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Peak Stupidity is only ~ 4 days late on this one, but it is good to get more of the story if you're going to opine on it.

Kyle Rittenhouse after tripping while being run down by an attacking mob:

I'll just put it plainly: I called Kyle Rittenhouse a hero in a comment I made. As I wrote regarding the "First Responders"*, I believe that term should be used for those who put their own lives on the line, when they'd otherwise be safe. By going out to that street battle that day, the young man was a hero of sorts. By doing that great job defending himself from antifa Commie street fighters, Mr. Rittenhouse has my respect and admiration, and should probably be called a role model.

He did the best job I could imagine in extracting himself from a situation in which he would have been killed or beaten badly (the latter already in progress by a big man with a skateboard). During the video below that you've probably all seen, I at first didn't see how this guy was going to get out of this. He did the right thing regarding all the shots he took - note that he did not shoot at the guy with his hands up, even though that guy was still pretty close. He had to get this crowd to stop going after him, or else...


That's pretty much all I need to write about what happened, as I'll just refer you to 4 articles on about it.** There are millions out there on the web of course, but one could spend a day reading these articles and the comments below them (mostly the many comments under the Mike Whitney one). Rather than spend time on all of them, as I will restrain myself from doing, it'd be best to try to fund this guy's defense*** or otherwise promote this perfect example of what Amendment II is all about.

Nice shooting! A young man exercising his 2nd Amendment rights:

It's not about duck hunting. It's not even about self-defense. Further events will show us what Amendment II was about.

As for the near future for the role model Kyle Rittenhouse: Looking back at the aftermath of the Charlottesville street battle 3 summers ago, one can see that the Establishment will try to railroad this guy. He's been arrested on murder charges among others, though this act of self-defense is clear for all to see. I've read that, well, the idea is they want to hang a big charge on him that won't fly in court. This is to please the political world, and then later he won't be found guilty. I don't like it. Why should one be put in jail for months or a year awaiting/during trial and take a chance that some jury will vote based on hatred? This guy shouldn't have charges against him at all, unless the first shooting of his, not on this video, is not as I've read.

Here are the 4 articles on unz that I've read:

By Mike Whitney, simply Rittenhouse - Mr. Whitney's only small bit of stupidity is his serious use of the term "social justice" 3 times or so, giving credence to a term that rally means nothing more than "give us more of the White Man's stuff!"

By one Spencer Quinn, In Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse - His little flaw is this bit: "This is because Americans these days really want to scream at each other, and relish any excuse to do so.". Uhh, no, not unless by “Americans”, he means talking heads on TV, Fed level and NYC politicians, antifa Commies, black looters, and SJW college students only.

By one Eric Stryker (haven't read him much before): Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories - This one is just simple facts gleaned by the writer about the not-so-stellar backgrounds of this sample taken of the antifa.

By the esteemed John Derbyshire: From Wisconsin to Washington D.C.—"Our Culture and Way of Life" Under Attack - Mr. Derbyshire mentions VDare's Peter Brimelow having noted 8 years ago that regular American were realizing that "this will come to blood." About the only thing I question is whether immigration is really a cause of this particular problem, the Commie antifa. Besides being weirdos and misfits, they seem to be regular Americans. You could say that the country is so disunited because of the massive immigration. This article lists a number of facts that are amazingly straight out of the NY Times - yeah, someone fucked up over there.

Unbelievable! I remembered I'd left out the minute-and-a-half video, and after 15 minutes on youtube, I can't dig it up again. This one was just raw footage taken from a good angle. All the ones I've been checking either are news reports, have a political angle with text all over (often calling Mr. Rittenhouse a terrorist), or need a sign-in. Talk about Big-Comp-Tech bias, as in our 3rd footnote! (I wish I'd saved the link. If any reader has a good one, please paste in the link for me in a comment.)

OK here's the video, thanks to commenter Adam Smith:

* See First Responders and Heroes, "First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments, "First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs, "First Responders!" - The Cops, "First Responders!" at "The Office", and 911 - The Phone Number.

** I've railed on the weird Ron Unz multiple times here, but I'll give this man great credit for publishing many articles on this Kyle Rittenhouse incident, well un-biased articles, as that is the important thing, Thank you, Mr. Unz!

*** Of course, Big-Comp-Tech is blatantly refusing to be fair on this. GoFundMe will not let an account be opened for a legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, while they are perfectly find enabling the funding of yet another black guy that got the cops antsy. (Yet, some otherwise intelligent, on-the-ball writers want to give control over Big-Search, Big Data, all of Big-Comp-Tech to the Feral Gov't. Yeah, I'm sure they are completely unbiased, with the separation of powers and all.... hahaha.)

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 30th 2020 7:27AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Ouch! That looks like it hurts!
He's lucky that hit his arm and not his chest.

The AR can be chambered to fire just about anything...

