Chilean TV Weather Bimbo v Jake Gardner's Sick SJW Cousin

Posted On: Saturday - September 26th 2020 6:10PM MST
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Peak Stupidity would like to give Jake Gardner's cousin* some equal time here. Therefore, in the Peak Stupidity's TV-Infotainment-style manner, we will present the final bracket in a contest of who beats whom as a REAL woman. It's CTVWB v JGSSJWC.

I ask the reader to please take the time to watch the entire clip here, for fairness' sake. We have no legal disclaimer regarding hypertension, hypotension, unwanted Viagra-like effects and so on, as both our Legal and Medical departments have gone down to the cone of South America home for the rest of the weekend.

BTW, there are lots of these ones on youtube. How the smart producers at youtube picked this one out especially for me is a real question, but the way this is going, I'm gonna know more about the climate in South America than Dr. Micheal Mann of Global Climate DisruptionTM modeling fame.

I solicit discussion in the comments section for use as judge, jury, and breast-a-cutioner. Please don't use the word "silicone". Like mention of George Soros on TV, this word is verboten. I do not want to know. I'll believe my own lying organs eyes over some BS about "enhancements". It's a fair match. Which of the two "people" in today's video posts is more of a real woman?

If that country behind Miss Flavia's beautiful ass is what I don't have time to really ascertain for sure right now, then it sure ain't chilly in Chile.

PS: Listen, I don't have a Topic Key called simply "Girls", in case my wife ever gets to perusing this blog heavily. (Maybe the kitten/puppy photo will draw her into deeper subjects.) Therefore, the "Female Stupidity" key shown doesn't really apply, but I won't make any new keys till some mind-numbing going-through of all the posts... someday...

* Sorry, I do not feel at all like looking up anything more about her, such as a name.

Sunday - September 27th 2020 8:21PM MST
PS Can’t say that she does much for me. Just not my type, I guess. Not that I wouldn’t start watching the TV weather if they featured lasses who were my type in that attire. I imagine, however, that Mme B would have something to say about that.
Sunday - September 27th 2020 5:36PM MST
PS: Thanks for the fun comments, guys. I was off the web for longer today - trying to cut back just a tad. Still, more posting tomorrow.
Sunday - September 27th 2020 5:23PM MST
PS Any word about whether the Soros-linked Open Cleavage Foundation was involved in her hiring?
Sunday - September 27th 2020 11:49AM MST
PS I volunteer for a hands on analysis to determine the veracity of any claim that those are silicon.
Sunday - September 27th 2020 2:27AM MST
PS I admire Miss Flavia's professionalism. She has my vote.
Adam Smith
Saturday - September 26th 2020 9:35PM MST
PS: No need for sorrow Mr. Moderator...

Flavia Fucenecco... El Tiempo con Flavia...

She seems nice... I vote Flavia...

Saturday - September 26th 2020 7:28PM MST
PS: Well, Jake Gardner's cousin does have big glasses.

Men seldom make passes at girls with small glasses.
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