Illegal Aliens' effect on Election '16

Posted On: Monday - January 30th 2017 9:12AM MST
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Yeah, old news, but it relates to the previous post regarding the talk about fraudulent voting, which is still going on (the voting and the talking).

Another commenter at Amren, who's name and comment I cannot find anymore, brought up a good point, which I had neither thought of nor read elsewhere. The 800,000 illegal alien voters number that has been bandied about is one thing, but there is another factor, especially important regarding California. The state of California for which 55 electoral votes are counted, is a major factor in every national election. Of course, it's a lost cause for everyone but the left-wing at this point, but that's 55 votes of lost cause, out of 538, just over 10%.

What the commenter brought up was the point that the numbers of these electoral votes per state (and also, we all know, the number of congressmen apportioned to the state) are determined from US Census numbers for an every 10-year count. You'd figure that, but his question was how many illegal aliens were counted in the census, and how would that have changed the apportionment of electoral votes? It's a very good question.

The first reply from some defenders of the illegal invaders to that question would be that, "... no, of course, these people are living in the shadows ... they won't talk to anyone...", etc. Bull! When you see protests in the street with people who explain on the damn bullhorn how they are illegal aliens and want this and want that, you can see they are not living in any shadows. I would think you may get a pretty large count in a state like California. In fact, a guy like me would have less to say (story for another post) to the census guy than an illegal. Keep in mind that for a heavily left-wing state like CA any state people, and most of the Fed people, involved with the census would be all for pumping up the numbers. They'd want to pump up the numbers for 2 reasons: A) to get the illegals, who vote heavily democrat to become part of the political process, and more importantly B) to get the total count up raise the electoral vote number for CA.

Let's be realistic about the numbers also - this 11 million number is total bull, as that number of illegal aliens was claimed back at the turn of the century, and it was rectal extraction-based, just as my 30 million right now is. I could see there being 5 million illegals just in California, and yes, I have spent time there.

Anyway, it's a great point that the commenter on Ameren brought up, and I wish I could claim credit for independent thoughts on this, but I can't. The effect on illegal invaders being in our country and voting is one thing, but the change in apportionment in votes to the states (about the only power they have left) could have been even more important. Imagine CA had only 40 votes - just that would have made a big difference in Election '16

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