America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 3

Posted On: Thursday - September 17th 2020 5:56AM MST
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This is a continuation of Peak Stupidity's fisking of an article from The 19th News on-line magazine called America’s first female recession. This writer and article come from the deepest bowels of feminist and feminism hell, respectively, and will be fisked here until we set the record straight, or feminist hell freezes over, whichever comes first. We're continuing from Part 1 and Part 2.

Where we left off one week ago was here:
'It’s a simultaneous feeling of guilt that we are able to do it,” she said, “and sadness that this is the situation we were in.”
The upper-middle class Mrs. Ellu Nasser feels (or purports to feel) guilty about completely the wrong thing. She's guilty that not all parents can send their kids to a private school to escape the grinding home life with all those kids around demanding attention and stuff (cooking, cleaning dishes ... jeeezz, Louise!) We'll get to the single Moms later on.

However, I believe Mrs Nasser ought to be (or secretly is) guilty about her warped sense of what being a woman is. She's got a husband who's either a doctor or a nurse. (It's not clear, but he is one of the "heroes" and does pretty well for the family. With some experience a hospital nurse can make some very good money, for some hard work.) She's got multiple kids. Is there something wrong with being an old-fashioned wife? I guess Mrs. Nassar thinks there is, probably based on a lifetime of propaganda from the Lyin' Press. One wonders if she cares one whit about what hardworking Mr. Nasser wants in this regard.
The fall-out

In 1958, women made up less than a third of the U.S. labor force. It took them 30 more years to reach 45 percent, a pace of growth through the late 20th century that helped usher in the “most significant change in labor markets during the past century,” wrote Harvard economist Claudia Goldin.
"Since 1958 the Communists have slowly made their long march through the institutions. Feminism, the primary weapon against the nuclear family, an anathema to good solid Communism, has pushed women into the labor markets, with a 45 percent infiltration rate. Good going, Comrades!" FIFY.
Women’s gains in the labor market helped create an economy that, according to some estimates, is $2 trillion larger than it would have been if women’s participation levels remained where they were in 1970, when it really started to skyrocket.
Yeah, uhhh, let me explain what a 2 Trillion dollar addition to the economy means. Peak Stupidity is sorely lacking in a post on this, what the Gross Domestic Product is about nowadays. It's not comprised so much of millions of tons of steel, bushels of wheat, vehicular units, and yards of cloth anymore. Services are of course included, but when you get down to the details this means all sorts of NON-productive or even ANTI-productive "work". "Here's your subpoena to appear in court for our SJW lawsuit against your workplace. You've been served." See, "served", so that's a service.

Yeah, this defintely deserves an economics post later, but let me put it this way. That $2 Trillion larger economy includes the HR ladies* and SJW's productively employed at our academic institutions, with a large proportion being women. Hey women, if you stay at home, maybe we men can get MORE stuff done. We'll see you that $2 Trillion and raise you $5 Trillion more.
For the past several decades, though, the gender split in the labor force has largely evened out. Then came 2009, a recession that hurt predominantly male-dominated jobs such as construction and manufacturing. Women overtook men as more than half of the labor force for the first time in history. It has happened again only one other time: In December 2019, when coronavirus was still but a distant headline in China, women surpassed men at 50.04 percent of the labor force.
Yea! We took overtook that men that were just in construction and manufacturing. You go, girls! Now, to celebrate, over to the newly constructed mall for some new manufactured dresses and other cheap China-made crap. Economics, bitches!
It was a fleeting breakthrough.
"All glory is fleeting." - George C. Scott as General George Patton repeating what some Roman slave was alleged to have said.
Nearly 11 million jobs held by women disappeared from February to May, erasing a decade of job gains by women in the labor force.

In June, women regained 2.9 million positions, but those jobs, which are largely in the hospitality field, remain insecure as coronavirus’ continued spread forces new closures.
Hmmm, maybe someone should have thought of all this when working on the Infotainment Panic-fest response, Season 1. If we knew that WOMEN would be laid off, hell, we could have hired them all as newscasters - I mean, the news business has weathered this Kung Flu really well, oh and the CDC too ... We could have dubbed the strip clubs as essential, butt-tresseing women's employment and encouraging the use of face masks to boot, two birds with one stone orifices with one mask... I like it.
Depending on the length of this recession and when an effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 is developed, there is a real possibility many jobs lost by women will never come back, said Heidi Shierholz, senior economist and director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

As it stands, about 8 percent of women who have been laid off have zero chance of being called back to the workforce compared to 6.4 percent of men, according to an analysis by EPI. Another 4 percent expect to be called back but likely will not.
The thing is, Miss Carazanna, men are expected to work to support their families. It's their role, and if it's taken away, things go very badly for them. It's not their choice if they lose their families (or never have one) due to a government-mandated business LOCKDOWN. For the women, excepting the very few who are widows. the single ones are their of their choosing and have Big State and the White Knights** to bail them out of anything. For the married women, nobody complains one bit if they fulfill their role and bear and raise the children, excepting the execrable Ellu Nasser and her ilk themselves.

