6% dying from Kung Flu alone - Vindication, bitchez!

Posted On: Tuesday - September 1st 2020 7:11PM MST
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(Pic above is from a PJ media article - Instapundit's stomping ground. I'll read them over the Lyin' Press any day.)

"I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a a friend who, read it on Trump's tweet you were messing around ... with the numbers." Even if you are an REO Speedwagon fan, I suppose that was pretty lame. The middle friend was missing, but that's the deal - I don't read tweets, even very important ones from the President, as I don't want to encourage him doing that shit. However, this is a real vindication of what your Peak Stupidities, your Hail To You's, and the rest of, well, anyone on the internet with any perspective whatsoever.

I don't need to show President Trump's tweet directly, as this info. is indeed right on a CDC web page of cause of death statistics, as my friend pointed out.

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.
[My bolding, except for the heading.] Now, in the charts contained therein, you can't sum up all the causes of death on that page to subtract from those listed as COVID deaths, as the site tells you, so I'm glad they spelled it out like this. Actually, I'm quite amazed the CDC spelled it out like this.

That's WAY WAY lower than even Mr. Hail's reasonable 50% guess of how many deaths have been FROM the Kung Flu vs. WITH the Kung Flu. Now, granted, maybe some of these co-morbidities would have resulted in a number of years left for the patient minus the COVID-19 virus. However, it's a pretty good low estimate. That 6% is the deaths that can definitely be chalked up to this virus. At the peak week of this purported Black Plague 2.0 in mid/late April of this year, here are the numbers for known COVID-only deaths vs. the original rectally-extracted ones.

Note, I don't know why this chart from the PJ media page was made comparing apples to oranges, so Peak Stupidity inserted the last column, read within +/- 50 deaths, off of the CDC page graph.

(Ahaa, I just did the arithmetic in my head. My graph-reading was pretty good. There is simply a .06 ratio from the original death count to the (now) middle column.)

Now let me discuss the co-morbidity thing for a bit. It's not like the COVID-19 virus couldn't be a big factor in many of those other 94%. It's just that, for lots of them, the older patients especially, who ARE lots of them, combined problems can go wrong quickly.

If you've dealt with an older family member or friend in the hospital for serious illness (not the same as with young people hurt in a car wreck), you may know how this goes. This one condition requires this treatment, but we can't do that until he gets his XYZ readings up. For that, we will prescribe drug ABC, which does have a worsening effect on this OTHER condition. Additionally, the same drug, that he really needs to take, has a side effect causing this OTHER problem, which hopefully will not be bad enough to stop us from doing that original treatment we were going to do ... It gets pretty sad and/or scary, as things as up in the fashion of a puzzle. Solving the puzzle is the way to get through it all, until something else crops up next month. I hope all you readers can somehow avoid this, but ... as opposed to what, right?

After all that, for some months, if the patient doesn't make it home, then the cause of death must be logged. What was it, exactly? Note that 2.6 average co-conditions. But, we need a code or two, and "old age" is not one of them.

Peak Stupidity has written about the big incentives to log deaths as due to COVID-19. These are on the doctors' side, from money and pressure to conform to the narrative to keep the scare going (also meaning more money coming in) and on the patient/billing side - no copays and deductibles make it a better deal for all involved. See Kung Flu Mission Creep + Goosing the Numbers and Are Kung Flu death counts being goosed for insurance reasons?. This latest information is proof these incentives are working.

It's too late to walk all this LOCKDOWN, business/school/university/Bread&Circus closure back now, high government experts! What's the plan? I don't have one, but for starters, I'd like to see an apology to the whole country by Dr. Fauci on his knees. President Trump has got this one right. Vindicated, Bitchez!

Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 11:08AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, the ouster of Bad Orange Man is definitely a big part of this, but I think between the Panic-fest and the riots, things were set in motion, or at least supported, for more nefarious reasons than that too.

Robert, thank you for the answer and good story about thieves grabbing only your Bazooka Joe jewelry. As a kid, you don't ask how those 100 wrappers can buy these precious gems.

BTW, I had a friend who had his apartment ransacked, even including a 5 gallon jar of "silver" change that'd he'd been moving from place to place for a couple of decades. They didn't know there were about 40 guns in the closet though. Wheewww!
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 10:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, thanks for the comments, first of all. I have seen links from you guys about Australia - just the wording in the URLs alone is enough to let me know I don't even want to read about that sick Totalitarianism down under. We used to think of Australians of the coolest crowd of all the Anglo world. WTF happened? (I guess it started when they let their government take the guns away in the mid-1990s.)

Regarding your 1st comment: Yeah, I take pride in pulling out one of those regular medical masks from my blue jeans pocket, all balled up and having been there a month, maybe through multiple laundry cycles.

A friend tells me he read that COVID-one-niner can spread through farts. There are a whole lot of jokes in this one!
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 10:18AM MST
PS: Mr Moderator, I had almost forgotten about Bazooka Joe. Many years ago, my brothers and I and some friends collected a pile of the comics, and redeemed them for some "jewelry" for my mother's birthday. A couple of months later, we were burglarized, and those were the only things taken! (Her real jewelry did not sit in the jewelry box on the dresser.)

