Stay Home, Stay Safe", "Cases!", "New Normal", "Pandemic", "Reopening", "Protect your family from the coronavirus with a flu vaccine", "Lockdown", "Believe the science", “SaveLives!”, “We must defeat this virus before we can fix the economy”, “Listen to the guidance”, “Stop the Spread”... These are not the best examples of the way the hypnosis words are used, but I'm sure you get the idea. The messaging and cues are ubiquitous.

Everything is laced with these buzz words and clichés promoting panic. The face diapering is a powerful symbol to the believers and those who have been entranced that they should remain in fear. Most dangerously, they believe anyone who is not in the cult is a threat who must be dealt with as such. It's instructive that they refer to us "corona deniers" in such denigrating terms.

I am unfortunately not surprised by these troubling developments. As a ponerologist I often view events and human behavior through what I call the Milgram/Asch lens. The vast majority of people will do exactly as they are told (including horribly evil acts) when told to do so by people perceived to be in positions of “authority” (Stanley Milgram) and most people do not have the courage to believe their own eyes if it means deviating from the collective opinion of strangers or peers (Solomon Asch). I also believe that primary psychopathy is not limited to a mere 1% of the population. In my opinion about 6% or 7% of the population have what I call primary psychopathy while another ~10% have what I call secondary psychopathy.** With this in mind it seems ominously easy to engineer such a mass hypnosis event provided you have control of some powerful institutions and an apparatus by which to disseminate your official propaganda. At the same time, all dissent must be ridiculed, censored, or beaten out of the wrongthinkers (when necessary). (Looking at you New Zealand.)

I agree with you when you say “I think what's happening is that there are largely two camps”...

In the Milgram and Asch experiments there are a small portion of the people who do not follow orders and those who will believe their own lying eyes. There are some people who are less susceptible to hypnosis. Most people are what I would call “authoritarian followers” while some smaller number of us are libertarians. I think these are primarily the two different camps.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix the sizable problem at hand. Like other recovering members of any dangerous cult, these people will have to be unhypnotized and deprogrammed. When the dominant part of a society is in the cult... well... interesting times are upon us...

Fortunately, we are not alone. There are pockets of resistance springing up. Many people are growing weary of the restrictions and the obedience training. This insanity cannot continue forever. Please try not to worry and please do not let these troubling developments scare you. Worry and fear are usually not helpful, and can often impair our judgment.

Perhaps there are ways we can reach some of our hypnotized brethren? It will likely have to happen just one person at a time as we do not have control of the all powerful electronic hypnotist.

Though I wish we did.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Ganderson.
And I hope you feel better soon.

*I've no idea how accurate these numbers truly are, as there are so many fraudulent numbers flying around these days. I didn't have time to fact check this. Sorry if it is not entirely accurate.

** Primary psychopaths are the real nasty evil manipulators that truly have no conscience. The secondary psychopaths are those other folks who do have a conscience, but are more concerned with climbing the hierarchy. They will do horribly evil things when told to or if it will advance their career or sometimes just for kicks. They will rationalize away their evil behaviors. Together they make up about 16% of the population. Many of them end up in prison, or do not have the power to harm people on a large scale, but many high functioning psychopaths and sociopaths become powerful people with the power and capacity to inflict immense destruction. They are over represented in positions of power.

Adam Smith
Saturday - October 31st 2020 10:53AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...





While many things are normal(ish) here in my sleepy little mountain town, Halloween has been canceled this year...

Friday - October 30th 2020 7:56AM MST
PS Honored to serve sir- post away!
Friday - October 30th 2020 7:49AM MST
PS: For commenter Adam Smith, if you are reading, I am sorry I did not recall your many helpful suggestions and links regarding the medieval "beak" masks that you gave me here in the comments months ago. It was an unz commenter who replied to me with a picture that made me think I should have ordered one a month back for Halloween. I won't be able to participate anyway, but, damn, I kind of missed out wearing one of those and a black gown with "COVID - HAZMAT" or something written on it - maybe one of those hazardous materials diamonds. -- Infectious Diseases - now which category number is that? I'm supposed to know this shit...

Maybe I'll do it anyway, after Halloween - might be even scarier, hence more fun.
Friday - October 30th 2020 7:44AM MST
PS: I agree about what happened in '16, regarding the cheating, Mr. Blanc. The Hildabeast did not take her cheating seriously enough. She also didn't listen to campaign advice from her "husband" either, from what I've read.

