Kung Flu truth from my man Ron Paul

Posted On: Thursday - September 10th 2020 7:00AM MST
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Ron Paul is so damn refreshing to listen to. How did a guy with this much perspective and common sense ever make it to Congress? (Grandfathered in?) I will make an effort to watch these Liberty Report videos weekly, or whenever they come out.

The thing about the man too, is that he stays so cool and calm. Sure, he was more of a firebrand in the past (there's a clip I've seen of him on Donahue) and he's now 80-odd years old. However, he does have see the daily financial, political, cultural, and physical destruction of the country knowing more than the rest of the political class about all of it. He did his best when in office, so he has that satisfaction, at least.

I hope all the readers will find time to watch this 1/2 hour show, seeing as it's the liberty-minded stuff plus information on the Kung Flu Panic-fest. If you don't, I ask you to just fast-forward right to 23:16 and pause within the next 5 seconds. You’ll see a chart of COVID cases and hospitalizations at 16 big universities. The case column has numbers from a hundred and something to over 1,400 (Go Carolina!*) The hospitalization column has ZEROES. Yes, ZEROES in every column. Total cases is over 11,000. Of course there is no “deaths” column either, as one would have to be hospitalized first. People aren't just keeling over from the Corona, as awesome to see as that might be.

Maybe I'll put that chart up in another post, if I can find it. At least half of the university students near me are wearing masks. Did they see that chart? Would that matter?

* Idiocracy reference there.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 16th 2020 7:34AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Glad you liked the videos...

In normal times you could teach your boy to be so "rebellious" as to climb that fence to toss a frisbee around with you. In normal times no one would have cared. In normal times there wouldn't even be a fence by the gate.

It's unfortunate that there are so many people in this world who believe in that "see something say something" crap. Not surprising as they have drilled the virtue of ratting out neighbors and strangers in to too many heads for far too long. By now everyone should know to never call the cops. Calling the cops often gets dogs killed and people shot. Even the slightest disobedience is sometimes met with overwhelming violence. If I had children I would not want them to learn that lesson yet. I would want to keep them sheltered and blissfully unaware of that stupidity as long as I could. Too bad these times are so damn interesting.

Not a people person, eh? From your 14,441 comments and 1,434,600 words on unz you seem like a social butterfly to me. Perhaps you just play one on the internet.

It's encouraging that people like Michelle Malkin and the Bandimere family can get out there and hold a rally for 5,500 people. Seems like they're putting some of their connections, wealth and celebrity to good use. It's good seeing resistance to this madness from who I consider to be mainstream people. I am really still optimistic that positive change can come from this. More people are awakening to the fundamental illegitimacy of the corporations and people masquerading as "government".

I hope you have a great day Mr. Moderator...

Wednesday - September 16th 2020 5:09AM MST
PS: Video 1: Great stuff, Peak Stupidity-worth even. I like that "Mask-o'-raid". (There are lots of clever ways to us that.

Video 2: As a commenter wrote "this video gave me inspiration to sell my guitar." Thanks.

I'll glad to hear Wally World has mellowed out. Since you mentioned fencing, there is a middle school near us with a 1/4 mile track around some nice grass - good for ball playing, frisbee, etc. It is STILL fenced off at what were the gates. I and my 9 y/o can easily climb it, but I'm not teaching to be quite that rebellious yet, mainly because there are people from the neighborhood that will call the cops fairly soon after we get the first frisbee toss in.

I see that you read the Michelle Malkin post. I am not much of a people person, really, so would have a hard time getting more than 4 people for a rally. She's got good ideas though.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 15th 2020 7:29PM MST
PS: Thanks for the refreshing video Mr. Moderator...

So, the other day I went to our little local walmart and was pleasantly surprised to find that they finally took down the rental fencing and the obnoxious flagging tape and the big "thou shall wear thy mask" sign. There was still a small sign in the store, but I breezed right past without a diaper.

Most of the people in the store were diapered, but not I.

I can't believe this hoax is still going on.



I hope you enjoy your evening...

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