60 minutes with the AntiChrist

Posted On: Saturday - September 19th 2020 8:25PM MST
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Man, that'd be hell. I've been watching a recently-deceased English preacher named David Pawson discuss the Book of Revelation in great detail (on Part 4 out of 9 segments on youtube right now). No, I mean he's not doing this from beyond. He gave the lectures in a Church in the midwest beforehand.

One thing he said, and he sure sounds like an expert, is that there can be multiple AntiChrists. Well, that means we got that bit wrong in our nearly 4 y/o post Is President-Eject Øb☭ma indeed the AntiChrist? (Part 2). However, it also means that we may have a lot more posts on AntiChrist candidates in the future, now that we know there are multiple positions and the HR ladies can't fill them fast enough.

I came upon a video of an interview of George Soros by Steve Kroft on the old 60 Minutes Sunday evening (?) TV show. I say old, as in this was 1998, but the show may still be on. The youtube video below is only 7 1/2 minutes long, so I don't think it was the whole 60 MInutes segment. Even accounting for commercials, with 3 segments on, and that some time for that curmudgeon Andy Rooney, I'd think each one would closer to 15 minutes, average.

I think of this guy as an evil man, based on his deeds, especially those of late, his supporting lenient prosecutors to screw up the American justice system, his supporting antifa, etc. In this interview, you don't exactly see Mr. Soros going "mwuuuhahaaa!"* or anything. What I get out of it is that he just has no compassion for his fellow humans on the planet. Sure, business is business, but even the most ruthless of businessmen likely care about some issues that affect the customers that support them and their countrymen. Most are passionate about the product or service their business provides, even if they ruthless about the money end of it.

George Soros is more like a man without a country, and his business is about nothing but money itself. "The love of money is the root of all evil", says 1st Timothy 6:10. This guy bankrupts entire countries' economies if it works out best for him.

Then he's got this Esperanto last name (George is OK) his Dad made up, starting him out as a Globalist at a young age. Esperanto was a language invented by some idealists to be a global language to be used by everyone around the world. OK, the name was his Dad's call, but, man, what a scam that Esperanto thing was.

Peak Stupidity speculated before on the AntiChrist qualifications of this man. This video does nothing to disprove that

(It's not just the WWII Hungarian experience with his helping the Nazis and such that makes him look bad here, but his uncaring about his own hypocrisy seen at around 05:50.)

* Geeze, I hope I spelled that right.

Sunday - September 20th 2020 2:31PM MST
PS: I should learn to proof-read. That should have been:

So, speaking of evil, what do you think ...

But, you probably got it anyway.
Sunday - September 20th 2020 6:12AM MST
PS: Robert, I think Evel (damn, I had always thought it was spelled "Evil", haha) Kneviel was a real American in a time when this was still a fun country. I thought he was nuts, of course, but then, my parents wouldn't let me have a mini-bike or anything, so what did I know? More fool than hero, I guess I'd have to say.
Saturday - September 19th 2020 10:38PM MST
PS: Mr Moderator, this whole Anti-Christ thing is something I just can't handle at the present time.

However it unfolds, the rules for each of us remain the same.
Salvation or damnation.

So. What do you think of Evel Kneviel? American Hero, or Fool? Or, are they the same thing?
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