Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 11

Posted On: Saturday - August 22nd 2020 4:22PM MST
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File photo. Not Becky of this post.

(If she'd had a butt like this I think I'd have put a mask on and enjoyed the view.)

There are a dozen or more posts on the front burner here at Peak Stupidity, all with their specific cooking times as determined by the smoke alarm, and I thought it would be another week before the next "Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic".

But no, the only reason, I mean, the only reason I'm here writing this post today [/Arlo Guthrie] is that I just had to leave the gym for a while this morning due to my first Becky encounter, and it was completely due to the Kung Flu re-Panic. My schedule allowed time for writing later, but I had this time, 20 minutes forced on me, as I must wait for this hysterical lady to finish her workout on a (nice, Precor with the best console!) treadmill.

I would not have believed it, if this woman had not apparently opened her mouth. I say "apparently" as she had one of those thick black masks on. I just got started on the bicycle machine (Precor P60-series, baby!) 12 ft away from the lady. I mean this is as far as I could get from her, though that was not my thought anyway - it was just the only recumbent bike machine. I had spent a couple of minutes finding the remote, getting it to work, then turning off the TV. Then I got 2 minutes in on the bike, with my heart rate coming up a tad, when this 55 y/o or so white lady told me I need to wear a mask... while working out!

OK, the ceiling in this room is way high, and there's loads of air flow with it opened up to another room. I told her about the 12 ft away part. I told her I need air flow to exercise, starting off nice about it, but this hysterical broad was telling me there are still germs floating around. Before I walked in, a guy with no mask on had already, and still was, doing sideways one-armed pushups and that sort of thing, about 8 ft. from me and 15 ft from this broad. He had nothing to say - I think it was the earbuds, but I don't know ...

The lady went off to talk to the management, but I really don't know what they told her. She came back insistent. I wasn't going to take this one to the mattresses for business reasons that I shouldn't explain here. "How long are you going to be?" "20 minutes." "OK, I'll be back in 20 minutes!" This is just a big sickness in people, but before I finish this post, the 20 minutes is up ....


(Written a few hours later:)
I got the workout in, heart rate up, and later the BP hopefully down. The lady was gone (I think I ended up giving her 25 minutes.) Push-up guy was still there. "Hey, did you hear that from this lady?" "Only the last part." I mentioned hysteria, but this guy was down with the Panic Program. It turns out he's an Ob/Gyn doctor who's been working in NYC. We discussed the herd immunity and mutation stuff. He didn't know any more than he'd been told on TV, I could tell. I've heard 2nd hand from an I.D. Doc on this (Infectious Disease Doc) months ago, who told my Doc friend "do you know anyone who's never gotten a cold? It's going to be like that after a while."

Well, the Ob/Gyn told me about people on ventilators, delivering pregnant women in distress in NY City, and then he finally put on his mask to go out! I was kind of glad I didn't start any conversation about problems in NYC, such as it being a big China-travel hub, it being much more crowded than most of this country, and it being damn close to the 3rd World in many parts. He was just a young guy with zero perspective on life.

I checked in with management about what the deal was on masks. It was a grey area, as nobody had an answer. They all agreed that it'd be silly to wear a mask while doing cardio workouts. I'm guessing now Becky lied to me.

PS: Yeah, I don't really take to the slur "Becky" much, but I don't know what else to call her.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 25th 2020 2:58PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I learned gesundheitsfuhrer from Eric Peters...

Mr. Hail, The Church of the Everlasting CoronaPanic really is a state sponsored cult. I'm surprised how many people have fallen victim to the sickness psychosis and more surprised that the coronapanic has not yet subsided.

I really do think we are witnessing a mass hypnosis mass hysteria event.

Tuesday - August 25th 2020 12:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, thanks for writing back in. I have the video ready to play - maybe tonight. Does it sound like PS style? Whatever I write for Tucker would gete him taken off the air end-o-bidness-day, alas!
Tuesday - August 25th 2020 9:22AM MST

I don't think any of us would have guessed the Panic would last this long and become so locked in. Some people will always scoff at this label but it really does have all the telltale signs of a cult, and really a civic/state cult now.

