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Posted On: Monday - September 21st 2020 11:21AM MST
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See, the thing is, if you ran the Tass news agency in the old USSR, your underlings would listen better and follow the rules. These bimbos and producers on Fox News nowadays, and all the other networks, for that matter, just don't listen! When you are airing TV live, you've gotta have one guy with his hand on the mic volume knob. When a verboten word or phrase gets started, the guy turns that knob CCW prontomundo, if he doesn't want to get fired or go to the Gulag. It's not rocket surgery, people!

The video embedded below is a short clip of an interview with old Newt Gingrich. I don't know what the general interview was mostly about, but at this point the talk was about the justice system (what's left of it) being corrupted to result in the Anarcho-Tyranny we see all over America today.

Let me digress into a little bit about Newt Gingrich. Mr. Gingrich, originally a Professor of History from Georgia, was elected as a Congressman in Georgia's 6th District and made his way up to the position of Minority Whip, and then Speaker of the House (after the R's took it in '94) in 1995. In Part 1 of "When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL?", Peak Stupidity discussed Mr. Gingrich and his "Contract with America" that this American was very hopeful about, until the contract was reneged on by all sides involved... except Americans, who never got a chance to sign Jack Squat. The guy has always come across great on TV, which is why he got that far, I suppose. He let America down then, and what must be his favoring of this career path over the future of America shows up at the end of this clip too.

Back to the bimbos. This whole scene is just amazing. If anyone still has any faith still in the Lyin' Press as an institution helping us remain free and informed, he'll likely renounce it after these 2 minutes. Mr. Gingrich mentions the AntiChrist candidate George Soros as related to the lax and Anarcho-Tyrannical D/As and others. He is told that, no, we don't talk about the AntiChrist (pretty directly, too, but using Soros's Esperantan given name).

The black bimbo is obviously too busy listening to directions through her hidden earpiece to talk at the same time. Imagine if she had been chewing gum, too!* Therefore, there is a really awkward silence. In the meantime, there is this white lady at another studio (I dunno?) who is more clear about the deal. You can watch it, as I don't want to spoil the whole thing for you. Does she or does she not remind you of a typical scolding HR lady?** It's uncanny, as she reminds me of a SPECIFIC HR lady.

The TV bimbos did what they could on short notice I guess. One can only wonder how many levels of control-the-narrative freaks there are between these ladies on Fox TV live and the AntiChrist himself. It's not like you can just walk up to his circle of hell or anything without going through lots of channels. The producers that talked in these TV anchors' ears, saying "Make it Stop!" work for the honchos at the station. Just whom do they get their instructions from, i.e., who do they report to, in Big-Biz parlance?

Oh, yeah, Newt Gingrich was miffed alright and didn't like this blatant censorship. However, he sure does come across as pretty meek, even when saying cleverly "OK, so it's verboten." Again, it's about his career path, as in ever being on TV again, versus doing or saying what is right. In this case, the right thing is "I'll damn well talk about George Soros if he's a part of this story. Fuck you, Orwellian bitch!" (Counterclockwise with the knobs, bitches!)

... you know, but then they don't invite you back, so you've got to rely on that former-Speaker pension and book royalties... tough way to live ...

(We're on a Soros/AntiChrist kick here now - I meant to post this last week, as probably most readers have already seen this and been highly egreged by it. See this past Saturday's post for our take on this ... whatever he is.)

* Nah, seriously, I don't blame her. It's pretty hard to listen to "shut this guy up now, or you'll never work in dis bidness again!" and still remember what to say at the same time.

** See also Part 2, Humorous The Office "Exhibit A", and Part 3 for more on HR - the scourge of the business world

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