Is Trump a mastermind against the LP

Posted On: Monday - January 30th 2017 7:51AM MST
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("LP" is "Lyin' Press")

A commenter on this article on, titled "Trump Argument Bolstered: Clinton Could Have Received 800,000 Votes From Non-citizens, Study Finds.", brings up an interesting question.

Is Trump, along with his adviser types, smarter than we think in dealing with his domestic enemies, the most powerful being the LP? PeakStupidity has mentioned that we don't think Trump is the most aware guy we could have, say compared to Ron Paul, of the root of the problems we have in this country. He is not as smart and truly educated in this realm like a Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, etc. However, in a way one might call "shrewd", Trump and his people may be operating on a level above our heads. It takes people who understand the type of evil, moronic, immoral people that your enemies consist of to stay ahead of their lies and foil them in their efforts.

Here's what a guy named Question Diversity had to say:
Question Diversity • 3 days ago

Honestly, I don't think Trump talking about voter fraud really has anything to do with proving that there were more fraudulent votes cast than the (legally irrelevant) national popular vote margin against him.

You have to remember that Trump is a high stakes poker player, figuratively speaking.

Trump knows that all this prattlebatt about the (legally irrelevant) national popular vote and that he did not win it is just a psychological attempt to delegitimize his governing authority. Therefore, he's seeing that attempt and raising them an attempt to delegitimize the delegitimization effort.

The more he talks about having Jeff Sessions bring the hammer down, the more this will force Soros to tell his rent-a-mobs to shut up about the popular vote. Because what Trump's enemies don't want is any investigation over any voter fraud, because any voter fraud in any Federal elections means Federal prison time, and the fraudsters really don't want to go to Federal prison. They do want to preserve their voter fraud machine.

Remember the Jill Stein (remember her?) led Michigan recount? Notice how quickly that got shut down when hanky panky out of Detroit threatened to bubble up to the surface? See what I mean?

We're living in the middle of a poker table.
(Boldness by PeakStupidity)

This commenter brings up a level of thinking that we at PeakStupidity have not reached, if it's right, and he is just speculating. Yeah, this type of thinking doesn't usually come from straight-arrow honest men, but it is what we need against all the people arrayed for the status quo and against Mr. Trump. It makes sense that Trump is a mastermind like this based on all his experience in doing high-dollar business in New York City.

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