Wearing a mask exercising alone, especially the young and especially outdoors, is so bizarre as to leave little other explanation. It's as if a UFO cult somehow managed to break through and take over.

There were always dissidents on the right side of this, as Peak Stupidity was from the very beginning. I recall in mid-March (?) you said you were slightly worried but then quickly turned firmly to anti-Panic. If only more had held the line back in that, the critical period.

If you haven't seen it, Tucker Carlson ran his most radical anti-Panic segment yet, a ten-minute attack on the Panic and its pushers:

See the second segment of the August 24 "Tucker Carlson Tonight" (19:10-28:45 in this video, as long as it stays up):

Is Peak Stupidity branching out into writing Tucker Carlson monologues? Because you could have written this.
Monday - August 24th 2020 1:19PM MST
PS: Adam: You know, I normally don't wipe down the machines before I use them, only afterwards for the next person, in the "what doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger" fashion. Never had a problem. This place had cloth (or nonwoven) wipes that were just soaked and dripping with alcohol or whatever.

"Gesundheitsfuhrer" - I like it! Whether you made it up or not, I will try to remember this one.

Thank you, Adam, Robert, and Bill H, for the funny comments. Bill, I guess I have not been updated by the CDC in months, if not years, so I dunno what the hell is going on... I can't keep up. I'll just live like a human being I guess, and hope I don't get arrested for that.

Adam Smith
Monday - August 24th 2020 10:35AM MST
PS: Hey Bill...

Remember, the flu shot only works if everybody gets one...

Bill H
Monday - August 24th 2020 8:35AM MST
PS And the CDC chimes in now with warnings about the flu. It's coming soon, and because of the Corona virus it is essential, ESSENTIAL, that you get a flu shot because if you get the Covid and the flu at the same time YOU WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH.

Flu has all of the awful symptoms that Covid does not, and Covid has all the awful symptoms that the flu does not, so when you add them together, the RESULT IS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THE PARTS.

If we all wear masks and stay six feet apart we can prevent the spread of the Corona virus, but apparently that will NOT PREVENT the spread of the flu virus, so we must all GET A FLU SHOT OR DIE.
Adam Smith
Monday - August 24th 2020 7:54AM MST
PS: Robert, Girl Cooties generally are less cootierific, but not always. There are exceptions and outliers.

Mr. Moderator, it seems as though a simple can of lysol could make your spittle splatter situation less complicated. Unfortunately, the woman at the gym sounds like a crazy person and it would be a colossal waste of your time to try to reason with a self appointed gesundheitsfuhrer.

Sunday - August 23rd 2020 8:08PM MST
PS: Mr Moderator: See, you had boy Cooties, and she had girl Cooties. We all know what can happen when you allow boy and girl Cooties to get together.
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 3:50PM MST
PS: Oh, Adam, I've heard it all. Apparently, my spittle carrying a next of COVID germies, could fly far enough to land and maybe splatter over there, and the the germies would get back in the air ... It's complicated, man.
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 3:48PM MST
PS: Dang, Saxon, do I have them mixed up? Which is the one with the really pert rear-end, because that wasn't her? (I guess that was why she was on the treadmill. Fair enough.)
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 12:30PM MST
PS: I don't know if she was a "Karen" or a "Becky"...

But it does sound like she was a "Bitch".

She was wearing her mask, so what on earth was she worried about? Isn't she protected from your corona cooties?

Do masks only work when we all wear one?

Sunday - August 23rd 2020 7:36AM MST
PS Isn't such a woman better known as "Karen"?
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 7:53PM MST
PS: Thanks Mr. Blanc, but I've gotta chalk up the magnanimousy(?) only to my worry about getting in trouble this time. I had words until she came back telling me, yep, I'm required to wear a mask. Actually, now that I think of it, she never told me the management people said that. Hmmm, maybe Becky was a lawyer.

A couple of cuss words did come out, but as you've told me, this wan't the hill to die on.
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 4:52PM MST
PS You were magnanimous, and, I think, wise. I do hope that the time will come when Leftist jackassery can be answered with a few well-chosen cuss words, or a couple of shotgun blasts, but that time as not come yet.
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