Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 8

Posted On: Saturday - August 1st 2020 2:52PM MST
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(L) You gotta purty mouth.. I think. / (R) Buy Now! Social Distancing Guaranteed!

It's been again just over a week, as this Kung Flu, Season 2 is no fast-acting panic like the Black Plague times. It's slow enough to last all year, but fast enough to keep most ... zzzz .. people's attentions.

Pretty near to home today, I saw an older couple out on their front yard near the road with a "Home Made Designer Face Masks" sign. They had a whole rack of colorful stuff out there, something that would turn a few heads of young men, I imagine as instinct kicks in, even at 45 mph, and they think those are bikinis out of the corner of their eyes. I know, nobody is in them, but you remember when your imagination would fill in something there... There were no young women models like the lass above. (LEFT! Careful, or you'll burn an eye out!) It was just the two of them with no face masks on.

On the way home, I slowed down and asked how business was. OK, I think was the reply, but they didn't sound too enthused. I wasn't trying to start an argument, but I just couldn't help telling them "you'll never find me in one of those face diapers." (That's not strictly true, as I've written, so that's why I felt bad about it. There wasn't time to get into a discussion.) Good luck to them, I guess. It's better buying local than buying Cheap crap imported by 3-M from China.

Right around this spot, there were two college-age blond girls walking, not hot enough to require a neck-twist, but I still glanced as I drove by. With the windows down, I swear I heard only the following two words, and as part of a sentence mind you, not said separately: "... like totally ..." I heard it clearly, as they didn't have masks on either. Again, it wasn't a quick agreement "sentence", but right in the middle of a sentence. What's the odds of that with this generation, like 1 in 5 or something? I could like totally believe that.

Thanks for reading, PSers. Have a good weekend or what's left of it.

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 10:45PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I've read EricPetersAuto periodically for several years and I've also found it interesting. Unz is kind of a time sink though interesting and informative... I've been trying to waste a little less time reading unz (and the comments) and spend a little more time doing productive work, even if it's simple stuff like chores or whatever... As you know, the work does not do itself. (It would be nice if it did.)

Ponerology is the study of the nature and origin of evil. Wetiko as a concept is a bit superstitious for my taste, but I have not found a better way to understand the nature of the problem the world finds itself facing today (and has found itself facing since time immemorial).

I believe that consciousness shapes observable reality (which can in turn shape consciousness). But there is definitely a chicken (consciousness) before the egg (what we call reality) thing happening here (in my opinion). I consider wetiko to be a glitch in the design (if you will) that has somehow wormed itself into the consciousness that we all share, the collective consciousness that shapes objective reality. As Bill Hicks said...

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”

I believe that the covid hysteria (especially the hysteria) is a manifestation of this so called “wetiko” here in “three space” or as you call it “meat space”. Weather or not there is some actual real world virus is immaterial. The real contagion is in the collective consciousness of humanity (and probably all sentient life).

The world is not going through this shock and trauma due to some mere corona virus.

The real root cause of the problem at hand is evil itself.

Anyway, that's enough theology and superstition from me for tonight.

Hope you have a nice evening...

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 10:38PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Ganderson...

I agree, it's all nonsense and a sensible society would put Fauci out on an ice flow or up against the wall. Unfortunately modern day America is clearly not sensible, and no longer a functional society.

The inconsistency is mind numbing... Fortunately (for me) things are a little less inconsistent here...

I ran some errands in the next town over this afternoon (about 40 minutes away). First I went to the gas station, no mask mandate. The gas station was packed, (It's one of those large RaceTrac gas station/convenience stores) cars and people everywhere and not a mask in sight. Then I went to the liquor store as they have the best price on beer and wine. No masks at all. On the way down I noticed that the restaurants and the outlet mall were all packed. Chili's, Olive Garden, Panda Express, Ruby Tuesday's and pizza shops are all magical places where covid does not spread like a normal respiratory illness. (These are all indoor establishments with central air conditioning.) I just rode by, but you can't eat or drink while wearing a face diaper so I imagine they were scarce. Then I went to Kroger. Mandatory masking as per corporate policy. However, this is Georgia and it is more of a suggestion than a mandate. I saw several people with and several people without their slave mask. (Probably about 65/35) It's all for show, a sort of obedience theater...