Speaking of which, we are done hearing from Mrs. Nasser. However, the article goes on a long ways from after the bitch session from her. As an essential service job, the fisking of this ode to feminist stupidity will be continued, keep men at work here at Peak Stupidity.

* See also Part 2, The Office HR Humor, and Part 3.

** I'm not a particularly big Chateau Heartiste reader, much less fan, but that term fits here.

Saturday - September 19th 2020 6:24AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith. I sure the GDP is stated in nominal dollars, so yeah, inflation is a big part of any increase, if not the whole thing or more (as in, a real decline).

One thing that irks the crap out of me regarding US government GDP numbers is that they write "GDP" when they mean "increase in the GDP". I see this all the time. "We had a higher GDP than last year" usually means a higher % increase. Of course, that doesn't mean the REAL DOLLAR GDP went up at all, anyway. Retarded WSJ writers, is who I blame it on.
Saturday - September 19th 2020 6:19AM MST
PS: I enjoy your stories, Robert. It's too bad about the VW bug. Even 20 years ago, they were still ubiquitous. Now, they are pretty rare.

"Nazi's and Allies", haha!
Saturday - September 19th 2020 6:17AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc and others, regarding that 4-letter word "work". Indeed, one is a lucky man who can be employed at a job he'd gladly due as a hobby anyway. Women have fewer hobbies than men, it seems to me, so tell me what exactly are some examples of fun work for them? I got one - child care. Haha, yeah, running or working at a pre-school for little ones seemed to be something that the women there loved.

Why not make that your hobby, as in, get knocked up, go to the library for 5 books on children's names, and go from there. Beats baseball card trading... for women that is.
Friday - September 18th 2020 3:20PM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Smith, Mr. MBlanc. There is a reason that "work" man's original curse, is a four letter word. You then add the other four letter words, "wage" and "debt" and women have to be crazy to think it a good thing.
Adam Smith
Friday - September 18th 2020 8:45AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

I couldn't agree more Mr. MBlanc. The whole wage slavery thing takes the joy out of work. I do not see why women see this as a gain.

Is that 2 trillion an increase in nominal or real GDP?

How much of the 2 trillion dollar "gain" is really just a reflection of the rise in prices.

Higher prices = Higher GDP...

When Mylan rose the price of epipens from $100 to $600 was there an increase in GDP?

How much of that 2 trillion "increase" in GDP includes all the wonderful sinecures for chief diversity officers, diversity inclusion and equity recruiters or DIE program managers?

Will the 2 billion dollars in destruction from the peaceful protests for Saint Floyd the Breathless, peace be upon Him, may He rest in power, help increase the GDP?

Thursday - September 17th 2020 8:08PM MST
PS: That should have been 'two year old twins'. I had written 'two two year old twins' and tried to edit it. Two twins being redundant and all.
Thursday - September 17th 2020 8:04PM MST
PS: Not really related, except it involves child care.

When I was 10 or 12 (and looked like I was 8 or 10, so nobody would hire me to mow lawns or shovel snow) my first 'jobs' were baby-sitting.

One was for a German lady with a three or four month old child. I would sit with Sabina, so the mother could do her house work without worrying. (The father did not do baby or house stuff.) Once Sabina was speaking I was no longer needed.

The other was for a single father with year old twins. I would baby-sit a couple evenings a week, so he could get out and do whatever dads needed to do. My parents were just down the street, and an old (from my perspective, at least) lady lived across the hall.

I think I got a quarter for two or three hours "work".

But, on to Peak Stupidity. The German lady, in her first month here, ran a red light in her VW Bug and broadsided a Paddy Wagon. She was speeding and had not even hit the brakes.

Oh. And Sabina's older brother. We (the block had more than a dozen kids of a similar age) wanted to include these new foreigners, so instead of Cowboys and Indians, or Cops and Robbers, we played Nazis and Allies. When the Mrs. found out, she was not happy.
Thursday - September 17th 2020 11:24AM MST
PS Work is part of the human condition. Wage labor as a permanent condition is not. Women have always worked. Foraging for edible plants is work. Preparing food, making and mending clothes, rearing children are work. Except for a few women at the very top of the social hierarchy, women have always been in the workforce, and at just about the same percentage as they were as a percentage of the population. What is rather new is women in wage labor. Subservient labor. Labor for someone else, with the someone else dictating the conditions. Why women see this as a gain for them, I simply cannot see. I do wonder what proportion of that two trillion is simply paying other women to mind their children, which they could do for themselves if they weren’t wage slaves.
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