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Posted On: Monday - September 14th 2020 12:41PM MST
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It may seem kind of backhanded or catty for Peak Stupidity to comment on the man Ron Unz, as he is VERY GOOD as allowing all kind of comments critical of everyone and everything on his own blog, with multiple orders of magnitude more readers. However, I've written to him before, most recently on the subject of this post, the Kung Flu healthcare stupidity, and got blown off as a "nutty right-winger" (can't recall the exact phrasing right now). Hey, it's for the best, as he made occasional small threats to us "COVID hoaxers" that he may curtail our comments. As a true stalwart of free speech, and I don't say that in jest, he never followed through*, at least for me. I've been trying to stay out of his hair there, but a few snide remarks, not made to him, slip out occasionally ;-}

I shouldn't have to write this again, but for the record, I appreciate the ability to comment there immensely, as it's become a hobby. That does drive some traffic to this site, most especially when I point out that girly pictures may appear (amazing, but we can't NOT click so easily!) Secondly, and this is arguable from our commenters, to me unz commenting is the best system I've used, or attempted to (for some bad ones).

Mr. Unz himself, and his views on the Kung Flu are the subject here. If he were to read this, I say again, argue with me without just name-calling and a quick dismissal, and I'll keep it on your blog, dude.

Besides operating a highly-functional website that indeed offers "A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media", Mr. Unz publishes some of his own material, usually pretty long indictments of American history and politics and plenty of conspiracy theories of all sorts, and I don't write the latter as disparagement at all.

Additionally, Mr. Unz writes comments himself pretty regularly. He's got every right to say whatever he wants, of course, insult his (non-paying) customers, ban people, if he so feels, etc. Other than under his own articles, my observation is that Mr. Unz skims comments and chimes in whenever the mood strikes him. There's nothing wrong with that except when he argues with commenters of which he's read only a small percentage of what they've written. Of course, he can't possibly read all the comments written under all the large number of articles he publishes.

OK, whatever. After reading a thread under an article called The Rising Cult of China Experts, by one Thorsten J. Pattberg, I saw a couple of decent comments by Mr. Unz. I clicked on his name to see what he'd been writing lately.

First off, though the man will go off on commenters, sometimes with the exasperation that comes with knowing "I've already explained this stuff!" (in one of his many articles) sometimes, I think he really does try to be fair. A great example is the idiotic hard-core revisionism on China by the Commie writer (on!)Godfree Roberts. Mr. Roberts, having never even been to China (he sells ex-Pat relocation advice/services to/in Thailand), not only extols everything modern-day China (OK, I guess), but has got the gall to extol the virtues of the 40 million-Chinaman-starving Chairman Mao. His stuff gets just laughably stupid, as it's not like this history isn't known by Americans and the Chinese people.

Mr. Unz calls out his own contracted writer, Mr. Roberts on Roberts' writing that nobody starved in China during the "Great Leap Forward" and that the Cultural Revolution there improved the hell out of the place. Along with this pure stupidity, comes a commenter with the handle "FB" who extols all things Russia (OK), but rails on everything American. This guy is actually a pretty smart guy involved in the aerospace industry, claiming to be a test pilot. (Not likely, just because his comments show him to be mentally unstable - at least in the US he should not get any kind of FAA medical certificate.) Now FB has written multiple times that the Great Depression 1.0 in our country caused the starvation of millions of people. What the hell is this stupidity? We have parents and grandparents who were there!

Anyway, way off my subject here, I'm giving Mr. Unz credit for notching down his slight kookieness level, and trying to set people straight. I'm glad to see this, because I was really wondering about him ...

OK, I have not even gotten to the healthcare stupidity and a comment I noticed by Mr. Unz. It is also fairly reasonable until just one paragraph in which I see that, like quite a few other Americans, there's a basic point they JUST DON'T GET about this Kung Flu healthcare stupidity, and what you and I have against it.

However, I try to avoid essays of the size of Ron Unz ones, mainly just for the website format here. I will get to my point later today, I promise, along with another more frivolous post I wanted to put up.

* Well, there was a commenter MikeAtMikeDotMike that did tell us on here and on Mr. Hail's site that he was prevented from (some?) commenting. I'd like to hear the latest on that, but I think he gave up on the unz site, as I believe Mr. Hail has also.

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