The modern FBI and 3rd-World behavior - Part 3

Posted On: Friday - October 23rd 2020 4:27PM MST
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(This is a continuation from Part 1 and Part 2.)

(I'm told that's James Comey, but I honestly have not followed this stupidity closely enough to even know that.)

It was 2 summers ago now when Peak Stupidity posted Nothing but Distractions about my experience of shock when watching a bit of TV. The reader may want to go to that short post, but keep in mind when I write quickly about it here, that was over 2 years ago!

On a trip far from home, we visited a friend of mine's brother's house in a nice location. This is not at all about the guy watching Fox News, as he was no slouch/couch potato, but a hard-working guy that even in retirement was busy - he showed us the guns, the shop, all of that. Even a prepper type like that, well aware of what's going on, can get sucked into the TV infotainment to some degree. We were in this sun room as he and my friend were watching Fox News about this Russia collusion business. I stayed to be sociable. I was shocked, as I wrote in that > 2 years-ago post that the "Russia! Collusion!" bit was still going on even then!

The talking heads went on about this FBI guy and this other important lawyer and subpoenas and hearings, while my friends pointed out the Trump side of the story. WTF! My perspective (and perhaps theirs too, but then they were still sucked into the story) tells me that this is NO story at all! It told me then, and it tells me now.

I mean, we've got the US military, on a big chunk of the national budget working most of the time for Israel, we've got Mexican politicians telling dozens of millions of Mexican illegal "residents" who and what they should support in America, you had Chinese business and their Commie government buying Most-Favored-Nation status trade deals for a few million and maybe some Chinese favors from the Poon Tang dynasty 25 years ago... should I go on .... and you're telling me that I should be concerned about the President of the NON-Communist country of Russia paying money to support a candidate who might not be so belligerent to his country? For anyone with any memory of political events over the last few decades, common sense tells him the RussianCollusion story was a waste of time even if it were all true. I believe my lying common sense over the Lyin' Press, especially after I turn them off for a couple of decades.

Where were we, regarding the FBI, though? OK, got it. The FBI's investigations, evidence, hearings, etc., are part of this big story I've not been keeping up with. I have read enough to know that the FBI is no longer a serious crime-fighting agency full of sharp and sharply-dressed men with shades and wrist radios who are here to help those in need. It is obviously now a political organization, and not only that (hey, that's where we left off, found it!), it doesn't even necessarily work for its Constitutionally assigned boss, which is the boss of boss of the Department of Justice, President Donald J. Trump.

This is where it get's 3rd-worldly. Does it not sound like what you could have read out of Colombia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Indonesia, or any country in Africa over the years? There's this "strongman". He wants this, but then this other agency of the government is working against him because they answer to so-and-so because of the money or influence of this other so-and-so, and so on ....

What do expect out of an organization that has gone along with the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity BS, hiring women, who in general will simply NOT stand for what is right over their own "needs", and especially their careers and certain other groups, men or women, who in general won't either? 95% white men whose ancestors drew up the Magna Carta or the US Constitution? Yeah, you can get quite a lot of principled stands and doing of what is right. The modern, diverse FBI? Not..agonnna... happen.

The FBI is a tool of whoever has the power now, with agents who are tools themselves.

Saturday - October 24th 2020 9:01AM MST
PS: Yep, Bill. It's a toolbox full of tools.
Bill H
Saturday - October 24th 2020 8:12AM MST
PS Not only is the FBI a tool of the power structure, it cannot even do that with any degree of competence.
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