About that magic dirt... Perhaps your sidewalk cafe sits atop a kind of magic dirt that keeps the coronacooties away.(?) There are, after all, probably many different kinds of magic dirt in the world.(?)

Thank you for recommending Reggie Perrin, I'm truly looking forward to watching it...

I hope you have a nice evening Mr. Ganderson...

Sunday - August 2nd 2020 9:30PM MST
PS. The deal is, you don’t have to wear a mask on the cardio equipment, but you do in the weight machine area. About a week ago they announced that you’d have to be masked anywhere in the gym, but apparently there was such a backlash that they backed off.

What I don’t get is the exceptions to the mask rule – so as of tomorrow downtown I have to wear a mask, unless I’m sitting in a restaurant outside. Somehow being within the magical confines of the makeshift outdoor cafe prevents the spread of the disease? A variation on magic dirt theory?

It’s all nonsense, and a sensible society would put Fauci out on an ice flow.

And Mr. Smith- I didn’t get where I am today by not recommending Reggie Perrin. You’ll get the reference soon enough. Season 2 is my favorite.
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 8:13PM MST
PS: Staying Apart Keeps Us Together...

wow... 1984 was supposed to be a warning...

Thanks for the news Mr. Anon... (I think)

Mr. Anon
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 7:46PM MST
PS Saw this on linked on Zero Hedge:

The premier of Victoria in Australia is implementing yet another - even more - draconian lockdown effecting millions of people in Melbourne. All of Australia has so far had about 200 'Rona deaths in total.

Dig the Orwellian slogan displayed behind this power-mad creep:

"Staying Apart Keeps Us Together"
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 7:37PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Ganderson...

I enjoyed the office, I'm looking forward to watching Reginald Perrin.This is the one I found...

"Legacy" was filmed in the mid 90's, I guess it's a reunion as you say. I won't waste my time looking for the Clunes remake.

Thanks for the advice.

Sorry to hear that the two VERY well put together young ladies were all masked up...

Sigh indeed...

Hope you have a nice evening...

Sunday - August 2nd 2020 6:58PM MST
PS: Robert, I wonder if that's what he said after getting told he was fired. "Like, whatever, dude."
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 6:44PM MST
PS: One of my bosses fired a guy because his favorite sentence was, 'Like, whatever, dude.' He was like, totally annoying.
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 5:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thanks for the links. I used to read EricPetersAuto for a couple of years straight, going back 5 years or so. A libertarian car guy - it was very interesting, and I guess I just got hooked on this unz thing after a while.

Mr. Ganderson, I may have put this in a post, but how on God's green earth are people working out supposed to wear face masks. I can see this sort of thing inducing heart attacks, but then, I'm no Dr. Fauci or nuthin', so what do I know? I do know (and probably wrote in that same post) that I had to sneak into some hotel fitness centers early in the morning to use the machines. Yeah, the card keys still work in some. It's kinda nice, knowing that I won't have to even go round up the remote to turn off the TV. (Failing that, I would usually pull the plug .)
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 3:41PM MST
PS Mr Smith: Make sure you get the old one from the 70s with Leonard Rossiter, John Barron, Geoffrey Palmer et al, and not the appalling remake with Martin Clunes. I’ve not seen the “Legacy...” I think it was done after Leonard Rossiter died as a reunion type deal. Anyway Reggie was sort of the Office before the Office was the Office. Enjoy.
On the topic du jour : I just got back from Globo-Gym - two VERY well put together young ladies were working out- but the whole packages were unavailable due to the mask requirements in the weight area. Sigh.
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 3:21PM MST
PS: Interesting times...

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 2:57PM MST
PS: Afternoon Y'all...

