Max Lucado, King of the Cucks!

Posted On: Thursday - August 20th 2020 8:30PM MST
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America's Pastor? I'm nauseated by this man.

Since it's not nice to puke on the virtual pews, I'll avoid this cuck's church.

Right on the heels of the unfinished series of posts on the question of modern Christianity's effect on the continued existence of Western civilization (still on Part 2) Peak Stupidity has come upon an excellent example of what we were trying to get at. It's an excellent example, not an excellent thing to read about, by any means.

Allan Wall, one of the (usually) calmest and most civil writers on, and they are all pretty calm and civil compared to your average political site, relates a story of a cuck-fest held by a church headed by a guy who's known as "America's Pastor". I'd never heard of this Max Lucado before, but per Mr. Wall, he has written over 100 books. Please go read the article at VDare, "America's Pastor" Max Lucado Publicly "Apologizes" for the Sins of Previous Generations of White Americans , even if you don't come back here. Take any and all blood pressure meds first, as otherwise Peak Stupidity is not responsible for any and all ... blah, blah, blah. [Thank you! - PS Legal]

Yeah, this guy is all broken up about the legacy of slavery, obviously having already chastised the writers of the Old Testament for condoning it in the multiple books and verses... right? I hope he didn't forget or nuthin'. As Peak Stupidity noted in our white paper laying out our Slavery Reparations Plan, it's not just a black thing, y'all, though the black folks do seem the most bent out of shape about it. PS:
It's a real fixation, I tell you, as probably a majority of us living in America today have had some slave ancestors of various sorts. You take your Hispanics - the Indian blood that makes up 1/2 their heritage is from ancestors for whom perhaps being held in bondage was the least of their worries.*. People with that Slavic background, well, you've got some street cred already, "Slave-ic", get it? You've got your leggy supermodels whose leggy supermodel ancestors could have easily been held as white sex slaves by, well, anybody, hell, who wouldn't? Jews have had ancestors held by Egyptians, Hittites by Caananites, Arkites by Girgashites, Sinites by Hermaphrodites, and more recently, Hindu-H-1Bites by Microsoft Windites. That's the big picture that many are not seeing.
Speaking of the latter, we are not writing in jest when we note that The Horrible Legacy of Slavery Continues ... , I mean TODAY, in America, by Contra Costa County Couples and Suburban Chicago families. I would hope Pastor Lucado didn't forget to mention this kind of thing too.

Really, even if the entire family tree of yours descended from nothing but cotton plantation owners in 1850s Mississippi, you have no reason to feel guilty. The New Testament does not condone that sins of the Fathers crap from the Old. Shouldn't America's Pastor know this stuff?
Prominent local pastor and author Max Lucado got down on his knees Sunday [August 9] in San Antonio to beg forgiveness for his and his white ancestors’ acts of racism and inaction. “I am sorry that I have been silent. I am sorry that my head has been buried in the sand,” Lucado said. “My brothers and sisters are hurting and I am sorry. I have made them to feel less than. I did not help. I did not hear. I did not see. I did not understand.”
You apparently don't understand squat, you miserable cuck. That's just the beginning.
“Our ancestors were wrong. They were wrong. When they bought and sold human beings, that was wrong. When they claimed superiority over slaves, over blacks, that was wrong. When they refused to share water fountains, restaurants, and city buses with your children, your chosen precious children, that was a sin. And we are so very sorry. We are sorry for the pain of that day.”
Hmmm, so if I get on a city bus in downtown Birmingham (where the 'hound broke down*), and the (nothing but) black people on the bus aren't welcoming to me, can I get an apology? Can I get a witness? Mr. Wall asks "So is everybody in the world obligated to apologize for the sins of their ancestors, or only white people?"

Pastor Lucado then asks forgiveness for his own sins:
“Your church, your pastors, have broken your heart by favoring one skin color over another – oh, Lord God, have mercy on our souls. … How dare we? … How that must nauseate you, O Lord,” he said, adding that those sins extend to brown skin and that he himself has committed them.
The Lord may very well be nauseated, but it ain't from racism. If the people of San Antonio undergo some precipitation in the near future never seen before other than by Bartholomew Cubbins in a Dr. Suess book, that is the Lord puking his guts out after having to forgive the genocidal cuckitude of America's Pastor. I don't know how to break it to you, San Antonio, but that shit ain't oobleck.

Here is the worst of Pastor Lucado's sins:
“The word ‘wetback’ has found its way on my lips, too,” he said. “For that, I’m so very sorry. Would you please, O Lord, bring a new day.”
I wonder how the word "wetback" DID get to the lips of this guy - talking to references about the crew for the new church roof? How about a new day in America without wetbacks? We prayed for Donald Trump in '16, so ...

OK, well that rant got out of hand, but Mr. Wall's is more civil. Due to the way things are going in this country, even Allan Wall has a Sailer-style snarky remark, in this case regarding the Kung Flu. I recommend you read his article even if just for that one - it's very funny.