Yes, I would put no money on Trump winning, but I will not lose hope till, well Nov. 4th I guess. If he loses, there will be no good recounts. It NEVER works that way for the R's, only the other way around.
Friday - October 30th 2020 7:41AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, could I put this comment up as a stand-alone post? I really don't want to do the Audacious Epigone thing of "Comment o' the Week" and all, but an occasional well-reasoned long one like this would be nice.

I brought this up because it didn't appear on Mr. Hail's site due to Wordpress' being a little beyotch (as the kids, OK young adults by now, say). I think he should be able to rescue this one though, and it sure looks like you remembered to copy it first. (I sure hope so, that you didn't have to start over, anyway!) I cannot see any bad words on there, which has been my problem in the past.

Once some sort of mask requirement starts, that's when the real trouble starts from me at least. I hate 'em.
Friday - October 30th 2020 7:35AM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Ganderson, the short term panic-fest insanity is one thing, but if this goes on for a year?! Even somewhat reasonable people, such as in my family, who have cooled down, or just got plain tired, of the wiping of things, the worry about kids playing with other kids, and all that, are still telling me "well, we've still got to do a lot of this [LOCKDOWNS, kids wearing masks at school, etc.] until the vaccine."

Goodness gracious, as you say, what about the next flu? Is it somehow all cool if you use the word "flu" rather than "CORONAVIRUS!!!" What if the flu actual death rate is higher. Can we still treat is as if this were 2019, not '20 or '21?
Thursday - October 29th 2020 12:43PM MST
PS The Dems can always come up with extra votes (as many as required) in the big cities that they control. The only reason that Mx Clinton is not standing for her second term is that the Dems were so cocksure that she was going to win that they eased up on the vote stealing in Philadelphia, Detroit, Flint, and Milwaukee. That’s why, delighted as I was by Trump’s victory in 2016, I’d have put a couple of mortgage payments on his not being re-elected.
Thursday - October 29th 2020 11:00AM MST
PS. I posted this over at Hail- although I can't see it- when I attempted to post it again it said I'd already posted. Anyway folks, I'm really getting worried about the panic:

Looking at my paper this morning, it looks very much like we are heading back where we were around Eastertime- the panickers are back in control- maybe they never left, but they are intensifying their efforts to lock us all down- governments all over western Europe are locking down again, the Governor of Kansas is trying to institute a state wide, no county opt out mask requirement, people in Minnesota are talking about how 'bad' things are in South Dakota and Wisconsin DEATHS OFF THE CHARTS!!! CASES SURGING!!!

Hail, I buy your Corona as a religion, but this seem insane in a way I can't comprehend- it's like double the insanity of April and May. Maybe it's about the election, but the lockdowns in Europe certainly aren't about the election in the US.

I'm taking a course online right now. (it's training to teach online, not related to Coronadoom, but though a company that's been doing online stuff for awhile)
From what I can tell a huge % of the 30 or so of us that are taking the course are panickers- I think they really believe this is the Black Death, and I have no clue how convince them otherwise. They are impervious to evidence- look at the Tweets underneath the KS governor's announcement of her attempt to mask Dorothy, Toto, Auntie Em and all the other Kansans. Some are sensible, but most are panickers.

I think what's happening is that there are largely two camps- The Black Death maskers close everything down people , and those of us like the folks that post here. We see the panickers as dangerously deluded; not stupid, because most of our cognitive elites are panickers. They see us as deniers. I don't know how else to put it, but I don't know ANYONE who doesn't think there's a rather new (how new is open to question) virus in town, which presents some public health problems to be solved. We're not deniers. But what I see from the other side is the notion that the only reason to stop these draconian measures would be no positive tests for Corona, which is INSANE. Are we going to do this for every other bug in the world?

And just to repeat myself, what do your eyes tell you? Forget about Hail's and Briggs's and Heller's fine graphs and charts, what do you see in your daily forays into the world? Are we in the first 100 pages of "the Stand?" Are there bodies stacked up? People dropping dead on the street? How many people does anyone know that's really gotten sick? Or dead? Any increase in hospital admissions, for any reason, is now cause for more draconian measures. I had thought that when the President got sick and recovered we'd be done, but it seems like the White House illnesses led almost directly to the current doubling down.

Sorry for the rambling, but I'm starting to get scared- detention camps in New Zealand, arrests in Australia- the sick level of mask compliance and panicking here in New England. The word of the day is INSANE!
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