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Posted On: Friday - October 23rd 2020 8:22PM MST
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After about a 2 1/2 month hiatus, Mr. E.H. Hail is back up and at 'em with his "Hail to You" blog. "'em" is the Kung Flu LOCKDOWN panickers. There are 3 more "Corona Panic" posts up on the site: Part XVI discusses the newest studies on the millions of people now having the antibodies for the Covid-19 virus, sick or not, discusses the herd immunity threshold, and, lastly, estimates the ratio of deaths actually FROM the disease vs. total deaths chalked up to it. Per Mr. Hail on the latter: "between 50% and 85% of the media’s corona-deaths were 'deaths with the virus present, but from some other cause.”"

In Part XVII Mr. Hail presents a 45 minute video of one Mr. Tom Woods called "Fact-Free COVID Dystopia". I still have not watched it but am looking forward to it, perhaps tomorrow morning. I'll embed it here as soon as I do.

Part XVIII of "Against the Corona Panic" has lots of data from the country of Belarus. Mr. Hail's post covers the 40 year span of total death rates in that country (COVID-related ones being hard to find due to the country hiding data, I suppose in order not to be shunned even further by the "international community" for not giving enough of a shit about this virus), which ends up making it a "bad flu wave" years, with an estimated 0.04% deaths due to it. Then, Mr. Hail compares Belarus to Sweden. Lastly, and very importantly, he notes that the big increase in the death rate of the country due to great economic/social disruption after the break-up of the USSR is near 100 X worse than the bad flu wave of Corona.

LOCKDOWNS are pretty much economic and social disruptions. Will we see the same bad effect, 2 orders-of-magnitude greater than the disease itself?

Mr. Hail has got lots of numbers and explains his methodology thoroughly. Please go check out his 3 new posts if you haven't already.

Adam Smith
Friday - October 30th 2020 9:13PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

How about this one?


Tuesday - October 27th 2020 4:15PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, even I can see that one is faked ... or is it? (It's not like I'd put it past Kamel-toe, but it looks photoshoppy is all.)

Mr. Sailer truly got himself worked up, I imagine partly due to the fact that he got cancer at a young age (recovered, obviously) and realizes his mortality more than most people. Mr. Sailer, in both a few posts and some of his comments lately hs definitely seen the other side of this - he especially sees the political motivations, as that's his thing. Maybe he will never just write "I was way the hell off back in March through June", as that's just a pride thing for anybody, I guess.

Mr. Unz is a whole nother story. He will double-down on his theories no matter how stupid they are shown to be. (I don't think many of his revisions to history are that stupid, but when they are, he will go all the way down the rabbit hole.) I think his Ft. Dietrich/US planted COVID-19 in Wuhan is one that he is sticking with no matter that he is Mr. China-lover and says they did everything right to defeat it. A commenter under one of the recent posts (J. Derbyshire, I think) had a bar graph showing China's ongoing GDP rise and all the Western nations' going way down due to the COVID or PanicFest, depending on one's view. Well, Mr. Unz, are you still sticking to your "US planted the COVID in China" story? DOES IT MAKE SENSE? AT ALL?

OK, I've got to get this into a post soon anyway, Adam. Thanks for the reminder.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 27th 2020 7:13AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Smart people can still be fooled, some more than others.

I was a bit surprised that Misters Unz and Sailer were such faithful believers of the official narrative at the onset of panicfest. It seems media skepticism is kinda their thing.

Perhaps Mr. Unz and Mr. Sailer bought into the panic because they were entranced by the electronic hypnotist in the living room?

Perhaps Mr. Sailer was just playing to his crowd?


Sunday - October 25th 2020 12:25PM MST
PS: Oh, I meant to write that I'm not going by old commenting re: Ron Unz. I occasionally see what he's been writing in the comments, and he's still totally down with "millions are gonna die!"
Sunday - October 25th 2020 12:23PM MST
PS: On behalf of myself at least, you are quite welcome, Adam. I can be a numbers guy regarding some areas, but when my common sense just tells me "this is stupid", it is usually right. I do appreciate Mr. Hail's tables and graphs though, and the work required to obtain and verify good information.

Another thing, regarding your global mass hypnosis thing. I hate to piss of a guy who really is a great stalwart for free speech, but I'm gonna have to post about Ron Unz again, mainly as an example not as a really personal thing.

How can a guy that smart, who delves into so many details in history, sifting out truth from lies, not see the massive lying that is going on around him. Oh, I know, AMERICA! DID! IT! - - FORT! DIETRICT! Whatever, Ron, I know, America bad. But really, he's a hell of a smart guy, but how can he miss this Lyin' Press PanicFest that is going on right now, in his adult lifetime?!

OK, rant off, post coming.
Adam Smith
Sunday - October 25th 2020 11:57AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I'd like to thank you and Mr. Hail for your work documenting the stupidity and Mr. Hail's tireless work on the numbers behind one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated and perpetuated.

Mr. Hail has noticed that the pro-panickers and other true believers act very much like a religious cult. I concur. It is indeed a strange phenomenon.

I believe that we are witnessing a global mass hypnosis event. Trauma based mind control.

Unfortunately, it has proven very effective.
I fear rationality will not break the trance.

I look forward to watching the Tom Woods video.

Thank you both.

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