Mr. Wall also links to a rebuttal from a more Conservative church out of Charlotte, N. Carolina - it's by one Jeff Maples - here.

If this effeminate groveling is going to the a regular thing from America's Pastor, then count me out of America's Church.

* Sorry, old Chuck Berry reference. Check out the Dead's version of "The Promised Land". I promise you, it's better.

Tuesday - August 25th 2020 11:19AM MST
PS. Mr Moderator, 3/20/77 at Winterland is the best show I ever saw in person. Worth another go.

Mr. Blanc- about 10 years ago, when the Evangelical Lutheran Church made their decision to roster openly gay clergy at their convention in Minneapolis, a tornado, a literal tornado, touched down In the city, which is very rare. They didn’t take the hint.

When our congregation ‘ debated’ whether to call a gay pastor I asked if there were any other parts of the Bible we were planning on ignoring. Crickets. I went back to the local Catholic Church, which is not without its problems...
Monday - August 24th 2020 8:10AM MST
PS Mainline Protestantism is dying. They’ve pretty much abandoned all of Christian theology. All that was left was the Social Gospel. Anyone who wanted to be a Christian had to find somewhere else. All that was left of the historic Protestant denominations was women and homosexuals.
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 4:02PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I found the whole first show. I started listening to the whole thing and may have fallen asleep by "Promised Land". That's not any kind of slur, of course. It's a good feature of the Dead's music.
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 4:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I will need to go over the Bible some to see what you point out here. I had not noticed.

Miss Bernhardt was a lady I first saw in a video on youtube, back 15 years(?) ago, when she was burning the Koran, after reading pages that were bookmarked with strips of bacon! Haha! Maybe I was more influenced still then by the Neocons that Moslems were all bad, but Miss B's video was about freedom of speech (not a big thing for the Moslems, when it comes down to it.)

I used to keep up with her site -, but it's been a long time. She seemed too kooky even for me. However, I just checked it out to make sure the URL was right, and she's got some anti-Panic stuff there. I'lll be sure to read it later.
Sunday - August 23rd 2020 3:56PM MST
PS: That could be Mr, Blanc. I also remember (but this was 20 years back or so) that it was the non-denominal, evangelical churches that were increasing in membership vs. the main denominations. However, nowadays I'd guess they are all thinning out. At least the non-denominational ones can do their own thing. Then again, I think many have some cucked-out pastors of their own. Been there, done that.
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 8:00PM MST
PS. Check out 3/20/77 and 5/11/77
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 4:49PM MST
PS I’m quite sure that there are many Christians who do not want to hear the sort of drivel emanating from Pastor Lucado and his ilk. And I imagine that many of them manage to find congregations that hew more to the old time religion. But those congregations will exist at the margins. If they bring themselves to the attention of institutional religion, they will be unfellowshipped. It is not permitted to gainsay the Narrative, in church or anywhere else.
Adam Smith
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 9:07AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I have never heard of Ann Barnhardt.
Perhaps I'll check out her site sometime.

There are many passages in the big book (probably any book) that can be interpreted in more than one way. I suppose it's only natural especially with something of this nature.

Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Kinda off topic, but have you noticed that there are two completely different sets of ten commandments in the exodus story?

The original tablets found at Exodus 20, which Moses shattered when he found the people worshiping the golden calf and the second set found at Exodus 34 12-26. (Which may be twelve commandments depending on your interpretation.)

Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk.

Friday - August 21st 2020 7:47PM MST
PS: Oops, submitted too soon - meant to add the following:

I wanted to write back to Mr. Blanc on this too, regarding the previous post, but I still think there would be loads of parishioners not wanting to hear this crap out of the guy. Do they all want to feel like they have so much to atone too? Does that make them figure Jesus loves them better?

People like this used to wear hairshirts. Maybe there'd be a market now for them.
Friday - August 21st 2020 7:43PM MST
PS: Adam that passage from James with "friendship with the world" could be taken a few ways, though I do understand and agree with you on this. I reminds me of "blessed are those who are poor in spirit" which I'd interpreted wrong for a long time, till believe it or not, an Ann Barnhardt post. (I don't know if you've ever been to her site - she's quite the fighter, but a little too far gone ...)
Adam Smith
Friday - August 21st 2020 8:54AM MST
PS: Good Morning Mr. Moderator...

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear... (2 Timothy 4:3)

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God... (James 4:4)

Max Lucado is an unprincipled man who speaks out both sides of his mouth, as do other ecumenical preachers. He would never have amassed his 10 million dollar fortune if he didn't preach what the adulterous people's itchy ears wanted to hear.

Evidently Max feels there is money to be made by climbing aboard the multiculturalism, mass immigration, wash-the-Black!-people’s-feet train. (Thank you Mr. Mblanc)

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