Lesbians at the coffee house

Posted On: Friday - September 4th 2020 7:26AM MST
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A long time ago, a guy in a local country music band told the audience he that he felt like a "lesbian trapped inside a man's body". At the time, I thought that joke was the funniest thing ever. (It's still up there near the top.)

In our movie review of Rocketman in the previous post we had some criticism of the blatant homosexual scenes in the movie. This hilarious video is one I came across in the unz.com comments (what's new?) a while ago, but now is the time for it.

I'd never heard of MadTV, but then I don't know what goes on on TV anymore. These guys took that joke and made it into one of the funniest skits I've ever seen.

PS: This and the previous posts are really not about "genderbending", though we have that topic key attached. Elton John never claimed to be anything but a man. He was often pretty close to a tranny is the old sense of the word, as in "Transexual Transylvania", which, BTW, is another musical, but the viewing of, viewers of, and movie itself, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, are so weird that it's really in its own genre. "Movies in which you dress as characters, yell back at the screen, sing along, and throw foodstuffs at the screen at appropriate moments" is just too long. Anyone? Bueller?

We just don't have all the topic keys for everything so have been labelling some posts with keys that don't apply exactly. It may be time to add 5 or 10 more all at once, but it would require going through almost 1,600 posts to see what applies. Ugghhhh!

Friday - September 4th 2020 9:50AM MST
PS: It was probably a better situation in the days you refer to vs. in the 1970s. Gays as a whole had "come out" by then, but that's not the same as the current era, in which it is rubbed in our faces (not literally). We are told that we are bad people if we don't like the whole idea.

It was in the '70s though, Mr. Blanc, when people laughed at Jack Tripper on "Three's Company" pretending he was gay for the landlord. That was at the time the agenda was being inserted into TV shows already. We could laugh at him acting gay, but that was a way to say "not that there's anything wrong with that."

Please, no jokes about "come out" and hole, please, anyone. Actually, no joke are off limits, to go ahead.
Friday - September 4th 2020 9:09AM MST
PS I wish that we were still in the time, which we antiques can still remember, when homosexuals were sufficiently in the closet that there was no occasion to make television skits about them, no matter how funny.
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