Christianity - Living for the next world, but what about this one? - Part 1

Posted On: Tuesday - August 18th 2020 8:52PM MST
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These thoughts came to form this post back before I wrote the quick note about the wonderful news of the recovery of then- 5 y/o Landen Hoffman in Minneapolis, MN. What got me even thinking again of the attempted murder of this boy via being thrown 3 stories down off a balcony at the Mall of America was a post by iSteve about another evil deed by a crazed black man a little over a week ago. Mr. Sailer's article, Still No Mention of Murder of Cannon Hinnant in NYT or WP notes the evil behavior of the American Lyin' Press:
Cannon Hinnant was a five-year-old white boy playing outside in North Carolina last Sunday, when the adult black man living next door walked up and shot him in the head point blank in front of neighbors looking out their windows with horror. The suspect has been arrested but no motive has been released.

So far, 96 hours later, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has deigned to run even the Associated Press’s brief wire service account of the event.

Obviously, if the races were reversed, this would be this year’s Crime of the Century. As it is, it’s just another dog-bites-man local police blotter item of no interest to national newspapers.
Mr. "Paul Kersey", with his "Stuff Black People Don't Like" blog, now on, gives us these horrific stories at least weekly. That's a necessary thing, seeing as the Lyin' Press, other than at the local level at which people already know what happened, won't let us know. Sure, not all the black-on-white crimes are as evil as the murdering of 5 year-olds in cold blood, but the stats say there are multiple black-on-white violent crimes daily. What do you do?

What you do as a nation about a race that simply consists of more violent people than your own being a large minority living among you is the subject of billions of words with no great solution in sight. That's not the subject of this, or what is becoming a series of, post(s).

What do you do if a violent deed like this was done to your child? With the endless sorrow that would come from losing a child to some degenerate or the sorrow mixed with anxiety were it the long road back from the physical trauma dealt to little Landen, most people will turn to religion. There is no better way, other than performing simple vigilante justice. At that point, the whole rest of the family will be toast, and whether you will feel better or not won't be determined until after the fact. Getting to the point here [Finally! Here's a toast to getting to the point! - Ed], the still-dominant religion, if any, in America is one that says emphatically, no you don't do that! That is Christianity, of course.

Jesus, and hence, Christianity, emphasize forgiveness by far more than any other religion I've read much about. Additionally, though this is obviously a common idea in all religions, the belief that the next world that we can attain, through faith, is more important than this world, is also emphasized throughout the New Testament. The questions that come up to every thinking person are:

a) Doesn't it still matter what we accomplish, for good or bad, in this life?

b) If we concentrate on assuring our place in the next world at the expense of this one, i.e. by not sweating the political problems of today one bit, and let the chips fall where they may, are we not letting our future fellow man down? Is that just fine? It can go far enough, such as it did in Soviet Russia or Mao-era China, such that nobody can practice Christianity to begin with. Is it OK to let that happen?

One can look back to the Medieval times and understand that the 2nd important aspect of Christianity, the priority of the next world over this one, had widespread belief. However, think of the Crusades, wars over religion, etc., and you can discern that forgiveness was not the be-all-to-end-all that it is today. Perhaps the Medieval folks could count better, say to 490 ("7 times 70", the man said). After that, enough is enough!

I've seen lots of interesting arguments on the internet over whether modern Christianity is a force that is destroying White/Western society. The tendency for Christians to be forgiving and tolerant over all other qualities is thought to be at the root of many of our existential problems. It's a good argument, and one or more subsequent posts will address this in relation to these personal stories of loss and sadness from the evils that WE HAVE let happen in our Western society.

Wednesday - August 19th 2020 8:48PM MST
PS: Thanks all 3 of you for the thoughtful comments. I should at least address this one part from Mr. Smith, on Judaism. I think Judaism is a religion that exhorts its adherents to make changes for the good in the here and now. The problem is, that at least in the Western World, way too many of the Jews that take this seriously in their lives are flat-out Socialists and Commies at heart. They really do think they are doing good though. Then, here comes that Ecclesiastes verse again ..
Wednesday - August 19th 2020 4:29PM MST
PS: A couple of quick notes.

When I was in the second or third grade, the Nun explained Christian Forgiveness this way. There had been a guy in New York who had been serially raping and killing elderly Nuns. On one of his outings, he was interrupted before he got to the killing part, and was caught. This Nun forgave him: she visited him, got him to convert to Catholicism, and go to Confession (and so, presumably, to Heaven (although only after a good long while in Purgatory)). But, she testified against him at his trail; and at the sentencing hearing, advocated for the death penalty. Because Justice must be done, and one must pay for ones sinnes.

During the troubles with the Albigensians, if the Priest was preaching Heresy, the peasants would occasionally storm the pulpit, drag the Priest outside the Church, and beat him bloody. Just don't do that in the Church, which is Sacred ground.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 19th 2020 12:25PM MST
PS: Living for the next world, but what about this one?

It seems you are touching upon some of the downfalls of christianity as a philosophy and means of social organization. If you teach a people that suffering is a virtue that will be rewarded in the next phase of consciousness, then people will happily endure more suffering, to their own detriment.

This is a philosophy that makes for docile slaves and willing victims. It is no surprise to me that Constantine would would make this a cornerstone of the official religion of the empire along with “government” is ordained by god, render unto cæser and obey your earthly masters.

While christianity may be a force helping to bring the decline of white western civilization, it pales in comparison to the destructive force that is judiasm.

Wednesday - August 19th 2020 8:37AM MST
PS When Americans were a serious people, if there was any doubt that the judicial system was not going to visit swift justice upon the sort of filthbags that you mention, there were enough men about who would take it upon themselves to do so. This was the case in some parts of the country in my lifetime.* Those people were a lot more Christian than Americans are today. There are certainly things in Christianity that can be used to rationalize the pusillanimity of contemporary American society, especially when women appear to be taking over the churches (at least the mainline Protestant churches). Christianity was the dominant religion of the European peoples for more than 1,500 years without undermining masculine values. There was even a movement called Muscular Christianity in the 19th century. There are also some elements of Christianity that counter the turn-the-other-cheek ethos, such as Jesus saying that he brought not peace but a sword. So I don’t believe that Christianity is a causative factor in our decline into societal lunacy, but more a post-facto rationalization.

*I do not advocate rough justice. No one should advocate rough justice. But when those delegated to administer justice refuse to do so, rough justice is the only sort of justice available.
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