Mr. Banjos, I agree wholeheartedly with that quote.
I promise, I am not an accomplice... Thanks...

Mr. Ganderson, congenital it is then. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm downloading “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin” as we speak. There is also something called "The Legacy of Reginald Perrin" that I have cued up. I'll check them out. I'm always on the lookout for funny shows. Sorry to hear stupidity abounds in your New England college town.

Unfortunately, stupidity is contagious. Please stay safe.

Mr. Moderator, it seems downright criminal to make these cuties wear masks. Masking might have some utility in a hospital or nursing home setting, but even then I have my doubts.

I'm of the opinion that the slave mask has absolutely nothing to with public health or any alleged virus. (I'm not sure there is a new virus circulating here in my sleepy mountain town, but I'm equally sure that there were bioweapons released in China and Iran and probably elsewhere to get this party started.)

I believe what we are witnessing is occult ritual transformation on a worldwide scale. We witnessed the fear spread through the consciousness on the quantum level faster than any virus could account for or produce. I believe we are witnessing Wetiko.

Our overlords believe they were promised faceless slaves by their owl god. What better way to make the slaves faceless then by forcing them to wear slave masks? It's also a great tool to divide and conquer. Maskers will shame and even attack wrongthinkers who do not believe in the power of the face diaper. It's a little like the raw hatred vaxxers have for non-vaxxers. It's very dangerous to fire up the mindless masses like this. I wonder what kind of destruction will happen when season 2 return of the panic comes to it's exciting conclusion. I hope the merchant does not get his race war.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice rest of the weekend.
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 1:11PM MST
PS I did mean congenital- not that funny, I know.

Host: so you’re lyingI
Reggie: yes, I’m a congenial liar
Host: Don’t you mean congenital liar?
Reggie: No, congenial. I’m enjoying myself.

From “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, one of the funniest tv shows ever.

More stupidity- starting tomorrow face masks are mandatory OUTSIDE in the town center of my New England college town.
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 11:42AM MST
PS: Thank you, DB, for that Orwell quote, which I had not read before. Hey, who's pickin the banjo round heaah?
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 11:40AM MST
PS: Adam, on the golf course in the sunshine, at the beach, out on the hiking trails, in your car by yourself - I can't think of stupider places to wear face masks (of course, unless ordered to, which is the case, I'm sure, for the beverage girls... wow, just looked at your 1st 2 images.)

Sunday - August 2nd 2020 11:37AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, you have a good memory, as it was I giving Steve Sailer grief occasionally about his stories on golf and golf courses, all in fun though. I don't participate, but I know you mentioned these girls before, and I'll take a look at Adam Smith's images.

I cannot believe that they make these cuties (and not just because they are cuties) wear the masks. It must be for some of the older golfers, just to head off any complaints at the pass. It can't be for the sake of the young ladies. Thank you for your updates, BTW, on what stuff is still closed or limited in both Mass and MN.
Dueling Banjos
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 10:29AM MST
PS “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims … but accomplices” — George Orwell.
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 2nd 2020 8:34AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Ganderson...

I think you meant congenial.(?) No matter...

I have not been to a golf course in years, but this "beverage cart girl" of which you speak sounds like a fine addition to the golfing experience...

The third girl isn't really a "beverage cart girl" as she is a professional golfer, but in any case, thanks for the info...

Seems foolish making the beverage cart girls wear the face diaper. Isn't golf an outside in the sun and nature type of activity? I do not imagine golf courses are an easy place to catch a contagion.

Resist the stupidity!

Sunday - August 2nd 2020 6:23AM MST
PS Dunno how many of you play golf, (pretty sure that our congenital host does not, and I don’t know if Sailer checks in regularly) but many courses have “beverage cart girls” who drive around the track selling snacks and beverages. These young ladies are mostly hired for the qualities that a shallow man such as myself would appreciate. The problem now during Kung Flu season, is the mask detracts from the whole cart girl experience. Another reason to resist!
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