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Posted On: Thursday - September 17th 2020 8:31PM MST
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♪♫ Everybody was Kung Fu banking, let me tell ya they're in there wanking ...♪♫ (OK, younger readers, you don't have to pretend you get that. Older readers, you don't have to laugh if you do.)

We mentioned in our recent short post My 3 cents that the local bank branch has been on the hysterical side of the aisle when it comes to the Kung Flu. I meant to write a short note about what happened, but also I was able to give some feedback.

I'd let myself get pissed off a few weeks ago, when instead of just getting each customer to put that mask on as soon as he gets half-way through the double doors, in this huge lobby with usually 2 to 8 customers, they now are escorting people in. The lady had to come over and unlock the door.* I really didn't berate her, but just gave her a piece of my mind on the whole situation. "When will this stupidity end?!" is the way I put it. A customer in the outer area, 6 ft away from me and my wife, with a mask on, proceeded to get on my case about it. It didn't end happily for us, and I swore to not set foot in there until they get back to normal.

This means going through the drive-through again. I grew up in a family that felt drive-throughs for anything are just a sign of laziness**, so, believe it or not, the June-recently deal with the bank only having the drive-through open was about the 2nd time I'd ever used one at a bank. Kids love those pneumatic tubes, let me tell you, and me too!

Besides not setting foot in the place, I was able to get a word in on the latest customer service survey they sent me. They seem to send me one every coupla' months, and they would always go straight into the paper trash before. This time I sent it in, postage paid. I didn't have any bad marks for the tellers or anything, but was just trying to get to the comment section. "Hey, your COVID nonsense is getting out of hand. JUST STOP!" was how I put it.

Things are getting less and less personable. I doubt it will go back all the way to life in February of this year.

* A day or more later, I did have the thought that maybe this is a security thing more than anything, since customers will have their masks on. Did the bank executive read Peak Stupidity's Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer Re-panic - Part 7 about that? Still, you're letting people in with their masks on anyway, and what if they have the bandana type that just screams "everyone down, fire in the hole!".

** I know they are great for families with multiple kids in the car, so there are good reasons.

Bill H
Saturday - September 19th 2020 7:49AM MST
PS MBlanc
We had a cat that had prescriptions. We got them filled at Costco at a cost of half or less than what the vet charged. Nice vet, too, because they were the one that referred us to Costco.
Friday - September 18th 2020 9:31PM MST
PS: Thanks for the background story, Bill.

Mr. Blanc, I went to the drive-through today, as planned. Even there this is some out-of-the ordinary stupidity that I thought of during the 10 minutes it took to do 2 transactions. It was not the teller, as she's very nice and competent, but pneumatic tubes and hatches and pens and driver's licenses getting sent back and forth takes some time. Luckily, I had plenty.

Troy, I'm very glad you have come hear to read, and especially, comment. Thanks.
Friday - September 18th 2020 2:19PM MST
PS true story. at Ft. Huachuca, my wife worked in JAG and I got paid to drive a stagecoach... well assistant stagecoach driver but I did drive a couple times...It was fun putting that on resumes in then 21st century but 21st century HR crones didnt think it was that cool.

anyway i found this site a few days ago. The first female recession was a glorious fisking. The demonization of motherhood is true evil. will come back for more.
Friday - September 18th 2020 11:32AM MST
PS I’ve got two checks sitting on the counter waiting to be deposited, but am dreading having to deal with the bank. I really don’t want to go through the drive-through, especially as the two checks are to go into different accounts and I don’t want to try to give those directions remotely. I also don’t want to deal with the nonsense of begging to be let in, etc. One of the checks is for a a four figure amount, so perhaps that will be weighty enough to deserve admission to the lobby. Or maybe I can con Mme B into doing it. I did go to the vet this morning to pick up the cat’s prescription (yes, the cat has.a prescription), so she owes me one. I was, however, hoping to use that one for something even more unpleasant than the bank. And Bill H, thanks for the story of the McD’s drive-through. Also, I’ll weigh in on how much I dislike seeing service men out and about in fatigues.
Bill H
Friday - September 18th 2020 8:06AM MST
PS You may already be familiar with the reason for the beginning of McDonalds drive through, but in case you're not:

In those days Army people were not permitted to be seen off base wearing fatigue uniforms. (Unlike today when they are almost never seen wearing anything else. That's sickening, but it's a different topic.) Anyway, they could drive to their off-base home wearing them, but were not allowed to get out of their cars.

You know where this is going, don't you? Right. McDonalds built a drive through so in Seirra Vista, Arizona so that soldiers at Fort Huahucha could stop for pick up dinner on their way home without getting out of their cars.

That is an absolutely true story.
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