P.S. We came home to find the TV set sitting in front of the Apartment door. Us kids thought we had gotten a new TV. Dad knew better.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 10:15AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Robert, Mr. Anon, Mr. Mblanc, Mr. Moderator...

Warm wishes to you all...

Thanks for the article Mr. Moderator. Evidently the anti-panic people have been right all along. I doubt the pro-panic pro-lockdown pro-mask anti-human gesundheitsfuhrers will apologize any time soon. They seem to be doubling down on their narrative.

This sickness psychosis theater is beyond evil. It's a global mass hypnosis mindfuck conducted by and profitable to the usual suspects. The dark forces of this realm feed off of suffering and misery. 2020 has been a hell of a year for them. For example, as Mr. Anon pointed out, the “government” of Victoria has taken a particularly egregious turn towards evil. Other "governments" would love to follow suit. If it can happen in Victoria, it can happen almost anywhere.


There are some crimes in the world so heinous that the only just punishment is death. Fauci and his co-conspirators in "government"(Whitmer & Cuomo et al.), academia (Neil Ferguson et al.), business (Bill Gates et al.) and the media (Chris Cuomo et al.) are all criminals of this stature. The damage they have done to the world is incalculable.

They should all ride the smash-o-matic.

I truly believe there is a spiritual battle between good and evil happening within the collective consciousness and the events that we are currently witnessing are a manifestation of that battle here in meat space. I'm optimistic that the light will prevail over the troubles that lie ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 9:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, Pope Clement XIV disbanded the Jesuits (in 177x ?) for being too much like the Jesuits. Less that 50 years later they were back.
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 8:09AM MST
PS Our leaders got spooked by some academics and over-reacted. They can’t climb down now without looking like the southern end of a northbound horse. In addition, most of the over-reactors are Dems and they want to lay all the bad effects of the epidemic/lockdown at the Bad Orange Man’s door. So they, and we, are stuck with this until at least November.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:44AM MST

Australia - Police State

Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:20AM MST
PS: What's the deal, Robert, a lamppost and nylon rope for Dr. Faustus (ha!) and hemp for the crowd?

I know I could look it up somehow, but tell me what Pope Clement said or did.

Also, I kind of like that Bazooka Joe look too, though it doesn't work for certain weather (and I use the mask only if worried about being fired or if I am directly in the process of being yelled at by a store employee.)

I mentioned that Bazooka Joe look to someone, and I don't think he got it. Kids these days - don't even chew bubble guy, WTF?
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - September 1st 2020 10:57PM MST
PS @Robert

"Even my mother has come around to the idea that this is all theater; less useful than TSA, but much more harmful."

Indeed. The current bio-security regime (as James Corbett calls it) is deeply anti-human. People are encouraged to view other people - all other people - as threats, as potential disease vectors. It is isolating people, separating people from their families and friends, separating parents from thier children and grandparents from their grandchilden.

It is sick. It is sadistic. It is evil.

Its intent is deeply malign. And it is working. It is turning people into benumbed, cowed sociopaths.
Tuesday - September 1st 2020 10:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon: If you care, you can "sterilize" your mask by putting it in the oven for an hour or so at about 175. This temperature does not seem to affect the elastic. Then again, I have been using one of those neck gator type masks that are about as effective as a piece of cheese-cloth. With my nose and/or my mouth exposed. Somehow, if you appear to be "trying", people seem to be satisfied.

Even my mother has come around to the idea that this is all theater; less useful than TSA, but much more harmful.
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - September 1st 2020 8:21PM MST
PS Last weekend, I went to the supermarket. I put on my slave-mask (state-wide mandate where I live) and got out of my car. It's an N95 mask, made by 3M. I bought them pre-covid at Home Depot for general household use; a box of 40 cost about $20 as I recall. Now a box of 20 3M masks can go for $175 online, if you can find them. I don't change it out - I've used it for months. Well, nobody checks, do they?

Anyway, as I was walking in, a guy walking out of the store lights up a cigarette. As I pass by him, I can clearly smell the smoke through my mask. Cigarette smoke particles fall in the size range of 0.1-0.3 micrometers, which overlaps the size distribution of aerosolized water droplets from exhalation. Make of that what you will.

The fact that any mask will do - cotton, silk, paper, face-shield - though they all have different characteristics - and that nobody knows nor cares if you even change them out regularly, points to the idiocy of the whole thing. What possible good is a face shield? Sure, it will stop somebody from blowing spit at you. But if somebody puffs out a great big cloud of virus-laden aerosol droplets and you walk through it, your face-shield isn't going to stop you from inhaling a dose of it.
Tuesday - September 1st 2020 7:53PM MST
PS: I'd like to see something a little more permanent done with Dr. Faustus; perhaps involving a lamppost and some hemp.

But since I am a forgiving kind of guy, he could see a priest the night before.

P.S. I see that he claims no religion, but that he was educated by the Jesuits. Pope Clement XIV was right.
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