Generally speaking the AR-15 is chambered in either .223 or .556x45mm (imperial vs. metric)

If you buy an AR-15 you should get one chambered in .556 as it can fire either .223 or .556. A .556 cartridge has a little more pressure and has a .125” longer throat. They are otherwise very similar.

The AR-10 is originally chambered in 7.62x51mm. The .308 is considered interchangeable with 7.62×51mm according to SAAMI. The.308 is indeed a bit larger than a .223 and packs a bigger punch. A .308 is similar to a 30-06, 30-30 and other 30 caliber cartridges. A .308 will kill anything in north America, even an Alaskan grizzly bear, though some people prefer something a little bigger like a .338 Winchester Magnum or .375 Holland & Holland Magnum for hunting grizzlies.

Fun fact, A silenced subsonic .308 is about as loud as a pellet gun.

I hope you have a great day.

Saturday - August 29th 2020 1:51PM MST
PS: Adam, having been an NRA member almost half my life now, I have heard the stupidity of that term "assault rifle", meaning "gun that looks extra scary to me" discussed many times.

I am fairly new to reading that writer Mike Whitney, starting when he had multiple anti-panic Kung Flu articles. From what I read from commenters (including under his latest post linked-to here - but there are 4-500 comments now!), he may be coming around from being a lefty of some sort.

Both the "social justice" bit and the "assault weapon" bit are hopefully just artifacts left over from his previous mind full of stupidity. Re the Stryker guy, thank you for the heads up on him.

On the AR though, are you not mixing units? The .223 (inches) is the smaller and the .308 is the larger caliber, right?

Lastly, in another video that guy who had a big chunk of his arm blown off by the point-blank .223(?) round is shown, and it's pretty graphic. At some point for these young guys (and girls on the antifa side), reality will set in.
Saturday - August 29th 2020 12:42PM MST
PS: Exactamundo, Mr. Smith! That's the very same piece of video, though not the same youtube ID(?), because that other had more hits already. This is the way I wanted people to see it - no commentary necessary.

I will put it up later today, as I really need to get going. Thank you - I looked at 50 or 100 clips before, and no dice.

I'll write you back re: the "assault rife" business.
Saturday - August 29th 2020 12:39PM MST
PS: That's the way I would put it exactly, Mr. Blanc. The chances of getting honest justice in the US are still better than in a 3rd world country, but not by much. They can make your venue into the 3rd world, if they want, "they" being the elites that indeed want to make a BIG example of this brave young man - not in the way we can try to make an example of him though.

There's not as much we can do about the prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse as we can publicize his name and deed as a role model for young people, especially young men would have liked to be there in his shoes in Kenosha.

PS: Yeah, James Fields in NO WAY committed murder - there are so many holes in that idea, that even a guy who plays lawyer on TV could have gotten him free (of at least, 1st-degree murder, and probably manslaughter too). "Beyond a reasonable doubt", my scrawny white ass!
Adam Smith
Saturday - August 29th 2020 12:13PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

Not sure if that video was the one you're talking about...

I hope they don't railroad Mr. Rittenhouse in a show trial like they did Mr. Fields... Looks like self defense to me as some of his attackers were wielding pistols. Unfortunately, a "fair trial" is an exceedingly rare thing.

I stopped reading Mike Whitney's article when I got to "Rittenhouse quickly grabbed his assault rifle..."

I find it hard to take someone seriously when they use "assault rifle" or "social justice". As you pointed out "social justice" is a loaded term that has evolved to mean "give us more of the White Man's stuff!". An AR-15 is really just a small caliber rifle that shoots the .223 Remington rifle cartridge, designed in 1957 for killing small varmint, or the slightly hotter Nato .556x45 cartridge. I don't know why so many people are afraid of black pistol grip rifles. (Other than the incessant negative propaganda.)

I used to read Eric Stryker's articles, but his constant misuse of the word anarchist leaves me disinclined to take him seriously. He seems like a hardcore statist. His solutions always involve more laws, more rules and more "government".

It's an interesting development if America has graduated to the point where we're going to have these kinds of street battles between opposing factions each weekend, though I do suppose it is the most logical next step after riotfest. It's almost like these kids are out there live action role playing call of duty urban warfare. I don't think they understand how quickly this could escalate or where this is headed. I'm glad I don't live in a city.

Saturday - August 29th 2020 11:20AM MST
PS I would not count on him not being convicted of first degree murder. That will depend on how badly the prosecutors want to make an example of him and whether they can manufacture a jury that will return the jury that they want. My guess is that the powers that be in Wisconsin and nationwide will very much want to make an example of him. White males simply cannot be allowed to defend themselves. You mention the Charlotteville case. Recall that the guy there, probably less culpable that Rittenhouse, got a draconian sentence. I hope that doesn’t happen in this case, but I’ll believe it only when I see it.
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