Antifa in The Hamptons

Posted On: Saturday - August 29th 2020 3:58PM MST
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There's been lots of deep and serious stuff here on Peak Stupidity this week, at least. We've gotta put a stop to that, at least for the last post of the blog-week. Since the Commie antifa bastards and bitches have been in the news lately, well, thankfully 2 less than on Tuesday, a video I've had in mind for a week or so would be perfect.

This guy Tim Dillon is extremely funny here. I don't know if he does the physical humor like falling down and breaking coffee tables like the late Chris Farley, but he reminds me of a long succession of fat funny guys. John Belushi (yes, that was fat for his day), John Candy, then Chris Farley, and now this guy*? It seems like as soon as one dies from a drug overdose or heart attack, there is another fat funny guy ready and available. Here's a website with picks for the top 10. This Tim Dillon hasn't made that list yet. I should mention John Pinette just because Peak Stupidity has featured his famous Chinese buffet routine.

There's not much about the antifa that Tim Dillon left out here. Thank you all for reading. More posting will occur on Tuesday I believe.

* Yeah, I could have gone back to Oliver Hardy and Lou Costello, both part of the old standup straight**-skinny guy/funny-fat guy teams. It was Laurel & Hardy and Abbot & Costello.

** Not in the not-gay sense.

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