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Posted On: Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 1:49PM MST
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No, this one is not some grandiose dream about people living in harmony and being judged by the contents of their characters by a Commie philandering race hustler. Plus, hopefully I won't get shot for writing about it by the Deep State or somebody...

(This is the closest file photo I could get to the scene in my head.)

We don't remember but a small percentage of our dreams, because it's only when we wake up right after that we remember at all. Even then, for me at least, the story and scenes will be gone from my head by later in the day, unlike the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior's one, unless I make a special effort to hold onto them. Sometimes, I'm left with one scene in my head, and only for a few days. This dream was not even anything very weird, interesting, or foreboding - it's probably nothing but an indication that I follow politics too much. Hey, if it's good for a blog post, what the hell.

I was at an outdoor concert with just a small crowd. It was nowhere that I recognized, and then I realized that I was in Ireland and these were Irish people standing around watching and listening. (I'd attended a small outdoor concert in Ireland long ago, from which I still have the free T-shirt somebody was tossing to the crowd. That explains the venue in the dream, I guess.) While we were waiting for the music to begin, one of the band members, the leader I guess, call him Bono, was calling out to the audience to get them excited about the show.

" ... and thanks to the Turks for coming here today!" WTF? The audience hushed up completely. "WTF?" was exactly what they were thinking. "Are there a lot of Turks in Ireland, what are they doing here, and why is this guy calling out to them rather than his Irish audience?" was what I was thinking. I looked around and then saw a few dark guys that I guess were the Turks in question. This small venue was the perfect place to be heard by this arrogant lefty rock-and-roller, and I waited for SOMEONE in the crowd to yell "Shut up and sing, asshole!" Though they were dumbfounded and some of them pissed, no one yelled out a thing, and I looked around at the huge stadium (you know how dreams morph a lot) and woke up before I personally could yell "Shut up and sing, asshole!" Isn't that just frustrating when you wake up before the dream should be done?

I'm assuming this was Bono and U2, so I'd at least like to have heard the long version of Bad* before I awoke.

Any Sigmund Freud acolytes in this Peak Stupidity audience? It's a small venue, so feel free to give your learned opinion on what this all means. Potty training problems when I was a child maybe? My parents playing too much classical music instead of Zeppelin and Cheap Trick? Resentful of my Father regarding my mother's ...
... forbidding me to partake of our psychedelic mushrooms until puberty?

* See Bono, you'd be serving up fries chips if it weren't for The Edge

Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 8:50PM MST
PS: Mr. Mask, I doubt we'll ever hear or read the MLK files. There's not much rule of law left.

The nude women dreams end various ways. Hopefully, it's laundry day... I can't recall having any dreams about piles of cash. I really need to have one, so I can remember where I stashed that stack of 20's.
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 8:46PM MST
PS: I just have never had any political dreams before, as far as I know, SFG. But, as I wrote, you don't know what you dreamt mostly.

Plus, where's the Freudian stuff? Have I been secretly in love with Bono ever since "The Joshua Tree"? (Not that big on "Zoo Station".) Is Bono gay? If not, what does it matter?
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 8:32PM MST
PS: Mr Mask, thanks for the use of 'nude' instead of 'naked'.
There is an important distinction between the two in respect to young ladies.

Russian Hacker Face Mask
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:43PM MST
PS Bono is the ultimate poseur and the Edge sound is all pedals and effects.
Dreams of nude women and buckets of cash are the best then you wake up.
Why is the FBI waiting until 2027 to release all of the MLK files? (rhetorical)
The secret recordings with the white wymyns in seedy motel rooms are probably xxx rated.
Potemkin village detached from reality glass dollhouses of delusion never end well.
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:41PM MST
PS This one ain't that hard. You're worried about mass immigration in Europe and people not taking it that seriously over there.
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:36PM MST
PS: I appreciate the analysis, Robert. That's probably what it is all right. ;-}

I have some pretty clear-cut, mundane dreams, and then some that make sense during the dreams, but are so out-of-this-world that I could not even explain a bit of one even if I just woke up from it. They just don't fit into this world in any way. No, mushrooms have nothing to do with that, but I could see that one may have the same experience.

I'm not sure if I've had your Type (2), Robert.
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 2:25PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, I think you are feeling guilty about spending time doing things to feed the family and such, and not enough time writing blog posts to entertain us.

P.S. On the subject of dreams. Every few years, I go through a period where I have some disturbing dreams; they come in two flavours.

1. Really dull dreams (someone washing the dishes might be the high point), where I am not an actual participant; as if I were watching the TV or a movie.

2. More disturbing (at least when I wake up) ones, where I am a participant, but it is not me; but rather someone else. When I wake up, it takes a while to sort things out.
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