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Posted On: Saturday - August 8th 2020 2:53PM MST
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Thank you all for putting up with the short hiatus, and thanks to those who commented under Monday's post. In general, it was a pretty good trip. One can do some things for cheap now, as Peak Stupidity noted in Road Trip 3 months back, due to some of the temporary silver linings in this Kung Flu Panic-Vest. Other things have just gone up, up, up, at an Inflation rate that is obviously not what those green-eyeshade boys at the BLS have been touting for the last couple of decades. We will, of course, have a post on the latter.

Speaking of additonal posts, yes this trip will produce a number of Curmugeonry-style ones based on the not-so-fine aspects of this family travel experience. This post, however, is not one of those and not even from this particular trip.

On a trip for work a couple of weeks ago, I found out the night before that the hotel was to have their regular buffet breakfast, Kung Flu be damned, and it's some good stuff, let me tell you. (There's no point, is there, since I don't give many details?) OK, I won't say where, but there are grits, sausage, breakfast potatoes, muffins, etc, though no fresh fruit back yet. They do make you , just ask you to wear a mask, and you can't go around to look at the food and serve yourself but must tell the waiter what you'd like ("no, more than that, yeah, the stuff at your 1 O'clock, yeah, pile that on, right there!")

No problem, but I was in a hurry this particular morning, so I was glad that the other people there, 4 black guys together eating in, were getting the made-to-order omelets or what have you, leaving the other guy to get my stuff. Being in a hurry (not to get to the gist of this story, but that morning, I mean) I didn't take the TSA-proof belt off my good pants and put it on my blue jeans to go downstairs. It's a good thing, but these pants are just a tad too small now, and I was hiking them up every minute or so. No, they didn't hang down half as much as they do on these black guys with their authentic style, as discussed in these pages (see Dress for Egress), but I cannot stand for my clothes not to stay put.

With my tasty breakfast in one hand and the other one pulling my pants up, I passed these 4 young black guys. Now, OK, I see the 4 with that hair with 4 braided things hanging down, and I don't automatically think "businessmen". Stereotypes are real, man. I was a little wary, but, WTF, as I walked by, frustratingly yanking my pants up, I noted to these fellows "hey, I'm gonna be like you guys", and not in a proud BLM fashion, either. Ha, two of the four guys cracked a smile!

OK, maybe on another morning, the manager may have found me with my face in the grits, but no matter all the stupidity and (often legitmate) hate in and around all of us, most people are pretty decent.

Monday - August 10th 2020 1:48PM MST
PS: Partly true, Mr. Hail, as one would think the hotel management (same with retail stores, cafes, etc) would go as far as they could to free up their part of the world just based on getting business under State/local law. In this particular State things are not as stupid as they could be.

I've been in another (also not on this trip) in which there was a don't ask/don't tell policy on the gym at least, as gyms were officially VERBOTEN under State law, but then the key card worked, then again the next week too. (Pretty sure they could have turned it off without even trying - they don't even work when you want them to, often enough.) But, I wrote this up in another post.

We are indeed the radicals of this age, Mr. Hail.
Monday - August 10th 2020 8:50AM MST
"The hotel had their regular buffet breakfast"

It sounds like someone at the office at that hotel has given into our radical, extremist demand to "let people make their own decisions"!
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 9th 2020 1:47PM MST
PS: No need to fix that which is not broken Mr. Moderator...

A lying, grifting, tax-feeding, war-mongering parasite

typed into a google search also shows that same Eric Peters article in the number 1 spot as does

"Fish heads for them all, cold and crunchy" (with quotes)

Web crawlers are interesting little creatures...

Sunday - August 9th 2020 1:10PM MST
PS: Haha, yes, Adam, I tried a few things before we got busy again on our trip. I believe I was searching for regular text.

I tried the whole line "John McCain was a traitorous bastard, and I was glad when he died", and I got (in the text search) our friend Eric Peters of in the #1 spot! Hello, Eric, you magnificent bastard, I read your blog!

We all seem to have a lot in common.

Yeah, this kind of stuff is fun, and I'd do more on my site, but posts are in a dBase, not as separate pages. I knew all along that's probably hurt a lot of searches, but I don't know how much. It's one of the things I may change (have them all be flat html files, stored in the dbase, but the change will not be for this reason alone. I think a new way may make a lot of things easier.
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 9th 2020 11:15AM MST
PS: Welcome back Mr. Moderator...

About your experiment...

Sunday - August 9th 2020 10:37AM MST
PS: Good one, Mr. Blanc!
Sunday - August 9th 2020 8:15AM MST
PS That was cheeky.
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