Christianity - Living for the next world, but what about this one? - Part 3

Posted On: Monday - August 24th 2020 1:09PM MST
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(continued from Part 1 and Part 2.)

In Part 2 we left off with discussion of the large-scale stupidity of the huge emphasis on forgiveness and tolerance over other aspects of religion that is part of the dogma now of the large Christian denominations. Even many of the evangelical Mega-Churches have this same stupidity.

This post will start off with the small-scale effect, which is back to where this started, with the flat-out execution of one little white boy, and the trauma done to another from hateful black thugs. (Note that this would not need to be written about here were these 2 in a decade happenings, but things as bad as this happen much more often than that.) In the Hoffman parents' case, since little Landen has recovered amazingly, it's not a murder. What I'll write about here doesn't apply to them exactly, but I'm sure during that long period when their boy was in critical condition, getting this surgery, this other procedure, and with their worries about what the permanent function of his body would be like, they had some of these thoughts.

I will also mention an adult (as much as a college student today is, anyway) named Seth Smith, a very bright, promising Cal Berkeley student murdered in that town. The latest post and commentary is in Steve Sailer's Seth Smith, Seth Rich, Nobody Much Cares When Seths Get Murdered.*

What's a parent to do when something as terrible as the murder of their child happens? It's the biggest sorrow most can imagine, and turning to religion or something resembling that is the usual, best course. For a Christian, the way to abate the sorrow and hate is to slowly try to forgive. "Forgive thine enemy" is all over the New Testament (per this site, at least 100 times). I do not think that most of the people that forgive these evil non-white thugs that are not all, but most of the problem, are doing it for virtue signaling reasons either. It is the way forward, and the thoughts of this being the way to best enter the next world are the only hope and joy left.

Failing that, the neutral course of thought is to simply trust in the legal system to give justice and "closure". Nowadays, this is a very long process, becoming a big portion of these parents/siblings/friends' lives. There is a significant chance that justice won't be served either. You can also spend a portion of the rest of your life working for a cause to help avoid the fate of your child for other parents. That is often a good thing, doing the best you can for this world.

However, because of the stupidity of political correctness, the efforts spent do improve this world often do nothing but distract or even cause more destruction of this world. "Integrate the schools, more midnight basketball, give 'em more of our stuff!" and "It was the gun! It's those guns! Take 'em away from everyone!" come to mind, respectively.

Lastly, and partly because we don't have the justice system of the 1950s, vengeance served cold is probably in the thoughts of ALL of these parents. For some, it's only occasionally, when the despair gets too heavy. For others that may be their thoughts from the time it happened, and for some, in the back of their minds. The problem with this latter thing is that most religious people of today's world are pretty sure this behavior will not help them in the next world.

Per the information from the commenters under the article about the young man murdered in Berkeley, CA, Seth Smith, his Mom not only was one of these BLM supporter types, but SHE STILL IS. The suspect, 60 y/o Tony Walker, has a long rap sheet**, and he is a black man, as might be expected. This Mom just lost her bright, promising son, and yet her response is to tweet out more about evil white people and Trump. Just double down, I guess, if that makes you feel any better. I guess it must, and when you think about it, the SJW stuff is her religion, so she's on the same road as others. Only thing is her religion is a load of crap.

Peak Stupidity related another sad news story of the loss of a daughter (in this case) to a murder by an illegal alien - Mollie Tibbetts murder - no regrets?. In this case, it was the Dad I wrote about. He wasn't a kook like the BLM Mom of Seth Smith, but still could not dispute the narrative about the illegal aliens being "good Iowans". This was after his daughter had been raped and killed, mind you. This Dad was called brave for his stance, but, as we noted, some real bravery would be standing up and calling out the immigration stupidity. Oh, but he'd be called names!! What does it matter after something like that?

Perhaps that's a way for a parent to cope with this - stand up and call out the bullshit, LOUDLY. Your life will never be the same anyway, so why not go all out? You can still forgive the individual, if that's possible, and hate the sin, not the sinner. Where the sins happened are perhaps just not so simple. They go back to people that enable these things to happen in our country.

I pray that I never get a chance to ever find out how I would handle something like this.

There was to be a good wrap-up of this, more related back to the big picture. That'll be in the last post on this.

* If you search around in Mr. Sailer's archives, based on the date of this murder or shortly afterwards, you'll find more on this story.

** See some fairly unbiased reporting in this Berkeleyside article. The comments are amazingly not very woke at all.

Wednesday - August 26th 2020 7:17PM MST
PS: Robert, that's like my point about women having all that compassion. They have compassion in the short term, not realizing that some men care just as much as they do, but the difference is that these men have imaginations and can thing a few years ahead.
Tuesday - August 25th 2020 6:57PM MST
PS: Since religion has become so feminized, much has been lost or distorted. Forgiveness, like faith and love, is not an emotion; but, properly, an act of the will. In this case where one does not wish one's enemies ill.

Thus, many of the early Spanish Conquistadors, while looking for lands to rule and gold to steal, brought along a few Priests on their journeys. When a (previously conquered) tribe rebelled, the penalty was death. But, before they hung the rebels, the Priests would baptize them; so that they would go to Heaven, not Hell.

You can desire the punishment (even death), but you must still desire their ultimate good.

This does not fit in the modern narrative.
Tuesday - August 25th 2020 12:28PM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Blanc, that deserves to be part of the tinal post on this, if you don't mind. (I know how to make paragraphs out of it, haha!) Yes, perhaps that explains it. Going back to the big picture, not just individuals, if most people just let this world "be as it may", then they will get a world (like the USSR or Commie China) that won't even let them worship in peace. What to do then? How can you evangelize and save more people when it's not allowed? Are people going to let it go that far because "forgiveness!"
Tuesday - August 25th 2020 8:07AM MST
PS This is somewhat off the course that your post took, but it is related to the main theme. Jesus said a lot of things about how people should live that don’t seem to make a lot of sense in our world. In our world there are bad guys and they need to be punished. But Jesus wasn’t talking about living in our world. He was talking about how to live to get into the Kingdom of God, which he thought was going to be established imminently, in his own day. Forgive your enemies now so that you can enter the Kingdom of God where there will be no enemies that you have to forgive. But the Kingdom of God didn’t come, so Christians had to interpret what Jesus said for one set of circumstances in ways that made some sort of sense in their circumstances. Mostly, they just left the “love your enemies” stuff in church and dealt with their enemies as their enemies had to be dealt with Monday through Saturday. It will be interesting to see how the devotees of the SJW religion deal with reality once they’re are in power and their multicultural paradise turns out to not be a paradise after all. I would imagine that it will be rather like Soviet Communists when the Worker’s Paradise turned into a nightmare. Simply declare it a paradise and send dissenters to the camps. The sort of cases that you’re talking about are, I should think, are merely psychological mechanisms for processing anger and grief. It’s hard to criticize people for doing what they have to do to get through the day.
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