America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 1

Posted On: Tuesday - September 8th 2020 10:30AM MST
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(Sorry about the quality of the text - I played around with this to fit it for a while.)

This Kung Flu Panic-fest scam of a response has started what could be Great Depression 2.0, but we don't know yet. Now, if you've read our many posts with the Global Financial Stupidity Topic Key, you know that Peak Stupidity has expected the SHTF economically for quite some time. It is inevitable, but we wonder here if this Panic-fest has been the trigger for an early arrival of said depression.

We will pivot from the general COVID nonsense, riots of blacks and Communists, and movies for a bit toward the old subject of Feminism. There is the Kung Flu connection in this one still. An outfit, I think just a website really, called "The 19th", obviously named after one of our many least favorite Constitutional Amendments*, is specifically worried about this "recession"'s effect on woman.

Per "The 19th", we are in America’s first female recession. After reading the article, I can't help but wonder if this could have been lifted from The Babylon Bee or somewhere. It's not LOL funny like the BB posts, but it lays out everything that is wrong with women in the workplace and the feminist perspective regarding working women/women working, but just as if the writer is intensely serious about this. Hell, I think she is!
It was weighing on her — the prospect of starting a dream job in the middle of a pandemic, alone, her husband away 100 hours of the week helping fight COVID-19 inside a hospital infected by it. Her two boys were at home, without a teacher, with assignments, walking in on her work calls, interrupting her, passing her sticky notes, requesting — no, demanding — her attention every hour they were awake.

“If you come in, I will lose my job,” she told her 6-year-old in desperation, trying to keep him away.

Her husband was the hero. He was saving lives. She was the terrible mom — “the worst mom ever,” her sons told her — and the terrible worker.
First off, yeah, well, I mean...

If this woman's husband is working 100 hours weekly right now as one of those healthcare HEROES we discussed, she shouldn't need to work for money right now. She damn well OUGHT TO be staying home with the kids. It sounds like they like the attention they are finally getting from their own Mom rather than from the Day Care attendants/babysitters. Is that not a positive thing for her?

What the hell kind of Mom is she? Her husband is working 100 hours weekly, so doesn't have the time, while the kids are bored shitless when this Mom could have assigned them some homeschooling work. If Mrs. Ellu Nasser (got her name on the 3rd paragraph) is a business hotshot, then doing a little work to set up a small program with a schedule ought not to be hard for her.
In three months, Ellu Nasser watched as her white-knuckled grip on the labor force slackened. She drank more, ]there ya' go, Mom, that'll do it!] before giving it up altogether in March. She told the dream job at a major consulting firm that her family responsibilities would get in the way of her work performance, so she couldn’t begin June 1, their agreed start date. She slinked back to the part-time gig she had consulting on climate change. And then in June, she gave that up, too.
Hahaaa! The part-time Climate Change job was it? I didn't know one could work part-time on preventing the climate from changing. It sounds like a full-time job requiring 100 hours a week by a full TEAM of guys. Does a part time gig on "the climate" pay any better than stocking shelves at Target?

I wish I could say that this consulting firm of whatever sort would hire a man who is trying to feed a family, not avoid his family, since Mrs Nasser declined the position. However, I'd guess another man, especially a white man, still does not have a chance in hell. Maybe even an ordinary single white women wouldn't, as the name Nasser makes me figure that was what clinched it in the first place.
For exactly one day, the relief was overwhelming. Then, worry.

“I kept wondering, ‘How long will the personal choices I made around COVID-19 hurt me permanently?’” said Nasser, 42. “I would like to be working for 25 more years. That’s a joy for me. My work is not separate from who I am as a person.”

Nasser was a stay-at-home mom for the first time in her life. She was collateral damage in what has become America’s first female recession.
It sounds like Mrs. Nasser's work is more important than her children. What kind of women is she? Being a stay-at-home Mom, as in real mother to her kids was "collateral damage", she says. How sick this Western World is becoming!

I'd saved this article in a tab over a month ago, and, upon reading it again, this one gets me so angry at the feminists and feminism that I will have to continue in a Part 2. No, this sick article by one Chabeli Carrazana, Economics Editor, is no spoof. To me this article is a treatise on the evils of feminism. There is a lot more to this article, so I will continue this fisking** in earnest very soon.

* See also Part 2 and Part 3.

** If you're not familiar with this ancient-blogging-era term, check out A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer for some background.

Thursday - September 10th 2020 10:58AM MST
PS Sure, the propaganda is part of it. But it can’t be the whole thing. Because women took to the propaganda like ducks take to water. The women of my cohort, at least, did, and it doesn’t look as if women of later cohorts did so with any less enthusiasm. The seeds of anti-male hatred fell on very fertile ground.
Wednesday - September 9th 2020 8:35PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, regarding your questions in the latter portion of your comment: I say mostly the 2nd answer, the propaganda that has been drilled in for 50 years now is responsible. This family-destroying propaganda also makes it personal to the women by telling them that what men have been doing somehow better, making them jealous.

They are told that they should be able to do the same things, and just as well. They blame "the system" when they can't, and men go along with the narrative rather than telling them the truth, both to get along, and nowadays, so to not get fired.
Wednesday - September 9th 2020 11:26AM MST
PS I’ve never seen the attraction of wage labor. The only reason that I’ve been doing it for more than half a century is that it was the only way to keep body and soul together. If the need to acquire money weren’t a factor, I’d have never done a day’s paid labor. Maybe it’s different if you have a calling. A vocation. To medicine, or pure science, or Mesopotamian archaeology, perhaps. I don’t have a calling. I’m actually pretty skeptical that many folks do. I’m particularly skeptical that many women do. So why do so many women go on about their “careers”? Is that they really dislike men so much that they will do anything to be independent of us? Or are they just victims of the Leftist propaganda that wants to destroy the family and the traditional society based on it? Beats me.
Tuesday - September 8th 2020 6:28PM MST
PS: I'm glad to have amused you, Mr. Smith. It's what I do, even when I'm sickened by this stuff (not literally, I've got a pretty strong stomach). Yes, that "white-knuckled grip on the labor force" wording explains why these writers get paid the big bucks. It's something I ever would have thought of, cause ... stupidity?

I checked out your .pdf. I am not aware of my cultural lens, so I guess this position is unattainable for me. It's possible I dropped it when I pulled out my face mask and accidentally ground it up with my shoe, damn. It's just as well though. I only wanted to do part-time climate change consulting so we still have time for the monster truck shows and that.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 8th 2020 2:05PM MST
PS: Lol...

"Ellu Nasser watched as her white-knuckled grip on the labor force slackened."
(What is that even supposed to mean?)

Sounds like Mrs. Nasser's children are mere accessories to her.
I hope they match her shoes.

Thanks for the funnies Mr. Moderator...

When I grow up I want to be a part time climate change consultant...

"Cascadia aspires to be a multicultural organization and seeks to hire individuals who contribute to our
cultural fluency. We value employees who are aware of their own cultural lens..."

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