Tucker Carlson - The LOCKDOWNS are destroying America

Posted On: Wednesday - August 19th 2020 7:49PM MST
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Per E.F. Hail, in the comments under his Against the Corona-Panic, Part XV , Tucker Carlson was "pushing almost non-stop Corona panic on his show" back in late March and April '20. (Without a TV in use, I watch what I want to watch, so I had no idea.) Hey, as we know, stupid thoughts can come out of even good people.

Well, Mr. Carlson has come around to the anti-panic side. In this video that I watched first on Mr. Hail's site, Tucker Carlson tears Dr. Fauci a new one, a guy whom Mr. Hail says Tucker lionized as an expert that should be listened to early on.

I haven't had Tucker on in quite some time - some of the old videos I've put up get switched out by youtube, and I don't always realize videos are missing until, I dunno, years later. Look under the Pundits topic key for some more. I'm sure it'd be easier to just go to youtube or bitchute*.

Here you go - > 8 minutes of premium Tucker:

"Joe Biden has not waded too deeply into questions of public policy recently, in case you haven't noticed. Whatever else Biden may be doing, looking at funny cat videos on the internet, shuffling to his mailbox every afternoon..." Hey, that hits a little too close to home, Tucker!

* I need to start embedding bitchute videos at some point. VDare has already been kicked off of youtube for excessive truthfulness, so It's time to support the new guys.

Sunday - August 23rd 2020 7:29AM MST
PS Tucker Carlson is a smart ass. I don't watch TV but i know there is a talking head on Fox News called Tucker Carlson who is a very smart ass. What he says is gospel to some people and he does have a faithful flock.
Adam Smith
Saturday - August 22nd 2020 8:03AM MST
PS: I agree wholeheartedly Mr. Moderator...

I too feel sorry for the cats and dogs that have to wear the cone, even for a short time. They don't really understand why and they know they hate it, it's demoralizing, but there is some legitimate justification for it. No one of sound mind would put the cone on their pet if they didn't have to.

People should know better. Unfortunately, too many will follow orders no matter how ridiculous or arbitrary. The problems arise when the unbalanced, demented people expect the rest of us to obey crazy nonsensical edicts too. Some of them even take it upon themselves to be enforcers of the new crazy.

I don't care how insane someone is, as long as they don't harm anyone, but they have a deeply misplaced expectation if they expect me to be crazy with them.

Friday - August 21st 2020 10:29AM MST
PS: Adam, I happened to paste in your 2nd link first, before I saw the sheer stupidity in the State of Michigan. I've always felt sorry for the doggies and kitties that had to have those on to keep them from re-opening wounds, or what-have-you. A cat of mine a long time ago had to wear one. He doesn't know why or that I'd take it off in 3 days. How sad is that?

On people, well, they know better, so it's not sad but stupid.
Adam Smith
Friday - August 21st 2020 7:59AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. MBlanc, Mr. Moderator...

As a symbol of submission and obedience, forcing the proles to wear diapers is clearly not enough...



Clown world really is beyond parody.

Thursday - August 20th 2020 7:11PM MST
PS: I don't have enough leftists that I talk to regularly or even occasionally. That is a good thing! (Well, except for, as you write, seeing what the other side is really about.) Thanks for the comment, Mr. Blanc.
Thursday - August 20th 2020 9:07AM MST
PS I’m glad that Carlson is finally raising the “When are we going to come to our senses about this virus?” question. I fear that he’s preaching only to the choir, however. Whenever I allude to the economic consequences of the lockdown to even moderate Leftists, they simply shut down. The can’t hear it. They won’t hear it.
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