Rest o' week hiatus for Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Monday - August 3rd 2020 7:19PM MST
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Due to a family trip, for the rest of this week there won't be any posts, unless I just CAN'T STAND IT... the stupidity, that is. It's a matter of time, not a lack of new topics for posts, as usual. (I've got the images saved already for 10 of them or so.) Stupidity stops for no man! Anyway, a few days break will be good, and I'll have so new posts pop up in mind, but I think I won't promise that anything new will be up till next Monday.

In the meantime, if you appreciate the entertainment here, there are 1560 posts on the site (including this one), and I doubt anyone has been following since late November of '16, or has gone back to read them all. If you take exception to that, PLEASE write in.

I am very glad to have had the many comments lately and slowly increasing readership during the Spring at least. Interestingly, the number of views went way up for a few days, each time I included links on the unz site to Part 4 of our "re-Panic" series ... along with a warning to the reader that this post has girly pictures, or it is "not safe for work". The numbers were doubled for a couple of days after I put the link in a Fred Reed post. That goes to show he gets a LOT of readers, or the horniest readers, or both. Nah, I wrote "interestingly" above, but "expectedly" works too, as we all know how we men are.

I don't think the commenting system is good enough for me to just advertise "Open Thread". However, feel free to write in on anything. You all know I haven't minded any digressions, though they've been few. I mean anything, other than viagra ads. Feel free to discuss viagra ads or viagra itself, for that matter, as we put the kibosh on those bots long ago (easier than I thought, but I sure don't want to jinx it ).

Again, thanks to all the readers, and the commenters more so! More next week.

Thursday - August 6th 2020 8:45PM MST
PS Have nice vacation Mr. Moderator!

Now the bad news -even as infections and, of course deaths drop, the panic continues - Smith and UMASS have announced 100% remote classes for the fall. The rest of New England (maybe not NH) will follow suit. To quote the great Derbyshire, “We are Doomed!”
Bo Darville
Wednesday - August 5th 2020 11:21AM MST
PS Keep your wheels spinnin' and the beavers grinnin.

It's too bad cowboys didn't eat much pizza back in the Old West, because I think a good painting would be a cowboy giving his last slice to his horse. - Jack Handy
Tuesday - August 4th 2020 12:15PM MST
Laissez les bons temps rouler
Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 4th 2020 7:20AM MST
PS:Good morning Mr. Moderator...

While it is true that stupidity stops for no man,
it is nice to take a break once in a while.

I hope you encounter no stupidity on your trip.

Enjoy your vacation...

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