The Lyin' Press of 1988

Posted On: Thursday - October 1st 2020 6:31PM MST
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Unz and occasional Peak Stupidity commenter Mr. Anon posted the clip contained here under a recent John Derbyshire column called "They Might As Well Put Bones Through Their Noses"— the Corruption of Scientific American. (Threads sometimes digress, what can I say?)

I was pretty amazed by the short clip showing a news report critical of 1988 Presidential candidate Joe Biden. They pointed out that he was a liar regarding his performance in college. I won't get into those details because it's all in this one minute clip. Dan Rather was the CBS news anchor at this time, and his face appears, but I really ought to remember who the other newscaster is.

I don't have the date either of the newscast. It was a year earlier, 1987, when Joe Biden had his biggest plagiarism incident, which was not his first. The first was at Syracuse University, the place about which he lied about his scholastic ability, as seen in the video. Plagiarism is lying by omission, so just a milder version of lying I suppose. Business Insider has an article that I wish the general voting public would read to jog it's memories - Flashback: Joe Biden's first presidential run in 1988 cratered amid multiple instances of plagiarism. As Peak Stupidity noted in Courting the "Goldfish" vote, with reference to this very incident, people forget way too easily.

Check out this youtube video about the big plagiarism incident. Mr. Biden took part of his speech directly from a British politician named Neil Kinnock, of the Labor Party there. Yes, "Labour" is spelled differently there, and Mr. Biden was careful to take out all of the very proper English usage for his version.

OK, let me get back to the point of this post. You will notice something really strange about this whole TV news format of 1988. There are actual CBS (that's Mainstream Media before the internet could even check on them) reporters actually calling out lies from a man of the LEFT! That's unheard of today. Today any reports about the man and some lies from his past would be made to cover for the lies.

Would Chris Wallace even think about asking Joe Biden about his plagiarism and lying in one of the 2020 debates? I'd be shocked to hear about that. It's a different world now. Our Lyin' Press has gone full-out Soviet Tass.

It's so refreshing to see something like this old report. I am not saying that there wasn't plenty of slant toward the left from TV news since during Walter Cronkite's time. It just wasn't so blatant back then. Maybe blatant is good, and hidden was bad. People have always had the choice to turn that crap off, but nowadays the internet gives us plenty of options for other sources to boot. The decision is a no-brainer now.

NOTE: The original video is gone from youtube. I will leave the comments above here (for one thing, I can't be rewriting posts based on the whim of youtube). I hope the ABC Nightline one below is helpful:

From youtube comments, 1st one:

Chuck Huber
4 months ago

Are we to believe that 32 more years in Washington has made him MORE honest than he was in 1988?


UPDATED 11/09/20:]
Original CBS video was taken off youtube, at least the version I had. I can't find it now, so try the ABC Nightline version with Ted Koppel that I put up now

Adam Smith
Saturday - October 3rd 2020 7:37AM MST
PS: You're welcome Robert...

I agree with you about the fancy yuppie stuff. While I do enjoy a nice IPA or the occasional craft brew, there's no need to pretend that beer is something complicated or fit for a sommelier.

"The aroma is of toasty malt with some nice floral hop notes. It is quite aromatic for an all-malt lager. The taste is more floral than the aroma with a solid malt undertone. The mouthfeel is right on for a medium-bodied beer."


Why are wine snobs writing descriptions for beer?

Friday - October 2nd 2020 4:26PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, Thank you. I will have to see if I can get some some-time.

Probably not the same beer as the super-cheap stuff I bought. 'This beer pours a clear dark straw color.' Does it have the same color in the can? All this fancy yuppie stuff around beer irritates me. My beer had a colour very similar to another liquid associated with beer.
Friday - October 2nd 2020 3:15PM MST
PS: Thank you for Sam Donaldson, Alarmist. He is just so much younger in this clip, of course. Duh!

I wouldn't mind if a President who had a good conservative cabinet stayed in dementia the whole term. We'd probably be better off. With this Kamel-Toe broad running the show, either from behind the scenes or overtly, traditional Americans are going to hating life.
The Alarmist
Friday - October 2nd 2020 2:15PM MST

Sam Donaldson of ABC is the first face. Can’t remember the second. Mort Kondracke is the third.

Biden’s memory has been failing him for most of 40 years. It takes a special man to rip off Bobby Kennedy and Neil Kinnock speeches, say any of the crap seen in that video, appear now to be in the throes of senile dementia, and still be considered Presidential material by roughly half of Americans.

God help the USA.
Adam Smith
Friday - October 2nd 2020 10:16AM MST
PS: Looks like it's still available in the midwest...

Not sure it's the same, but it looks pretty good.

Friday - October 2nd 2020 7:18AM MST
PS: I've never heard of it, Robert, but if less than a Big Mac, that is some mighty cheap swill. What's the diff, if you're drinking to get drunk? The porcelain goddess will take cheap swill 2 hours later just as it will $8/pint craft beer.

BTW, those pints at those places are often NOT pints, but more like 13-14 oz.
Thursday - October 1st 2020 10:51PM MST
PS: Huber is one of the great names of my earlier life. Forty-some years ago, Huber beers could be bought for about half the price of other six-packs, and were worth every penny. Occasionally, a local liquor store would have a sale, and you could get a six for less than a Big Mac.
Thursday - October 1st 2020 8:38PM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Huber, you are to believe that.
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