Gucci pre-grass-stained jeans - now on sale for $1,200 a pair!

Posted On: Thursday - October 1st 2020 6:56PM MST
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... originally $1,400, so I'd jump on it, especially if "it" includes a rich hottie inside.

Oh, so you're stealing my bit now?

Now for something lighter. This comes directly from a link supplied by Peak Stupidity commenter Adam Smith* - ‘Peak stupid’: Gucci’s $1,400 ‘eco-friendly’ grass-stained jeans ridiculed on Twitter . See, in Soviet America, you must read Russian news web site for truth (and funnies).

See, here's where they are on sale for $1,200:

See, now, if I were a tweeter, I could put my 2 cents of ridicule in. About these jeans, how do I know I won't get a Chinese knockoff, with fake grass stains produced on astro-turf? How do I know the stains will really come out when I put them in the wash, like I plan to do for my authentic Gucci ones? (You are supposed to wash them, right?)

Instead, I have to read other people's comments on the Russian Today site, but this one was not half bad!:

* He is not to be confused with the Scottish Economist Adam Smith, except in that they agree completely on economics. Scottish Economist Adam Smith has not been known to comment here.

Friday - October 2nd 2020 3:11PM MST
PS: I don't see how the economic optimists can be correct, Mr. Blanc, but we haven't hit financial realities yet.

How can a lower class American barely working afford a life-style better than a 10/hr day 5 days/week industrious Chinaman x a couple hundred million, and this keep up forever?
Friday - October 2nd 2020 11:12AM MST
PS Mod: This might be it yet, or at least the beginning. Lots of people unemployed. Lots of businesses that will never come back. The pols want to believe that endless borrowing will have no consequences, and a lot of voters are happy enough to go along with it. Perhaps they’re correct. My bet is that they are not.
Friday - October 2nd 2020 11:06AM MST
PS Thanks, AS.
Friday - October 2nd 2020 10:17AM MST
PS: I checked out your link, Adam. I gotta say that this one my be worth at least that much for a Hillary Clinton supporter. I believe that's the sweater she was wearing when she stepped off the helio-chopper in Bosnia under heavy fire.

.... well, or some really wild sex with that Middle Eastern lesbian lover of hers, her handler, I mean, of course.
Friday - October 2nd 2020 10:14AM MST
PS: I agree, Mr. Blanc, and I thought this was going to be it, with the economic devastation from the LOCKDOWNs. I guess when the FED just keeps propping up the stock market (by sending interest rates back to the floor) and prints money to make everyone feel OK financially, we don't get there.

That can't go on forever.
Adam Smith
Friday - October 2nd 2020 8:16AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I found a nice gently used sweater you might like...

Adam Smith
Friday - October 2nd 2020 8:11AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. MBlanc...


How to type the é... It depends on the operating system.

Or you can copy and paste from your favorite search engine.

I hope you and Mme B have a great day.

Friday - October 2nd 2020 7:22AM MST
PS Opps, senior moment. Not Tiffany, Faberge (don’t know how to type an accent acute).
Friday - October 2nd 2020 7:18AM MST
PS I keep telling people that what we need to have any chance of saving the republic is a real rip-snorting, barn-burning depression. 1930s style. I understand that there will always be rich people and rich people will want _tres_ expensive baubles. Tiffany eggs, etc. But $1200 pre-grass-stained overalls simply have to go. By any means necessary.
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