Trump signs, ctrl-left haters, and run-over Frisbees

Posted On: Tuesday - October 27th 2020 7:05PM MST
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OK, excuse me, flying disks! OK, it's a trademark. Don't sue us, we own NOTHING. (I used to see that under every other youtube music video, haha.)


I'm gonna put some sort of Trump boosting post every night through election eve.* I've gotten pretty gung-ho lately. That is not just due to my serious worry about how quickly things will get nasty if the ctrl-left opposition wins, but also due to some encouraging news on Trump's accomplishments as of late.

I mean specifically on immigration here. Maybe you don't think of that as THE most important issue there is, but it alone is why I voted for the man in '16 (over some 3rd party). The encouraging news regarding immigration control was detailed in our the Good post in that "The Bad, the Good, and the Ugly" series ~ 2 weeks back. The news really came from writer "Washington Watcher II" of VDare, so I want to give him credit here again.

Well, we are firing both barrels now, for this last week, with BOTH of our Trump signs out in different places on the yard. I know, it's not much. I've got quite a bit of encouragement from passers-by, which I'll relate in the next post, I guess.

Last week, my boy and I were throwing 2 frisbees around, and my forehand was never my forte, so the lighter one went out into the street about 3 ft our side of the centerline. To teach the kid by example I did not run out to grab it, as I could have, before this little crossover SUV deally came. I could have made it, as the traffic was not fast. but that's not the way to teach a kid, so I let it be. The driver (couldn't see who, with that curved glass and the glare) deliberately swerved and nailed the thing. It's not just me, as when I gave a sign for the UPS guy to stop for a second, so I could pick it up and saw the big crack (no way it could survive that, but I'd been hopeful for a second), he told me out the open door "hey, that guy did that on purpose. What an asshole!" Exactly. I had already used that word.

My boy was out there, in sight, so why would you do a thing like that? Sure, young men just are like this some times, but what young man drives that little Korean or Japanese cross-over? Or, if he does, he's not going to want to attract attention. No, I don't think it was that. I really think it was someone who either saw the Trump sign just then, or has seen it before, passing back and forth each day.

Yet, these ctrl-left assholes keep disparaging us on the right as "haters". We are full of hate, and they have yard signs, even, telling us that they are not. Well, this running over of a kid's frisbee on purpose does not bolster your claims on the signs, ASSHOLES!

* This blog started up just 3 weeks after the 2016 Trump victory, so we didn't have any posts of endorsement. I guess the stupidity would have been so overwhelming had the Hildabeast won, that I wouldn't have known where to begin.

Wednesday - October 28th 2020 1:36PM MST
PS: Thank you for your thoughts, Adam, on this grievous occasion. How the heck did you put superscript TM in there? (I've been trying to put that in comments, but the html tags don't do it.) Is it an ALT-# of some sort?

I guess one can always copy and paste. Let me try it. Test below:

Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 28th 2020 10:05AM MST
PS: Sorry to hear about your Frisbee™...

Wednesday - October 28th 2020 5:58AM MST
PS: You are right, Mr. Utopian. Things will get "nastier" more quickly is how I should have written it.

I appreciate the tips. To be a proper prepper, I really need more space. I will be extremely motivated to do more if I found out Trump has lost a week from now, well, or if they drag it out to obtain more votes, maybe later than that.
Reactionary Utopian
Wednesday - October 28th 2020 5:10AM MST
PS " That is not just due to my serious worry about how quickly things will get nasty if the ctrl-left opposition wins ..."

Not to quibble, but you write as if things aren't already nasty. Of course, that's not to say they can't get way nastier. And that's what I expect to happen, regardless of which clown gets handed the keys to the clown car.

ABC (Always Be Carrying). Don't neglect your reloading chores. And, for heaven's sake, keep in mind that You're On Your Own. Always have been, really, but it certainly has gotten more obvious lately.
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