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Posted On: Wednesday - October 7th 2020 6:23PM MST
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Sure, that helps right? If you have gone to Peak Stupidity from last night onwards, you may have seen pages that you had to get through to get to this page. Obviously, you weren't too alarmed, or I might have, at least temporarily, lost you as a reader.*

The problem is that our SSL Certificate has expired. The "Secure Sockets Layer" is an encryption method that stops hackers from intercepting data between the client and the servers. Please read the comments under our post about recycling from yesterday to get a good idea of how little I know and the great help I've been getting.

I really got somewhere with reading and viewing commenter Adam Smith's links. However, now I ran into a really stupid problem regarding email from the zerossl site designed to verify the site not showing up. That's definitely NOT this zerossl site's fault, as I can't get emails I sent to myself from various accounts either in my hosting company's email server space. I hadn't found this problem before, because I didn't ever use the email. I'll contact them when I get myself psyched up to get through a computer phone tree.

Here's the gist of what you should know, if you are no real computer type, as with me: There is nothing bought and sold on this site, no CC's used, no nothing but comments that anybody can read. There is nothing for anyone to worry about, and that's a Peak Stupidity promise.

Do I need this SSL? Well, I know there was a serious problem without it when I signed up for it. I let it lapse, and I don't want new readers or even non-computer-savvy and/or cautious regular readers to get freaked out and close out the tab - that's perfectly understandable to me.

I need to get this going soon, but I'd rather write another post right now, honestly. I will write a very quick post when this is done, just for the record.

* Once you "create an exception" for this site, you shouldn't see that again from your same device, so you're good.

Adam Smith
Friday - October 9th 2020 11:01AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I think unz comments are rounded to the nearest 100. Under 50 words seems to have no word count while 51 words is counted as 100.

Good job modifying blogworks. Coding can be tricky, even the seemingly simple stuff.

I agree, if it's not broken don't fix it.
New is not necessarily better.

Often new is crap.

Friday - October 9th 2020 5:04AM MST
PS: No, Mr. Smith, I didn't write blogworks but I modified it greatly once I figured it out. It's a very "circular" piece of software, and by that I mean, it reloads itself, and with the different "action" variables it gets to different routines, all within the same piece of code.

That's got some bad things, such as the reloading of pages with some "Header" call that is the problem that causes my not being able to use proper anchor tags (i.e. why the pages don't start at the top or down at the top of comments or wherever I damn well please). That really irks me, because to anyone who's done some simple html, it seems like a stupid and easily fixable but. The truth of it is, if I had a handle on that one, I would be motivated to do more changes.

The other option is to change things around completely, leaving the format close to the same though. No matter how much things are "nicer", I HATE HATE HATE having to learn a new format. At least people should leave things that do work in the same place. Company intranet sites, with lot of useful and even necessary things to do on them, will have an eager IT department changing the format because "NEW!" Then you've got to forget what you did have in your memory and start over. #Annoying!
Friday - October 9th 2020 4:56AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, it seems to stick pretty close to 100 words per post without even trying, on unz that is. Is the definition of a word the old average of 5 letters, but not counting articles, that I recall from somewhere? Maybe it's just s simple actual word count. Mr. Unz does great with his stats.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 8th 2020 11:54PM MST
PS: Look at that...

My typo scored a double...

Adam Smith
Thursday - October 8th 2020 11:47PM MST
PS: Lear...

Learn to code they used to say...

I hope you have a wonderful evening...

Adam Smith
Thursday - October 8th 2020 11:46PM MST
PS: Did you write blogworks.php?

If so kudos... and good job...

It's a bit like work building a database driven website from scratch.

Mysql or otherwise...

I built one such beast in a time which now seems so long ago...

But that was before I burned a hole in my eye from staring at the screen...

Adam Smith
Thursday - October 8th 2020 11:40PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I'm pretty sure that you have the certificate setup properly. Looks like you did a really nice job with the certificate update/upgrade. Everything looks good from here.

Good until January 6...

I've never messed with this ssl certificate stuff, and now that you have, you could teach Robert and I a thing or seven about how this actually works. Seems like ZeroSSL is an improvement upon Let's Encrypt. I think you made a good choice.

The only "warning" that I received from my browser was a notification informing me that my clock was off. It was only after I checked my clock settings that I realized your certificate had expired.

Maybe 8675309 is not really a bug. Perhaps 8675309 could be a useful feature.

I'm just happy to know that you noticed such things in such a timely fashion.

Not that prolific?

Says the gentleman with 14,677 Comments totaling 1,464,400 Words on unz.

Thursday - October 8th 2020 6:17PM MST
PS: Adam, I'm pretty sure I've got the certificate set up, and, just as importantly, the process, as I did get one of these 90-day ones. I will set an alarm on my phone right now, in fact.

I don't want to post about this until I have someone else confirm that there are no more warning pages coming up.
Thursday - October 8th 2020 6:15PM MST
PS: Yes, that'a a known bug, Mr. Smith, the enabling of comments on posts that haven't been written yet. Mr. E.H. Hail, of his "HailToYou" blog, wrote me and showed me examples a few months ago. It's really not too big a deal, I guess, but it needs to go whenever I get around to the software changes.

BTW, don't expect a reply to post #8675309. I'm not that prolific!
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 8th 2020 7:52AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Glad to hear you're having some luck resolving this.

Thursday - October 8th 2020 7:17AM MST
PS: Now, we're getting somewhere, at least. I called up the hosting company, not to order anything, but to figure this eamil thing out. I'm 90% sure the young lady on the phone was in the Philippines. I'm going by her name and the fact that she said "yeah, you can get us quicker at night like this" or something to that effect.

Last time I called, they were Americans. Rather than take it out on anyone (and they were really good at support before too), I just let her find this one little setting that I wouldn't have found in a couple of days, if ever.

Due to my meeting some people now, I'll continue with the process later. The people who bail out due to those fearful messages: Hey, screw you, I bet you are worried about Kung Flu germs on your frisbee too!

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