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Posted On: Saturday - September 26th 2020 4:37PM MST
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I ask any reader with any hypertensive tendencies to question whether he should watch the video below. In fact, I urge you to call your doctor and ask his opinion beforehand. Yes, it's a Saturday, and yes, it's good weather for golf, but I you should be able to reach your primary care provider immediately via Twitter or Facebook... probably, right? [Required notice per PS Legal Dept. You've been warned, bitchez!]

I don't know how many viral deaths of black people lately due to arrests gone wrong we are into right now in this year's season of outrage. Then there is the outrage regarding black guys (and antifa Commies, to boot) killed in self defense. This story goes back to 3 months ago, near the beginning of the rioting, but there's more to the story now. An Omaha, Nebraska bar owner ended up shooting and killing a guy was attacking him, after first staying outside his bar (1 of 2 he owned in the area). Jake Gardner a white guy, killed James Scurlock, a black guy with one of those occasional pronounceable names, in self defense.

Donald Klein, the Douglas County, NE District Attorney first declined to press charges against Mr. Gardner after seeing the evidence. The evidence these days is so much easier to figure out than in the past (I guess dumbing down even the detective business), as it includes plenty of video, as is the case for this happening. Per the usual way things have been going though, protests ensued, and there was 2nd guessing by higher authorities. It started with Mr. Klein inviting an outside investigation due to pressure on him and either a lack of integrity or some real naivety that said investigation would simply confirm his decision.

Nope, it doesn't go that way anymore, ever, so long as someone, somewhere, gets aggrieved by it. We know who that's gonna be. Someone had to put the hammer down on any white guy being so bold as to protect his life and property. It didn't help Mr. Gardner's case that he a big Trump supporter and critic of BLM... I mean, not with the black special prosecutor" it doesn't, and what the hell is that "special prosecutor" all about in this local case?!

Mr. Gardner had a bunch of felony charge laid on him, including manslaughter, use of a firearm in commission of a felony, terroristic threats (yeah, that's good catch-all) but the extra-legal charge of RACISM 1 is what he might have been most worried about. How was it going to go if he was put in jail and was this "known racist"? I used the past tense just now, because Jake Gardner committed suicide after this development. See Gateway Pundit's account and then White Bar Owner and Trump Supporter Commits Suicide After Black Ex-Federal Prosecutor Indicts Him for Shooting Looter by Eric Striker on for comments about this tragic ending.

I really think the result for me of the same events happening may have ended tragically too, but not in suicide. It would involve full use of Amendment II of the US Constitution, the actual impetus for that item in our Bill of Rights, not duck hunting, and not self-defense even. (It's funny that the NRA has never discussed in any detail that actual reason for Amendment II, even in the 2 decades of my reading of American's First Freedom monthly magazine.)

In the Eric Striker comment thread I found the video below. This is a video of Jake Gardner's cousin (don't know if 1st cousin or what) testifying in court about Jakes's and the Gardner family's racism. Mind you, there is still not exactly any official crime of racism on the books, and yet, this is a court of law. Damn, I'd expect a witness to be saying things like "that's when I first saw the guy in the gray shirt", "I saw he had a gun in his waistband", "I stepped outside the bar, and the first thing I heard was", and so on. Facts (or lies that sound like facts) are what you hear from witnesses in answer to questions from the lawyers.

This young SJW bitch was in court defaming her family for perfectly legal things like bitching about problems with black people and anything else that she thinks is NOT OK to say. We are in Cultural Revolution 2.0 over here. I think it's time to take appropriate* care of people like this before it gets to the stages it got during Cultural Revolution 1.0, which was going on in China 5 decades ago.

* "Appropriate" for now means shunning her from the family for good, but, in the long run, for all of us the Institutions that harbor these sick people must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Sunday - September 27th 2020 5:45PM MST
PS: I have thought about this situation before, Mr. Blanc. Maybe it's that suicide was the easiest way out for Mr. Gardner, but it's hard for me to think that way.

Religion starts to become a big part of one's decision making at a time like that. Still, there are lots of options... I guess I won't continue on this on the blog ...
Sunday - September 27th 2020 5:42PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I've seen that quote from "1984" more and more lately and for a good reason. That book was not meant to be an instruction manual, but we are almost living it now.

Yeah, that girl will probably figure it out ... just a couple of seconds before she falls into the big ditch among the others. At least she might be taken care of last - she IS a sociologist.

Come to think of it, in Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge operation, they were taking the people with glasses first, and she's got some easy to spot ones. You figure they gotta be intelligent, right? Boy, would they be wrong!
Sunday - September 27th 2020 11:10AM MST
PS I’m sorry that Mr Gardner felt that his situation was so dire that he killed himself. I’m also sorry that, as he did so feel, he didn’t take a bunch of the bahstahds with him. Starting with that evil cousin. I suppose that he was just a decent guy who actually didn’t want to kill people. I’m not a decent guy. I’ve got a list of those I’ll try to take with me if I ever get diagnosed with six months to live.
Adam Smith
Saturday - September 26th 2020 9:19PM MST
PS: Sad to hear about Jake Gardner...

The crime of racism... Doubleplus Wrongthink!

"It was always the women, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy."

I stopped listening at "So first my expertise"...

I almost stopped listening at "sociologist who specializes in social movements"...

I wonder when this silly girl will figure out that blacklivesmatter is a black supremacist organization who wants her violently dead?

Interesting times...

Saturday - September 26th 2020 5:24PM MST
PS: Is it wrong for the blogger to put up a video that even he himself did not watch in its entirety?

We all have our breaking point.
Saturday - September 26th 2020 5:23PM MST
PS: Do you want a transcript then, Cloudbuster?

Heh! I kid! I could not get myself to watch the whole thing continuously, but I skipped to one part in which she asks white people in the COURT ROOM, no less, to stand up and confess their racism.

I don't 'know what I would have done had I been a juror (awaiting the actual facts) or a non-picked juror (much more likely) waiting around in the seats to collect my $15 jury duty fee. I was in bad shape financially one time, so I did wait around through a DUI case for the money - real cash flow problem!

However, knowing myself even back then, and needing the money, I know that I would have raised enough hell in there for the bailiff to kick me out or worse.
Saturday - September 26th 2020 5:13PM MST
PS I'm not going to watch that video and ruin my evening. There is nothing worse than a traitor, especially a traitor to one's own family.
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